Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 92

Chapter 91:

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One year after Xiaobao and Qixi got married, Qixi became pregnant, and the following year, she gave birth to a big fat boy named Song Yunli, Xiaoming Tuantuan.

This nickname came from Fu'er, because Fu'er feels that Tuantuan is like a fat ball, a fleshy dumpling, which fits this nickname very well.

Xiaobao and Qixi are very fond of this girl, so the small thing like a nickname, of course, depends on her, so the name Tuantuan was called.

For Tuantuans birth, Fuer is the happiest, because she loves to tease this little nephew, and enjoys playing with the little guy every day. When Tuantuan can walk and talk, she basically mixes with Fuers little aunt. Yes, even parents have to go back.

When it came time to go out to play once a month, Fuer held the little guy the whole time, and the two aunts and nephews had a great time playing.

"Auntie, come chasing Tuantuan, Tuantuan is here!" The little guy ran **** the grass with his fleshy little short legs, and had to talk back to Fu'er as he ran.

As for Fuer, she also cooperated with the little guy very well. She followed the little guy with tiny steps, pretending to chase hard, but couldnt catch it, so she had to ask the little guy, "Tuan Tuan, you really run too hard." Alright, you just wait for aunt, okay"

The little guy saw that his aunt was so pitiful, he would stop and wait for a while, and when the aunt was about to catch up, he giggled and ran away again, not allowing the aunt to catch up with him.

For a while, the surrounding air was filled with laughter from Fuer and Tuantuan.

The others looked at the two aunts and nephews with helpless and spoiled expressions on their faces.

Fu Yueran moved her gaze back from Fu'er, and looked at her good sister Li Mo, who had been sitting next to him for many years. Her heart was tight. Thinking of her son's thoughts, she had to try and say: "Li Mo, Fu'er has already Sixteen years old, and almost seventeen in a blink of an eye, dont you plan to settle her down?"

She had mentioned it vaguely in the first two years, but Li Mo and Song Dashan did not want their daughter to marry too early, and wanted to stay for two more years, so she couldnt say anything more. Two years have passed, and Fu'er. Its almost seventeen years old. If the seventeen-year-old girl hasnt settled down yet, its too late. I dont know why Li Mo is not anxious at all, but she is anxious. The Bingshan son in the family has grown up so big, thinking It's all on Fu'er. If Fu'er doesn't marry him home, the child will be crazy.

However, the family background of the General Mansion is still too high for Li Mo's family. She can understand the disapproval of Li Mo and Song Dashan, but who told her son to like other girls, and she and Sima Haoran also like Fu Er is their daughter-in-law, so she wants to work hard to marry Fuer back to their Sima family.

When Li Mo heard this, his smile remained unchanged, "Yes, Fu'er will be seventeen years old soon. Even if she doesn't marry, she will have a personal home for her."

Fu Yueran couldn't help but tense, and asked, "Then you have decided which one?"

Li Mo smiled and said: "I have watched it for several years. I think the young shopkeeper in Zhangjiabuzhuang is very good. The young man is in good spirits and he is very caring about us Fuer. Fuer is not afraid of being bullied when we marry. I can also look after her one or two."

Fu Yueran's heart tightened, she squeezed sweat for her son in her heart, and tentatively asked, "Although this marriage event is a matchmaker's order of the parents, it is still necessary for the children to like it. You asked Fuer Is it? Fu'er is also willing to marry the young treasurer of the Zhang family?"

Li Mo looked at the girl who was hugging and laughing with Tuantuan, and smiled softly, "That girl, silly, I guess she hasn't gotten up yet, so I can only choose one for her to let us rest assured."

Fu Yueran's heart chuckles, secretly saying bad.

Unfortunately, Feiyu is still busy with important things in Yu Linwei today, and there is no way to come over. What should I do if I ask her to be a mother. However, if Feiyu's child came over today, she would not dare to imagine the consequences of hearing this.

Fu Yueran was anxious and didn't know what to do. After thinking about it for a while, gritted his teeth, and straightforwardly said, "Li Mo, I won't be stubborn with you anymore. I am very rare in my heart. I want Fu'er to be my daughter-in-law. Feiyu's child has always liked me since childhood. Fuer, he also grew up when you watched him. Naturally, you know what I said is true. Look, can you consider my family Feiyu? That child of Feiyu relentlessly loves Fuer for a lifetime. Give Fuer He, don't worry, we will treat her like our own daughter."

Li Mo sighed deeply in his heart, but he didn't expect Fu Yueran to say it anyway.

She deliberately said so much just because she didn't want Fu Yueran to say this, but she didn't want Fu Yueran to raise this matter.

Of course, she really wanted to promise Fuer to the treasurer of Zhang Jiashao, not Feiyu.

