Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 91

Chapter 90:

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Xiaobao ran along the west side of the street, no longer caring about image etiquette, he only knew that she was gone again.

He had a hunch that if she were to get her back this time, she would never show up in front of him again, and he would completely lose her.

He was just angry at her and left without saying goodbye, but he didn't want to lose her...

Little Treasure didn't care about the gaze of passers-by, and while running, he anxiously searched for the figure carved in his heart. Unfortunately, he couldn't find that figure for half an hour, and he was so tired that he bent down and panted vigorously.

Where did you go? Where did she go? Where did you go?

Tanabata! Tanabata! Tanabata!

Looking around without giving up, not letting go of every possible figure, but why is every one not the person in his heart?

He was too fierce to her yesterday, wasn't he? She didn't know where she came to find him, but he treated her like that. Should she be sad? But he didn't mean it, he was just too angry. He had been looking for her for so long, and he thought that he would never see her again in this life, so when he saw her, he couldn't help but couldn't help not find her aura before. On her.

He originally planned to talk to her well today, but she didn't give him this chance and left again.

Song Yifan, why are you so stupid!

Xiao Bao couldn't help but punched his head with his fist, trying to kill his idiot.

"Yifan, what are you doing?"

A familiar female voice came to her ears, and it instantly made Xiaobao think that she had hallucinations, but she couldn't help but immediately raised her head. As a result, she saw her figure standing in front of her thinking about it day and night, full of worry. Look at him.

Xiao Bao grabbed her shoulders suddenly, her voice was a little unstable, "Where have you been? Are you leaving again! Didn't you say that you came to me? Why did you leave again!"

The series of questions and answers made Qixi a little confused. I don't know why he is so excited. When is she leaving? She just came out to buy some medicinal materials.

The gripped shoulder hurts more and more, she couldn't help but yelled to remind her, "Yifan, I hurt..."

Xiao Bao just woke up like a dream, and immediately let go, "I'm sorry, did it hurt you? I didn't mean it."

Qixi shook his head and looked at Xiaobao eagerly, "I'm fine Yifan. Yifan, are you still angry with me?"

Xiao Bao let out a sigh of relief, fixedly looking at the girl who had thought about it countless times, and smiled bitterly, "Sir, why am I not angry with you, do you know, you just leave without saying goodbye, I can't find you How anxious, I have been looking for you for two years, but there is no news about you. At the beginning, you clearly said, saying..." At this point, you can't say anything.

Qixi's eyes reddened quickly, "I'm sorry...Is that right...I didn't mean it...I'm sorry Yifan..."

Xiao Bao rubbed his face and sighed in compromise, "Don't go, come back with me."

Qixi shook his head, "I won't leave, I'm here to find you, unless you drive me away."

"Then you morning..." Xiaobao was silent when he said this, and he tugged at the corners of his mouth helplessly for a long while, knowing that he was cheated by his mother.

Forget it, cheat if you cheat. Looking at the girl with red eyes, Xiao Bao resisted the urge to wipe away tears for her, clenched his fists in his sleeves, "Go, come back with me."

Qixi said "Oh" and walked behind him.

Looking at the tall and straight back in front of him, Qixi couldn't help but look and look again. He grew taller and seemed to be stronger. He looked a lot more imposing than before, but he was still Song Yifan, she knew, he hadn't changed.

Although he was very fierce yesterday, he should be angry because she was not good. After disappearing for so long, he must be anxious, otherwise he would not be like this. His Yifan is a very gentle person. It.

But he is still so angry now, what should she do? Does he dislike her anymore? Yesterday he still said that he did not remember what he said. Does he really remember? What should she do?

The more Qixi he thought about, the more frustrated he became. He wanted to ask him, but he didn't know how to speak, so that his pace became slower and slower, and he didn't return to his senses until Xiaobao took his arm.

"Why don't you leave?" Xiaobao asked with a bit of emotion.

Tanabata looked at the arm that was grasped by the big, well-knotted hand, tangled for a moment, still couldn't help asking what was in his heart, "Yifan, do you really remember what you said to me?"

Hearing this, Xiaobao's eyes sank, without speaking, the emotions on his face were incomprehensible, so that the look that Qixi had originally expected gradually turned into disappointment, and the brilliance in his eyes gradually extinguished. He moved his arm, trying to get rid of the big hand, but he was gripped tighter when he moved.

"You still owe me an explanation, Qixi Festival." Xiaobao squeezed these words out of his mouth, as if suppressing something.

Qixi bit his lower lip and looked at the ground. After a long while, a slightly choked voice sounded, "Yifan, my master is dead."

Xiaobao's pupils shrink slightly.

"Yifan, I have no relatives...I...I came to you...what you said, said...you said you want me to be you 'S wife, but... but you don't remember these words... if you don't remember, I can't stay here anymore..."

