Transformed Into a Wild Female Anchor Chapter 200

Chapter 200: A punch that decides the outcome [seeking genuine subscription]

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The Japanese soldiers are fast.

He thought of the fighting scenes that he was waiting for a while, and then looked at the hot figure of the little girl in front of him.

With the habitual and trivial thinking of the Japanese people, at this moment, he was a little out of the sky, and his thoughts drifted to things that he shouldn't think about.

In short, it is very dirty, very dirty.

But his delusion did not come true.


In the last sneak attack, this time he used a pounce similar to the sneak attack. Although it did not violate the rules, it also made Jia Long's heart angry.

When the soldier arrived, she had no time to think about other things.

Without any hesitation, Jia Long used his most powerful move in actual combat-roll.

For Jia Long, the tumbling skill was a miracle skill that didn't know how many times she had saved her.

So this time, with the help of reaction points, I used it again instinctively.

The magical skill is indeed a magical skill.

This time, Jia Long did not disappoint.

From the corner of Jia Long's eyes, he caught a glimpse of the elite Japanese soldiers pounced, and almost rolled out in the opposite direction when he was about to reach his delicate body.

At this critical juncture, her tumbling skills, the ability to respond well, and the softness of her body all played a huge role.

For another person, if the reaction points are insufficient, it is difficult to react even with intermediate rolling skills.

And if her body is not as soft as hers, she can't make such a critical twisting movement.

It can be described as indispensable.

"Wow, God rolls back again."

"Haha, that's right, Longye still rolls, rolls that even Cloud Leopard can't catch."

"666, go crazy when something happens, Lord Long seems to be rolling away."

"Wai Guobing, it's eye-opening, just ask if you are scared."

After being rolled over by Jia Long in a second, the Japanese soldiers were completely shocked by the action of rolling to more than three meters away in a second. The grappling action was still awkward in place, and his face was full of confusion.

Because Jia Long's movements were too fast, he saw the figure screaming, and the girl changed to the other end.

But he quickly recovered.

"See where you hide."

He rushed towards Jia Long's direction.

This time he didn't use the whimsical embrace plan anymore, but kicked it.

It is more practical to hug at close range, but it is easy to happen at a long distance.

At this end, Jia Long understood that the tumbling skills were not omnipotent.

Like now.

When the opponent's kicking action blocked almost all escape directions, it was difficult for Jia Long to find a chance to roll.

But when the Japanese soldiers attacked, she took a step back.

Behind her is the big bucket of water point.

At a height of more than one meter, Jia Long fell short when he touched the side of the barrel.


There was a loud noise, and the soldiers kicked the barrel into a shock.

He grinned slightly.

This barrel is made of stainless steel. Even if his legs and feet can be said to be steel and iron, they are still fleshy after all, and it will definitely hurt to kick them up.

However, at this moment, Jia Long took advantage of the soldier's kick to hit the stainless steel barrel, and at the same time, his short body suddenly used the sweeping leg.

The kicked foot of the Japanese soldier had not been retracted, but Jia Long was kicked by Jia Long and kicked the other leg that was standing.


The man fell to the ground and snorted softly.

"Will you kill you while you are sick."

Seeing this scene, Jia Long looked overjoyed, raised his arm, and was about to punch his face again.

However, a sharp wind swept from the corner of her eyes, and she instantly felt that her shoulder was hit by something extremely powerful.

Pain instantly hit my heart.

Jia Long was staggered by this brutal force, and was smashed to the side and took three or four steps back.

She gave a wry smile when she looked at it intently.

It turned out that the fierce wind that hit her was the Japanese soldier's knee.

Even if he falls, he still has many combat weapons and skills.

It's completely different from Jia Long, who only relies on boxing and legs, plus tumbling skills.

The strength of this knee is too great.

Jia Long felt a sound from her shoulder bones, and her tears didn't fall from the pain.

"Why, don't I need a hunting license? I have to fight people hard. It's all a **** system." She muttered inwardly.

For this knee, she understood that there was no real bone fracture, and it was a good result.

If it were not for the wrong angle, the steel-steel-like knee directly hit her shoulder, and it might really kick her bones off.

The knees and elbows are the most lethal weapons in the human body, and they are even forbidden in many types of boxing competitions.

But it is obvious that there are not so many rules in this battle of water intake points.

While Jia Long was holding his shoulders and being kicked by a knee, the soldier of the Japanese nation turned up from the ground.

His face was full of shame.

Jia Long's ability to kick him down was entirely based on his personal combat power.

But in his opinion, it was embarrassing enough to be beaten down by this girl yesterday, and it happened again today.

The unique shame culture of the Japanese people and the culture that discriminates against women more than Long Xiaguo made him unable to accept this.

"Woman, you are looking for death."

He no longer concealed his anger, like a mad beast, rushing towards Jia Long.

The two sides are relatively close, and this speed is too fast.

The Japanese soldiers did not care about the consequences at all, and used their full power at full speed.

And often people like Jia Long who only rely on agility and response are the most helpless against such brutal collisions.

The speed is too fast, and it is difficult to react when it is too fast. What should people do?

Jia Long took a step back, but his back shook, and the retreat was blocked by a big tree again.

Being hugged by this soldier basically represented her defeat.

Can hide, it's too late.

When he was thrilling, Jia Long suddenly stretched out his hand, and slammed his fist at the back of the head of the Japanese soldier who had hit his waist.

Immediately afterwards, I felt a shock in my arms.

The Japanese soldiers got their wish and bumped into Jia Long's huge and soft breasts.

But Jia Long's fist also fell precisely on the back of his head.

This punch is not heavy, but the effect is surprisingly good.

Jia Long attacked here for no reason, because the boxing skills gave her a certain sense of attack.

At the same time, she also knows that the back of the human head is also one of the weak points.

Many people know that temples and chin are human weaknesses, but few people know that the back of the head, which should be hard in people's eyes, is also one of the human weaknesses.

The thickness of the skull on the back of the head is not as thick as other places, and it is very close to several important brain tissues such as the brainstem and cerebellum.

Therefore, a heavy blow can easily cause temporary shock or even death.


The Japanese soldier felt dizzy and ringing in his ears.

Jia Long's strength was not enough to make him faint, but it was enough to make him temporarily incapacitated.

Since he has already started, Jia Long won't keep his hands.

She vacated the other arm, pushing hard to push away the Japanese soldiers who lost their strength in an instant and softened in her arms.

Biting the white silver teeth, and then throwing a punch, hit the chin of the Japanese soldier.

This time, it was a punch that determined the outcome.


This opponent finally fell in her hands for the second time.

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