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Vol 5 Chapter 2636: Aggressive

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Lin Yun held the sword and continued: "Senior Lu Sheng, do you want to concede yourself or continue to play? Maybe you still have your hole cards. If you are willing to play again, I will accompany you."

"I...I...I lost."

Lu Sheng's voice trembled, and even if he was unwilling, he could only bow his head and give in.

It does have some hole cards, but the price to pay is not small.

And in the battle just now, Lin Yun's strength completely surpassed him, even if he paid the price and sacrificed his hole cards, he might not be able to win.

The most important thing is that he can feel that Lin Yun definitely still has a hole card!

With Lu Sheng surrendering, the results of this ranking match have also been produced.

"Yeah, father won!"

Lin Kexin in the audience cheered happily.

"Haha, beautiful!" The white shark also shouted excitedly.

"Lin Yun is so strong now."

Yuying, Palace Master Yun Chang and the others also filled with happy smiles, their eyes seemed to be shining.

"Brother Yun has just stepped into immortality, right? It's really awesome!" Lone Wolf said excitedly.

They all knew that Lin Yun had only stepped into immortality not long.

"Haha, Lin Yun really didn't disappoint us." Xiang Guodong Guo Wuji also smiled.

Although Dong Guo Wou-ki had a feast with Lin Yun before, he has reconciled, not to mention facing the outsiders, they are the same group after all. Lu Sheng defeated him before and satirized him. Now Lin Yun defeated Lu Sheng, he naturally feels pretty good. Degassed.

"He is already in the triple world, and I can't wait to see the dust." Bingyi the immortal sighed.

"This guy is indeed a monster." The patriarch of the Mu clan also sighed for it.

At the beginning, in order to compete for the place to go to the relics, the patriarch of the Mu clan also fought with Lin Yun. Now he looked at Lin Yun again, but found that Lin Yun's strength had grown a lot.

On the contrary, Emperor Huo Yun did not change his expression much, because he knew that this was indeed just Lin Yun's warm-up, and Lin Yun was definitely more than that!

His expectation for Lin Yun is naturally to enter the top 20 of the gods list.

For such a result, the immortals on the scene also sighed and sighed.

"This... is completely crushed!"

"It was really easy to win. It just so, it reached the 38th place on the Celestial List. This son is definitely the fastest on the Celestial List in the history of the Tenjin Palace!"

"This guy is really awesome! This growth rate is absolutely incredible!"


In the discussion, there are many praises.

Lin Yun's performance and growth speed are indeed worthy of praise.

The location of the Queen Kunlan.

"Really let this guy win." The Queen Kunlan looked slightly complicated.

Because according to the initial gambling contract, Lin Yun entered the range of 30-40. Even if she won the gambling contract, she knew in her heart that if Lin Yun did not change the gambling contract, she would have lost now.

"Your Majesty, even if he succeeds in defeating Lu Sheng, he will only reach the 38th place on the Celestial God List, which is far away from the top 20 of the Celestial God List. He will definitely not be able to defeat him." said an immortal behind the Queen Kunlan. .

Empress Kunlan nodded and said nothing more.

The location of Emperor Xingwu.

"How could this guy's growth rate be so fast!" Emperor Xingwu's expression also didn't look pretty.

After all, the faster Lin Yun grows, the more uncomfortable he is actually, for a simple reason.

"Your Majesty, this guy won't be really capable, will he hit the top twenty?" said an immortal next to Emperor Xingwu.

"Absolutely! No! Yes! Yes!" Great Emperor Xingwu uttered these four words with a gloomy expression.

On the list of gods, the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth places are all three-dimensional all things consummation.

But these four guys have been stuck here for tens of thousands of years. Their realm has been completely stuck here and cannot be improved, but in this long time, they have raised other aspects to a very terrifying point. .

So these guys have the ability to crush the ordinary three-tier all-things realm immortal, their strength can no longer be simply measured by the triple-all things realm.

Therefore, Emperor Xingwu determined that even if Lin Yun had reached the third level of all things, he would definitely not be able to compare with these old monsters.

One is that Lin Yun is only a newly promoted third-tier all things realm, and the other aspects of cultivation time are too short to compare with these old monsters.

At this time, Lin Yun, who had won, was ready to leave the stage.

Just against Lu Sheng, Lin Yun didn't use many methods.

Divine consciousness, the physical strength of the source, and the swordsmanship of the source of heaven.

When Lin Yun was in the same state as him, Lin Yun could easily win against him with these methods.

"Lin Yun, since your goal is to hit the top 20 of the gods list, now you challenge the 38th place of the gods list, what is it?"

Just as Lin Yun was about to step down, a loud and sharp voice sounded.

Lin Yun stopped and turned around to see that the speaker was actually Emperor Xingwu.

As soon as these words came out, the immortals in the audience also looked at Emperor Xingwu, and everyone clearly felt that Emperor Xingwu was deliberately doing things.

"Haha, Xingwu actually took the initiative to find Lin Yun's fault again, which is interesting." Xiaoyao Loulou said with a smile.

The Great Emperor Huoyun disdainfully said: "Dignantly dominating the realm, but embarrassing a junior, so he can do it with Xingwu."

There were also discussions at the scene, and the sudden speech of Emperor Xingwu also made everyone feel that the incident had escalated.

On the ring.

"Your Majesty Xingwu, what do you think I should do?" Lin Yun looked at Emperor Xingwu with a smile.

"Lin Yun, since your goal is to hit the top 20, you don't directly challenge the top 20, but the 38th Lu Sheng, isn't this justified?" Xing Wu Great Emperor leaned on the chair.

"Your Majesty, I warm up first, can't it? Your Majesty won't even care about this, right?" Lin Yun still kept smiling.

"Of course you can warm up, but you are now finished warming up. Isn't it time to challenge the top 20? Now you are walking down the stage, don't you plan to challenge the top 20 of the gods?" Emperor Xingwu appeared aggressive.

Emperor Xingwu smiled and continued: "That's right, how could you rush to the top 20? It's just bragging. I don't think you even thought about challenging the top 20 of the gods, right?"

"I didn't want to take up too much of everyone's time. I wanted everyone to play the list first, and I will come again when everyone has finished playing the list." Lin Yun said.

Lin Yun's conversation turned: "Your Majesty Xingwu, since you want to watch me fight so much, then okay, I will meet your majesty's wishes and fight now!"

When it came to the end, Lin Yun's mouth had already lifted up, with a conspiracy smile...

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