Feiyus child grew up when she watched. Of course, she knew that the child was good to Fuer, which could be said to be better than their parents. She was afraid of holding Fuer in her hand, and held it in her mouth. I'm afraid of it. However, Feiyus family background is too prominent, and it is not the merchants that they can climb up high. No matter what era, there is a profound truth in the right family. Love that is not the right family is too easy to be ground by the contradictions between the family To balance the relationship between the two people, in the end, too many lovers became puppets.

She is a mother, and her only wish is to see Fu'er's happiness. She doesn't want Fu'er to be looked down upon by others after marrying into Gaomen, or even to be treated by others, even if Sima Haoran and Fu Yueran like them What's the use of Fu'er? There are many other elders in the general's mansion who care about the family, these elders, even the Sima couple have no choice.

At that time, even if Fu'er is hurt, how can they help their daughter if they are alone?

How can she, a mother, bear the heart to watch her daughter, who is a petite pet, hurt?

Therefore, she still ruthlessly assumed that she couldn't see the affection of Feiyu's child for Fuer, and she wanted to marry Fuer to a suitable person. If someone is destined to be the bad guy, then she will do it.

Li Mo sighed and took Fu Yueran's hand, "Yue Ran, I know that what you said is true, and you all really love Fu'er, but your family is not like ours. If Fu'er gets married, who can guarantee that she wont be bullied? When that happens, her father and I wont even be able to give her daughter a head start." Seeing what Fu Yueran wanted to say, Li Mo interrupted, "I know What do you want to say, but Yue Ran, Feiyu are not at home all the time. Some things in the house cannot be understood by a big man. In many cases, his wife has to bear it. You live in the general's house. After so many years, you should know."

All the words in Fu Yueran's mouth were forced to swallow.

What Li Mo said is correct. Even her daughter of Shangshufu married into the General's Mansion, and she has to be picked up by her mother-in-law, and secretly suffers a lot of wrongdoing. This is how she can guarantee that Fuer will not marry. Any harm?

Fu Yueran could no longer say anything to ask for marriage, so she could only secretly worry.

At night, the General House.

Fu Yueran sat on the Babu bed in the yard, and Sima Haoran watched the moon quietly, until a sound of footsteps broke the short silence.

Sima Feiyu was dressed in mysterious armor, with a green dragon sword on his waist, and walked in calmly. He was so powerful that he could not but admire him.

"Father, mother." After a cry, he sat down straight.

Sima Haoran and his wife looked at their expressionless son, and shook their heads helplessly, not expecting him to say a word of nonsense.

Knowing what his son wanted to hear, Fu Yueran originally wanted to tease him, but thinking of today's topic, he couldn't bear it inexplicably, so let's just say it directly.

"Feiyu, today your aunt Li Mo told me about Fu'er's marriage."

As soon as this statement came out, Sima Feiyu, who had a solemn face, had a rare expression, and his eyes also fluctuated, which was obviously in his heart.

Looking at her son like this, Fu Yueran was even more troubled, but she had to go on to say: "Your aunt Li Mo wants to betroth Fuer to Zhang Ji's young treasurer."

With a "bang", the teacup that was originally pinched in Sima Feiyu's palm was broken, and the red blood dropped drop by drop along the palm, but the owner of the hand seemed to be unable to feel it, but his eyes were heavy. Scared.

Fu Yueran quickly took Sima Feiyu's hand and wrapped it in a kerchief, "You child, show me quickly!" Then she told her maid to get medicine for golden sore.

Sima Haoran looked at the side distressed and angry, and couldn't help cursing: "You brat!"

It's a pity that Sima Feiyu didn't respond, but the murderous aura in his body grew stronger, making Sima Haoran helpless.

Fu Yueran bandaged Sima Feiyu and patted his arm, "Feiyu, your aunt Li Mo and Uncle Dashan dislike our family for being too high, and are afraid that Fuer will be bullied when she gets married. I want my children to be happy. Your Aunt Li Mos thoughts are not wrong. The family background of our two families is too far apart. Even if your father and I like Fuer, what about the others in the house? Can you guarantee that you are not there? At that time, no one will let Fu'er be wronged?"

Sima Feiyu was silent and did not speak.

Just when Fu Yueran and his wife couldn't help but worry, Sima Feiyu stood up all of a sudden, stepped out and said, "Daddy, I have something to go out."

Fu Yueran shouted from behind: "Feiyu, where are you going?"

It's a pity that people are no longer visible.

Only the couple sighed helplessly.

Sima Feiyu walked out of the house quickly, mounted his horse and ran down the street, before coming to Song's shop in a short while.

Pinning the horse to the stone lion in front of the shop, Sima Haoran walked to the backyard and flew onto the courtyard wall. After looking at Fu'er's room and standing upright for more than an hour, he leaped over, quietly Fell into the yard.

Jiang Xiaojun was about to call, but he felt that he was an acquaintance, so he stopped cooking.

