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Vol 5 Chapter 2635: Defeated

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Isn't that what the other party meant?

"You can understand it this way, besides, I just heard you say in public that when you are going to the top 20 of the gods list, do you know how ridiculous I think it is?" Lu Sheng sneered.

Lu Sheng smiled and continued: "You are not afraid of hardships and failures, and you are not afraid of failure. It is worth learning. Lu is admired!"

When Lu Sheng came to the end, he gave Lin Yun a thumbs up.

But where did he praise Lin Yun for such behavior? Obviously he was mocking Lin Yun in the opposite direction.

However, Lin Yun did not show an angry look, but still smiled.

"Senior Lu Sheng, you may have misunderstood. I am here to beat you just to... warm up, so as to prepare for the next battle." Lin Yun smiled.

When Lin Yun said this, it also caused a "hush" at the scene.

"Lin Yun, he's crazy. Lu Sheng is now ranked 38th on the list of gods. He actually said that he was beating Lu Sheng just to warm up?"


These words were equally harsh in Lu Sheng's ears.

These words are mocking him!

"Lin Yun, you are crazy!" Lu Sheng's face fell gloomy.

"Senior Lu Sheng, there is a difference between madness and self-confidence. I am confident. In addition, even if Senior Lu Sheng thinks I am mad, you can't be mad, and I can't be mad, right?" Lin Yun said.

"I'm crazy, I have crazy capital! And what about you?" Lu Sheng said coldly.

"Same." Lin Yun smiled.

"Huh, I don't know the sky is high and the earth is thick. If so, it depends on how I can beat you all over the floor to find teeth. When you become a defeated man, see what else you have to say."

After Lu Sheng's voice fell, he immediately turned his hand over and revealed a lute.

This pipa was Lu Sheng's weapon. Lin Yun had seen him before when he watched him fight.


After Lu Sheng showed off his weapon, the pipa, the realm of the threefold realm of things was also revealed.

The last time his Lusheng shot was two thousand years ago, he was still in the second stage of all things, but today he has reached the third stage of all things.

This level of improvement was exactly what he relied on to hit the 38th place on the Celestial God List this time.

Lin Yun shook his head and said, "It's just a newly promoted triple world, what's so arrogant."

In the Celestial Palace, there are more than 20 immortals in the Triple All-Things Realm, from the 16th to the 29th in the Celestial List, all of them are the Triple All-Things Realm.

In this realm, there is a huge gap in the level of strength, because this is a bottleneck realm, and the difference between the weakest and the strongest in the Triple All-Things Realm is absolutely tens of thousands of miles.

And Lu Sheng, it was obviously not long to step into the Triple All-Things Realm, and in the circle of the Triple All-Things Realm, he was obviously behind in strength.

"It's a big tone, it's more than enough to beat you this newcomer in the Triple All-Things Realm!"

After Lu Sheng's voice fell, he immediately mobilized his internal force, put his hand on the pipa and flicked the pipa vigorously.


Along with a sound, a powerful shock wave flew on the Pipa instantly, distorting the void, and rushing towards Lin Yun.


Lu Sheng quickly continued to bounce, and three shock waves rushed out at an extremely fast speed, which also contained divine consciousness fluctuations.


Lin Yun quickly showed his sword, his internal force surged out, and the breath of his triple world realm was also instantly revealed.

Heavenly Origin Swordsmanship, Great Extinction!

The light of the sword suddenly appeared, and it instantly turned into a huge sword shadow, and the shock wave released from these pipas bombarded it away, completely blessed by the power of the gods and the flesh.

"What? Triple Realm!"

"This guy turned out to be a Triple Thing Realm?!"

When all the immortals at the scene felt affected by Lin Yun's realm, there was an uproar at the scene.

"How long has this guy stepped into immortality, how can he grow to the triple world state so quickly?"

"Even if his master is willing to supply him with Haoyue spar, how can it be so easy to break through this great realm from the eternal realm to the all things realm?"


The immortals present, they reach the realm of all things, but they have to work hard, and it takes a very long time.

"This guy has already reached the Triple Thing Realm? No wonder this guy dares to challenge Lu Sheng." Empress Kunlan's beautiful eyes also instantly rose with shock.

Emperor Xingwu, Emperor Tiangan, the host of Xiaoyao Lou, the host of Taikoo Gate, and the host of the Shadow Palace also seemed very surprised.

Lin Yun's attainment of the Triple Realm Realm was obviously not a small shock to everyone.

After all, everyone knows that it hasn't been many years since Lin Yun stepped into immortality.

Vice-Palace Master Yao is not surprised. The last time Lin Yun took the corpse of the Seventh Realm Sky Demon to receive the reward, Lin Yun was already in the Second Stage of All Things. From the Lord's point of view, this was more than the Haoyue spar, enough to allow Lin Yun to cultivate to the Triple Thing Realm.

On the ring.


The sword spurred by Lin Yun instantly shattered the four shocks spurred by Lu Sheng with the momentum of thunder.

"What!?" Lu Sheng's expression suddenly changed.

Lin Yun's Triple All-Things Realm also shocked Lu Sheng, causing him to churn with turbulent waves.

"Lu Sheng, take the move!"


Accompanied by the fierce yelling, Baojian brought the gorge and river, swept across the thousands of troops, and instantly enveloped Lu Sheng.

Now that the arrow is on the line, Lu Sheng has to accept it!

"If you want to beat me, it's not so easy for you!"

"Play the mountains and rivers!"

Lu Sheng exploded with all his strength, his fingers flicked frantically on the pipa, and countless powerful golden lights burst out instantly.

The golden mang gathers, as if turning into a tiger, rushing out like a dash!

"Too weak!"

Lin Yun shook his head, attacking in his hand, and instantly bombarded this golden tiger.


As soon as it touched, this golden tiger burst open.

Under Lin Yun's offensive, Lu Sheng's offensive seemed so fragile.

After crushing this blow, Lin Yun's attack also reached Lu Sheng in an instant.

Lu Sheng's eyes widened, and instantly turned the pipa in his hand, turning it into a shield to resist.


The treasure sword bombarded the Pipa with terrifying power, and Lu Sheng flew upside down uncontrollably in an instant, and directly fell to the edge of the ring hundreds of meters away.

At this moment, the audience was much quieter.

"How could this...how could..."

Lu Sheng, who fell to the ground, kept shaking his hands, and the terrifying power contained in Lin Yun's sword almost made his hands numb.

His pale face was even more shocked, and his heart was even more turbulent.

Lin Yun's offensive was too fierce, he couldn't stop it at all!

"Senior Lu Sheng, it is now obvious which is strong and weak. I said that there is a difference between madness and self-confidence." Lin Yun wrote lightly.

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