Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 93

Chapter 92:

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Sima Feiyu stayed in Fu'er room until late at night, and didn't leave until Fu'er fell asleep again.

However, instead of going home, he went straight to the palace and went straight to the palace. He waited at the gate of the palace all night. The next day, he entered the imperial study room as soon as the gate of the palace opened.

After leaving the palace gate, people hurried home to report a letter, and directly summoned Yu Linwei. That night, a large number of people came out of the city gate and went straight to the northwest.

After that, Sima Feiyu disappeared for three months without any news.

When he reappeared, he was outside the Song family's courtyard.

After Song Dashan got up, he opened the back door as usual. At a glance, he saw Sima Feiyu standing straight in front of his house, his clothes and hair wet with dew.

Song Dashan was startled, and quickly pulled Sima Feiyu in, "Why are you kid here early in the morning? Didn't you say you went out for errands? When did you come? Look at the clothes wet."

Sima Feiyu replied as he entered the door: "Uncle, I just came back from work."

Song Dashan touched his clothes, "Look at the clothes that are wet, you stupid boy, you don't know how to call the door."

Sima Feiyu didn't say a word, and when he reached the center of the yard, he stopped and refused to move.

"Why didn't you go in? Hurry up and change clothes with Uncle." Song Dashan was puzzled.

Sima Feiyu shook his head, then knelt down with a "puff" and knelt directly in the yard.

Song Dashan was taken aback, and hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull, "What's wrong with your child? Get up quickly, let's talk about it, get up quickly."

Sima Feiyu is rarely capable of martial arts. If he doesn't want to get up, Song Dashan can't pull it up at all, so he kneels stubbornly.

At this moment, Li Mo also heard the voice coming out, and seeing Sima Feiyu kneeling in the yard, he was surprised for a moment, but after thinking about it for a while, he guessed what the kid meant in the next moment.

Hey, this kid, why should he be so reluctant.

Li Mo stepped forward, stretched out his arms, and said, "Child, get up quickly, what can I say to auntie?"

Sima Feiyu raised his head, his eyes were sincere, "Uncle, aunt, I like Fuer, and I want to marry Fuer as my wife, please make it happen."

Song Dashan and Li Mo looked at each other, with endless helplessness and intolerance in their eyes.

How could they not see this child's feelings for Fu'er, but they were really inappropriate.

Sima Feiyu took a step forward on his knees, "Uncle, aunt, I know what you are worried about, but you can rest assured that I will not let Fu'er be wronged, I will deal with it. I have already asked the title and mansion separately from the master. House, in the future, I will bring Fuer to a single independent mansion. Fuer will directly be the mistress of the house. There is no need to bow to anyone and will not be wronged. If I let Fuer be wronged, you just punish me. I will never Say a word." In order to let the Holy Master give him a title and mansion separate from the Generals Mansion, he promised the Holy Master to go to the northwest to secretly solve the problem of King Qis change. He didnt come back until today. Although he was almost dead, he finally got When it was finished, he had the confidence to ask his uncle and aunt to marry him.

When Li Mo heard this, his eyes were filled with surprise. He didn't expect the child to deal with everything well, even their most worrying things were resolved, this...

"Father! Mother!" Fuer rushed out, and in the next second, she also knelt down with Sima Feiyu.

How could Song Dashan stand this baby girl, and said anxiously: "What are you doing, get up quickly, just talk to your parents if you have anything."

Fu'er shook her head and looked at them with **** and white eyes, "Father, mother, Fu'er wants to marry Feiyu brother, but if you don't want to marry anyone else, you just agree to me and Feiyu brother, okay? Feiyu brother Those who love Fuer very much will not let Fuer be wronged."

Song Dashan suddenly didn't know what to say, and looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo sighed helplessly.

She always thought that Fu'er was ignorant and unconscious, but she did not expect that her heart had been given to Feiyu.

Forget it, the two children love each other sincerely, and Feiyu has solved most of their worries. If their parents still disagree, it will hurt the children too much.

Li Mo stepped forward and raised one with one hand. "You two get up, I have no objection."

Fu'er's eyes widened, "Mother, do you really agree?"

Li Mo was not angry, "Can I disagree, if I disagree, do you two have to kneel down forever!"

Fu'er covered her face, put it down after a while, hehe laughed, couldn't help holding Sima Feiyu's arm and whispered: "Brother Feiyu, mother agrees!"

Sima Feiyu's expressionless face all the year round is also a rare smile, looking at Li Mo and Song Dashan sincerely, "Thank you uncle, thank you auntie."

Song Dashan also laughed and beckoned to them, "Come on, don't stand in the yard. Come back to the house and sit down with me."

Several people returned to the house, and Li Mo said: "In this case, you two will make a decision first, Feiyu, you go back and talk to your parents. Uncle Dashan and you are going to discuss the day with your parents and let you The two make a kiss first."