Sima Feiyu came to Fu'er's window, pushed gently, and jumped into Fu'er's room.

When he came to the bed, he arched a slight margin under the quilt, and he was heaving with his breath, and inside was the little person he was thinking of.

I couldn't help but stretched out my hand towards that beautiful little face, touched the tender skin as if seduced, rubbed it gently, and didn't want to leave for a long time.

But I didn't want to. The little man who was sleeping suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight over with his big eyes. After a long while, he called out, "Brother Feiyu."

Sima Feiyu's hand froze, and the whole person seemed to have settled.

Seeing Sima Feiyu's silence, Fu'er simply got up from the bed and stretched out his hand to hold Sima Feiyu's thickly callused hand, "Brother Feiyu, why are you here?"

Sima Feiyu, who was stiffening, did not notice the joy at the moment in the eyes of the talking little man, only thinking that the little man was simply surprised and confused.

"I..." Sima Feiyu didn't know what to say for a while, and what he wanted to say when he came there was nowhere to be seen.

Seeing Sima Feiyu still silent, Fu'er blinked her big eyes and squeezed his big hand, "Brother Feiyu, don't you talk to Fuer?" Brother Feiyu hasn't seen her for a long time. Now, she missed him so much.

Sima Feiyu closed his eyes and opened them after a while, with firmness in his eyes that could not be rejected, with a slight force, he hugged Fu'er's slender body into his arms.

"Brother Feiyu?" Fuer was surprised.

Sima Feiyu buried his head in Fu'er's neck and took a deep breath, filling his whole heart with the fragrance of Fu'er.

"Fu'er, do you hate that Brother Feiyu treats you this way?"

Fu'er's face flushed, a little shy, but she still shook her head bravely, "It's not annoying." On the contrary, there was a hint of happiness.

The corners of Sima Feiyu's mouth turned up, and he hugged the body of the little man in his arms, and continued to ask: "Then, what if other men hug you like this? Are you willing? For example, the young treasurer of Zhang Ji? "

Fu'er couldn't help but follow his words, imagining that Zhang Ji's young shopkeeper was holding her in his arms and rubbing her neck like this. Suddenly, there was a burst of discomfort in her heart, and her brows frowned, "No, it can't be like this. ."

Sima Feiyu couldn't help laughing bursts of joy from her chest, and Fu'er's face turned redder when she was about to say something, but when she wanted to say something, she was strongly supported on the back of her head, and a burst of warmth hit her upper lips. Peta, the next second, something slipped into her mouth, entangled with her tongue.

Fu'er's mind was blank, only remembering the intertwined slippery touch, the whole body was soft in Sima Feiyu's arms.

Until Sima Feiyu let go of his lips, it took a long time for the little man to recover from his dizziness, and he didn't know what to do, "Feiyu...brother...you...you... ."

Sima Feiyu put his forehead against Xiao Ren'er's forehead, the tip of his nose touched the tip of his nose, and the breath of words sprayed on Fu'er's lips, "Fu'er, do you like Feiyu brother? Is it okay to marry Feiyu brother? Is it okay to marry someone else?"

Fu'er's face was red enough to cook an egg, and his head was full of Sima Feiyu's words.

Marry Brother Feiyu? Not marry someone else?

Do you have to do the same thing as Feiyu brother when you marry someone? Fu'er imagined that others would treat her like Feiyu's brother, and she shuddered at once, no, only Feiyu's brother could do this.

Only Feiyu brother can do this...

Fu'er suddenly regained consciousness, and she was almost ashamed, she...what was she thinking?

Seeing Xiao Nizi's appearance, Sima Feiyu's eyes were even stronger, and his voice was softer, "Fu'er, please answer Feiyu Brother? Would you like to marry Feiyu Brother and be Feiyu's wife?"

Sima Feiyu's non-gaspable question caused Fu'er to close his eyes abruptly, and endure the shame with a soft "um".

This "um" is Fu'er's answer.

She is willing to marry brother Feiyu, except for brother Feiyu, no one else will do.

Sima Feiyu's heart suddenly fell to the ground, feeling that he was alive again.

Can't help but put the little man in his arms again, silently cocked the corners of his mouth.

For a long time, after the initial shame, Fu'er is not so uncomfortable now, and can think normally. She moved in Sima Haoran's arms and said softly, "But Feiyu brother, mother I don't seem to agree." A while ago, Niang asked her if she liked Zhang Ji's young shopkeeper. She said she didn't like it, so Mother didn't say anything.

Mother never asked her whether she liked Feiyu brother.

Sima Feiyu pursed his lips and patted the little man's back, "It's okay, I will ask my aunt and uncle to agree, and give it to me."

The author has something to say: My dears, tomorrow is the last one. See you tomorrow. I will say goodbye to you in this article. I hope I can see you tomorrow.

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