Qixi's intermittent words made Xiaobao's heart ache, and his hand gradually moved down from her arm, holding the little hand tightly, "So, did you disappear because of your master?"

Qixi nodded with tears, "Well, the master is seriously ill, and the dumb uncle came to me. I was so anxious that I forgot to leave a letter for you. Later...I wanted to write to you later, but I dont know where your home is. can not find you."

Is it so? Really... He thought she was playing with him in vain.

Little Treasure covered his forehead, tugged at the corner of his mouth, sighed after a while, clenched the little hand in his hand, and walked back, "Let's go home with me. From now on, that will be your home."

"Wh...what?" Qixi opened his eyes suddenly, unbelievable.

Little Bao didn't say much, and pulled the little man behind him home.

Qixi's eyes were red, but the corners of his mouth slowly rose, rising higher and higher.

Her Yifan, this is not angry with her, do you want to forgive her?

When the two returned home, they found that Li Mo, who was supposed to be in the front shop, was sitting in the courtyard drinking tea.

Little Bao pulled Qixi and took her to Li Mo, "Mother, we are back."

Li Mo glanced at the hands that the two of them were holding together, and then at Qixi Festival, whose head was drooping and blushing, a smile flashed in his eyes, and he nodded to them, "I'm back."

Xiao Bao looked back at Qixi Festival, smiled, turned around and said again, "Mother, I want to marry Qixi Festival."

Qixi quickly raised his head, his cheeks reddened, and he lowered his head embarrassedly when he met Shang Li Mo's eyes, but still couldn't help but cocked the corners of his mouth.

When Li Mo saw this, the corners of his mouth curled up, "We will discuss this matter slowly when your father comes back. You will send Qixi Festival back to the room to settle down first, and let her take care of what is missing."

With a smile, Xiaobao took Qixi back to the room.

Li Mo shook his head and smiled, but still did not move, drinking tea quietly.

After a while, Xiaobao walked back again, moved a stool, sat next to Li Mo, and whispered "Mother."

Li Mo touched Xiaobao's head and was very emotional, "At that time, she was still a little baby who was not as high as my knees. She yelled after her mother, but now she is about to marry a wife. Time flies. what."

Little Bao took Li Mo's hand, "Mother, thank you." Thank you for so many years of nurturing, thank you for so many years of love, and thank you for supporting all my decisions. He is really lucky to have such a mother.

Li Mo patted Xiaobao on the head, "Thank you, come on, tell your mother, what's the matter with this girl?"

Thinking of Qixi Festival, Xiaobaos eyes softened and talked about him and Qixi, "I met her two years ago, and I wanted to bring it back for you to meet at that time, but something happened. She lost contact, and she never told you and Dad."

"At that time, I had just finished the temple test and I was invited to go hunting in the buried mountain. It was at that time that I met Qixi. At that time, I was accidentally bitten by a snake. Qixi saved me."

Li Mo remembered that two years ago, Xiaobao injured his ankle after returning from a trip. It was indeed bitten by a snake. Fortunately, the wound was treated very well and there was no problem. The doctor said that the snake venom was cleaned very cleanly. Just relieved. But at that time Xiaobao didn't mention that he was from the Qixi Festival.

"In order to thank her and see her living in a cave alone, I often bring things to see her, and then..." Little Bao was a little shy, and it was the first time Li Mo saw him like this. , Looks like a hairy boy who is in love, and looks very calm and capable in officialdom.

The next thing can be understood without Xiaobao talking about Li Mo, it must be the two people who saw each other, and gradually became emotional.

However, Li Mo still has a lot to understand.

"Why is Qixi alone in the mountain? Still living in the cave? What about her family?"

Xiaobao explained, "The Qixi Festival came to the buried mountain to find a very important herbal medicine. This herbal medicine is very important to her. She was refining a medicine for tuberculosis."

Li Mo was surprised, "Qixi is a healer?"

Little Bao nodded, "Mother, there is one very important thing I didn't tell you. In fact, Qixi Festival is the apprentice of the King of Medicine and the only heir to the mantle."

Medicine King! The medicine king of the world's number one genius doctor!

Li Mo was a little dazed. He thought that Qixi Festival was an ordinary girl, but he did not expect that he was a descendant of the King of Medicine.

Xiaobao continued: "Qixi is an orphan. He was picked up by the King of Medicine and became an apprentice since I was a child. Two years ago, I was planning to take Qixi home with him, but she suddenly disappeared because the King of Medicine was sick. , Medicine King, he... passed away."

Li Mo thought about the matter once and straightened out the cause and effect. The King of Medicine passed away and Qixi only disappeared, but Xiaobao didnt know it. Thats why he was angry with Qixi yesterday, and he was like that. Now, things Having said that, the two children are reconciled.

Li Mo patted Xiaobao's hand, "Then you treat others well, and don't be as fierce as yesterday, the little girl came to you all the way, how sad you are in your heart."

