Transformed Into a Wild Female Anchor Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Unannounced first battle [seeking genuine subscription]

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A group of people took out the unique communication mobile phone issued by the official appraisal and communicated with the official, explaining the situation here.

Next, there will be an assessment official who will punctuate this place to record their hunting records, and at the same time, someone will come within three minutes to protect the prey.

In this way, the two groups can safely go to the water point without worrying about whether the prey will be taken away by other examiners.

The six were divided into teams of threes and threes and headed to the water point not far away.

It was also where Jia Long fought with three Japanese soldiers last time.

"Jialong, are you really sexual?"

Two hundred thousand were on the way, and I didn't forget to come forward and ask such a sentence.

"Oh...I didn't come to participate in the assessment for fighting. I really want to say no, but can I not go if I say no?" Jia Long responded with a wry smile.

Two hundred thousand one startled, and then shrugged.

They were walking on the road, climbing up the ramp from time to time.

The audience wanted to watch what happened at this time, but also worried about Jia Long's safety.

"Why do you want to do it with them again?"

"It's so dangerous, I think Lord Long will forget it."

"That's, Xiao Longlong, what a fight between our girls and their men."

"I'm so surprised that this hunting assessment is not an assessment of elite soldiers, so why do you have to fight?"

"Don't believe me, I heard that it used to be an assessment for hunters, but then it really became an alternative assessment for elite soldiers."

There is no difference between old fans and new fans. They all expressed their distrust of Jia Long actually going to fight with a good soldier.

However, catching the ducks on the shelves was forced to this point, and Jia Long couldn't help it.

Besides, her performance yesterday not only conquered the audience.

To a greater extent, she has conquered herself.

Some things, such as fighting people, don't try, even she herself won't believe in herself.

"Yes, as long as I am not blindly self-confident, and make full use of my strengths, there is no chance."

Climbing into the high point of the small **** that I had climbed yesterday, the familiar water point came into view.

In the entire assessment area, there are three water intake points.

When Jia Long and others passed by, there were four idler-like examiners of different teams lurking near this water intake point.

Of course idlers are impossible.

In this assessment, how can there be idlers.

Obviously these four people are here, wanting to prevent others from taking water or getting information.

When they saw two three-person teams entering the water intake point, all four of them were slightly startled.

In particular, seeing Jia Long following at the back of the team and the drones following along, they all frowned slightly, not knowing what was going on.

If there were no bulging girls like Jia Long, they would definitely think that the two teams had come to fight.

But after Jia Long was added, they didn't dare to confirm.

After all, there is this girl in the team, no matter which side, is it clearly equivalent to directly writing the word failure?

"What do these people want to do?"

The elite soldier that cats in the grass is the same Dragon Xia soldier from the same team as the'little brother'.

The several observers on the scene belonged to a powerful team nearby, so they all assigned this water source point by agreement.

With them, the general team would definitely not dare to come to fetch water, or even if they dare, they would definitely come while they were away.

The Dragon Xia soldier who was guarding at this time could tell at a glance that in the two teams that entered the battle circle, the girl was the female anchor who would occasionally meet them before and always teased a member of their team.

But he vaguely remembered that the female anchor seemed to be alone yesterday, so how come there is a team today.

"She has a bit of fighting ability. Yesterday, it seems that she still gained a bit of advantage in the hands of the Japanese soldiers, but no matter how you look at it, it is impossible to have the ability to fight them head-on."

"It shouldn't be fighting, it should have come to negotiate something... or join hands to fetch water, so that a few of us dare not act rashly?"

This good soldier just thought so, but things went beyond his expectations.

Because after entering the battle circle, the two teams just posed like this and started a confrontation in battle.

"I'll go, it's really a fight."

He stayed.

And here, although both parties know that someone is watching around.

But Jia Long and the other five people don't care about so many others now.

There are other rules for water intake points. For example, a team is not allowed to be challenged for a short period of time just after a battle.

"This terrain... how should we fight with people?"

Jia Long thought secretly.

He has systematic basic boxing and leg techniques, as well as upgraded rolling skills, plus climbing.

Apart from these few, Jia Long couldn't think of other skills, what role they would play in battle.

So she was observing the terrain to see if she could find a place that might help her.

She chose the terrain here, but the soldiers of the Japanese country were hesitant. They didn't know who should deal with Jia Long.

After all, the fight between men and women is still with a very young and delicate girl, who is looked down upon regardless of winning or losing.

"Jiro-kun, you should redeem your reputation, right?"

A Japanese soldier said to the soldier who was knocked down by Jia Long.

The young soldier hesitated, then nodded and accepted the request of his teammate.

In fact, he is just superficial.

The hatred for Jia Long caused him to make such a sneak attack last night, so how could he care about fighting Jia Long.

"Little Longxia, since I have a chance to meet you, I will save you the trouble of sneak attacks."

He smiled, and then stepped forward to Jia Long.

His presence here means that the battle is about to begin.

The six people put on a fighting stance.

Jia Long also lowered his waist and made an evasion movement that he learned from his boxing skills.

The first thing to do is the 200,000 side.

The opponents he fought with him were all young people, and the eyes of both sides intertwined, and they immediately started.

Two hundred thousand uses standard boxing moves, and it looks like they have been practiced.

"Two hundred thousand, your two hundred thousand have not been given to me, don't lose."

Jia Long gave an encouragement and reminded him of the 200,000 money issue by the way.

But before the voice fell, I saw a figure bullying me close.

The Japanese soldiers who were fighting with Jia Long took advantage of Jia Long's distraction, and did not declare a first battle calmly.

The young soldier was so fast that he stepped forward and approached along the blind spot of Jia Long's line of sight.

As a good soldier, he can contempt Jia Long from the bottom of his heart.

But it was a fact that the girl fell down once yesterday. He didn't want to repeat the same mistakes, so he could only pay attention to Jia Long.

He analyzed that a woman's physical fitness and strength can never be better than a man.

So he was going to jump forward first, hug or entangle Jia Long frontally.

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