Transformed Into a Wild Female Anchor Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Can you hold one [Three more complete]

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"6666, so suddenly, a South China tiger actually came."

"The gunshots scared me to death."

"The shooting skills of these two teammates are really good."

"Yes, on the other hand, Lord Long, we only use the bow, which feels so low."

"Speaking of Lord Long is low, you go to this assessment and you can't do it on the first day of the first game."

As the drone delivered the live images to thousands of screens, every audience was breathlessly exclaiming.

Even if he was prepared, it was possible for Jia Long to encounter anything during the assessment, but he was still surprised by such a sudden scene.

Jia Long doesn't have time to watch the barrage, but calmly observes the surrounding situation.

The three soldiers of the Japanese nation came in ferociously.

Within a few steps, he was approaching the body of the injured South China Tiger.

However, the uncle's face became cold, and he stopped in front of them with two hundred thousand.

The E-language of the three Japanese soldiers was pretty good, and the two sides began to communicate in E-language.

Jia Long was silent for a while.

Then she took out the bow and arrow from behind and missed it with an arrow.

At the same time, the saber dagger inserted around the waist was also turned down a bit for easy extraction at any time.

This is to deal with possible conflicts.

She stepped out and came to two meters behind the two teammates.

Compared with everyone, she is even more petite and weak, like a glamorous battle goddess.

With a bow and arrow in hand, ready to fight at any time.

"Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this is the prey of the three of us. You may have injured it, but the killer is us, isn't it?"

The native language of 200,000 is E, which is natural and fluent.

"No, no, no." The three Japanese soldiers shook their heads.

"We have already hit it into serious injuries. As long as we follow it for a while, this South China tiger belongs to us. You are the ones who intervene, so the prey should belong to us."

The three Japanese soldiers put their sights on the body of the injured South China tiger.

There was a deep desire in their eyes.

Because they heard that in this area of the assessment camp, someone had a chance to hunt down a South China tiger yesterday, with a total of 90 points.

The three of them have been defeated by a team of Longxia elite soldiers and lost half of their points.

But as long as the South China Tiger can get this South China Tiger, the points of the three will rise again, and if the next four days go well, everyone will have a chance to hit the top 20.

So they will not give up.

Naturally, the three of them didn't know. What they knew was that the team that was lucky enough to hunt down a South China tiger was actually the one they saw in front of their eyes.

They look down on each other now, because the three people in this team, apart from the one with a western face, the other two, one is a middle-aged man who is definitely not physically good, and the other is a beautiful girl who looks pretty. .

No one thinks they are any powerful opponents.

Of course, the beautiful girl who was far away from them had caused them a big loss, and they did not completely underestimate it.

"How to do?"

Two hundred thousand naturally asked the middle-aged uncle next to him, and also looked at Jia Long at the back, asking what advice he wanted from the two.

"This prey is ours, you Japanese people, leave it acquainted."

The uncle shook his head and spoke the E text by himself without using 200,000 translations.

As a wealthy man with no low status, in addition to his not-so-standard accent, he naturally understands the basic conversational E language.

"You kind of miscellaneous teams still don't want to admit it. So, according to the previous rules, we can fight for this kind of thing. The winner gets the prey, dare you?"

A Japanese soldier asked with a sneer.

The middle-aged uncle stagnated, and the 200,000 people beside him stagnated.

Although they have a bit of research on meat games.

The uncle was not even an ordinary soldier before, and he trained hard every day, and now his skill is not bad.

But they think that there is a girl like Jia Long behind them, which is equal to two to three.

Even if they are arrogant, they will not think they can win.

The two men stunned, but Jia Long uttered an E language behind his feet in a timely manner.

"Don't forget, did the three hits I couldn't beat one of them yesterday? I still want to fight now."

Jia Long's eyes rolled around.

Usually she rolls her eyes randomly, that's when she has a bad mind and wants to do something.

"Nonsense, the three of us won't be able to beat you..."

The young Japanese soldier who had been knocked down by Jia Long became anxious and almost roared.

"Ha, it makes sense for the two of them not to admit it, but you were knocked down by one of my punches, your mouth is still so hard, so weak, weak man."

Jia Long's chest was quite proud, making two big watermelons round and round, with a big shot.

Although the E text she said will definitely not be the meaning of the above, the effect is basically the same.

"You, %%&&!"

The young soldier was obviously on the verge of rage. He didn't even speak the E language. He spouted a string of unintelligible Japanese characters and wanted to rush forward.

But his impulsive fist was stopped by another soldier next to him.

The two exchanged words in Japanese.

"Needless to say, if you want to earn the points of this South China tiger seriously, go to the water fetching point and fight with us. According to the rules, the prey that resists the battle belongs to us."

The speaking young man was the Japanese soldier who pulled the sika deer yesterday. Among the three, he was also relatively calm.

"Jia Long, you just said, did you have any friction with them yesterday? I won't ask in detail, just talk about it, can you hold one back."

Uncle Long Xia quietly came to Jia Long and asked such a sentence.

Now things are getting closer, and he has no other way.

He was obviously unwilling to give up the points of a South China tiger.

The uncle just calculated it. If he can get the points of this South China Tiger again, even if he won't have any other points in this assessment, he is estimated to be able to meet the minimum score requirements of the hunting certificate.

Success or failure lies in this, how can he give up.

"Hold one...should, it's okay..."

Jia Long responded more hesitantly.

She deliberately angered the Japanese soldier just now, just wanting him to do something outside the water fetching point.

But obviously her plan was unsuccessful.

But now the uncle asked her if she could hold one person in a head-on fight, and she hesitated.

Because she knows better that her flesh-to-hand combat ability is definitely higher than that of ordinary men, but compared to the elite soldiers who have been trained for a long time, it is a bit inadequate.

"If you can drag as much as possible, 200,000 and I will find a chance to defeat our opponents and come over to help you."

The allowable range of assessment is two-to-one, especially in a three-on-three battle, two-to-one is a common situation.

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