Little Bao nodded, "Mother, I was not good yesterday, so I won't be like that again." After finishing speaking, Xiao Bao hesitated and said after a long while: "Mother, the king of medicine has passed away. After the world knows, there will definitely be many people coming. Looking for Qixi Festival for treatment, maybe some people are still not easy to provoke, and the family will probably not be as peaceful as it is now. Can you and dad tolerate it?"

Li Mo smiled and shook his head, "Stupid boy, if you marry you on Qixi Festival, it is our family. Whatever the family said, Qixi will be our other daughter in the future. You don't have to worry about it. How can we be intolerant to your own daughter? ?"

Hearing that, Xiaobao showed his teeth with a smile, "Thank you. Also, mother, Qixi has studied medicine with Yaowang since she was a child. No one taught her how to be a worldly man, and she didnt know much about others, just like a simple child. You teach her more. She is very good and will listen to you. If she doesn't do well, don't be angry with her."

Li Mo glared at Xiaobao and nodded his head, "You..."

Little Treasure laughed.


The marriage of Xiaobao and Qixi Festival is scheduled for the end of the year, with half a year left.

Qixi was homeless, so he lived there. Li Mo set up a separate room for Qixis pharmacy, which was specially equipped for Qixis herbs and pill furnaces, and also set up a place for Qixis medical consultation.

Originally, Li Mo was thinking that the children would be uncomfortable living with their parents, so he asked Xiaobao and Qixi to move to Xiaobaos house outside, but Qixi and Xiaobao were unwilling to move out alone. They both felt that living here was very difficult. Well, I also want to live with the family in the future. Li Mo didn't force it, but arranged the room for the two of them more carefully, hoping to make the young couple feel comfortable.

With the arrival of Qixi Festival, Fu'er is the happiest person. Every day, she will hold her sister-in-law to chat. The aunt-in-law is closer to each other than her sisters. They whisper together and share their thoughts together. The mother Li Mo has to take a back seat. Xiaobao even joked that Qixi is the sister and he is the brother-in-law.

The family laughed.

Time soon came to the end of the year, and Li Mo simply gave Fu'er all the previous business to take care of, while she was busy with the marriage between Xiaobao and Qixi Festival.

This day was the wedding day of Xiaobao and Qixi Festival. Qixi Festival did not have a family home. The day before the wedding, Xiaobao placed Qixi Festival in an outside house. The next day, Qixi Festival was brought home from here.

Li Mo invited the Sima family and some very close guests, while Xiao Bao called some very close colleagues in the officialdom to come, and in the courtyard, a full ten tables were organized. Although there are not the most people, these people who came here are sincerely blessed, and the yard is very lively.

As the groom's official, Xiaobao naturally has to accompany the guests. Although everyone sincerely wishes, the wine that should be drunk still has to be drunk. It is not ambiguous at all, so that Xiaobao's footsteps are unstable after he has finished the ten tables of guests. Up.

Li Mo hurriedly went to the kitchen and ordered to cook a bowl of sobering soup for him, and then he was sent back to his new house.

Xiao Bao did drink a lot, but his mind was clear. His wife was still waiting for him. How could he drink so much that he didn't know anything about it.

Thinking of his wife, Xiaobao's gaze patrolled the house, and on the big red wedding bed he saw the quietly covered man with a hijab.

That is his lady, the baby in his heart.

Step by step, he walked to the sitting person, stretched out his hand, and slowly took off the hijab, revealing a beautiful little face under the hijab.

"Yifan..." The little man's red lips spit out these two words and then closed, only a pair of eyes showed shyness and joy.

Little Treasure raised the corners of his mouth and couldn't help reaching out to touch the face of the little man in front of him, his voice dull, "Hungry?"

Qixi shook his head, "I'm not hungry. In fact, my mother gave me food before, and I only covered the hijab when I was full. My mother said I would wait for you to open it."

"Haha..." Xiaobao laughed out loud, making Qixi Festival lower his head embarrassedly.

Looking at Xiao Ren'er's shy appearance, Xiao Bao didn't want to waste any more time, so he directly picked her up.

"Ah--" Qixi might as well be picked up suddenly and called out directly, "Yifan, what are you going to do?"

Little Bao held the baby in his arms and walked directly to the separate bathroom in the room, "Will you accompany your husband to take a bath?"

Qixi's face turned red, like a cooked prawn, but she nodded shyly. She knew that the lady wanted to listen to her husband, and she also wanted to listen to Yifan.

"Haha..." Xiaobao's smile came from his chest, extremely happy.

After a while, the beating sound of splashing water came from the bathroom, as well as the panting of men and the groans of women, forming a beautiful movement.

That night, the moon hid in shame.

The author has something to say: Next is Fu'er's feelings. See you tomorrow.

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