Sima Feiyu nodded, and when Li Mo finished speaking, he couldn't wait to go home to look for his parents.

Sima Haoran and Fu Yueran were also very happy. They came over early the next morning and discussed with Li Mo and Song Dashan about the two children.

Finally, I decided to choose a good day for the two children to make a marriage, and they would get married in September the following year.


Time passed by, and in a blink of an eye, it was a year, and Fu'er would officially marry and leave this home ever since.

This morning, Li Mo got up early, but inexplicably felt that she didn't want to move. When she remembered that her daughter was going to be married today, her heart was infinitely moved.

Her daughter, who grew up as a small meat dumpling, is about to marry as a wife, and it has been so many years before she knew it.

With emotion, his hands suddenly warmed, and his hands were wrapped in a pair of large hands covered in calluses. Li Mo raised his head and looked at Song Dashan in front of him.

Song Dashan touched Li Mo's face and asked, "What's the matter? Is it uncomfortable in my heart?" In fact, he was also uncomfortable in his heart.

Li Mo hugged Song Dashan's waist and rubbed his face against his chest. "Dashan, Fu'er is going to be married too. The children are all grown up."

Song Dashan gently stroked her hair, tenderly and lovingly, "Yes, when the children are grown up, they will naturally leave our arms." As he said, he kissed her softly on the top of Xinxiang's hair, "Don't Sad, you still have me, I will always be with you and stay with you until you grow old."

Li Mo curled up his mouth and nodded slowly, "Yes, I still have you."

Song Dashan also laughed and patted his beloved wife's head lightly, "Okay, behave, don't be sad, the children will leave us sooner or later, when Fu'er gets married, we will leave the shop to others to take care of. Shall I take you out to play?"

Li Mo raised his head, "Out to play?"

"Yeah, you have been married to me for so many years, and you have been busy with this family. I have not given you a good rest, nor have you enjoyed the blessings. Now the children dont need us to take care of them. The two went out to take a look, have fun, and live a relaxing life."

For some reason, Li Mo suddenly felt sore in his eyes, and hurriedly buried his head on his chest, but his voice was happy, "Okay, let's go out and have a good time, just the two of us."

Li Mo cheered up and went out to busy Fu'er's wedding. Although he was very unwilling to give up, he smiled and took care of everything. He happily sent Fu'er out of the door and handed the baby daughter to her husband.

It was not until the sedan chair disappeared from the end of the street that Li Mo was led back to the room by Song Dashan.

Her daughter is married.


Song Dashan did what he said, waited for Fu'er to return to the door in the three dynasties, immediately packed up, and then drove the carriage with Li Mo.

Xiaobao, Fu'er and his wife and Sima all came to see them off. Li Mo said goodbye to them one by one, and finally hugged Fu Yueran, "Good sister, I will ask you when Dashan and I are away."

Fu Yueran's eyes were a little red, "Don't worry, I will help you take care of the children and the shop. You and Dashan have a good time, but don't forget to come back, remember that we are still waiting for you."

Li Mo smiled and nodded, "I know, we won't be playing outside all the time, we will be back when we finish playing."

Sima Haoran also patted Song Dashan on the shoulder and confessed, "Pay attention to safety all the way, and come back after playing."

Song Dashan smiled and nodded.

Fu'er plunged into Li Mo's arms, her eyes were reddish, "Mother, you and father must come back soon, otherwise Fu'er will miss you."

Li Mo patted her on the head, "You have to be good and listen to Feiyu, don't you always let Feiyu worry about it?"

Fu'er nodded, but his eyes were getting redder and red. Finally, Sima Feiyu was taken into his arms, his shoulders trembled.

Li Mo sighed, turned to Little Treasure and Qixi Festival, and touched their heads, "You two should be fine too."

The two nodded, their eyes full of dismay.

Although he was reluctant to leave, he still had to set off. Li Mo cruelly got into the carriage, and Song Dashan and Song Dashan went out of the city gate in the presence of everyone.

The carriage is very comfortable and has everything available. Song Dashan prepared it before the two set off. He re-reinforced the carriage, covered it with soft cushions, and placed a small table in the middle for eating. A row of cabinets were built under the car seat, and some daily necessities were placed in it. There were soft beds on top of which you could lie down and sleep directly.

All this is for Li Mo to play comfortably.

Before departure, the two people also planned a route, marked the route on a map, the route was a circle, starting from the capital, making a large circle, and finally returning to the capital.

According to the map, the two of them started to play from the adjacent city on the right side of the capital. First, they went to the famous local scenic spots to play. After playing all the time, they went to the city to shop for clothes and food, and when they got tired of playing, they set off to the next place. .

This play lasted three years.

Three years later.

Li Mo stood by the window of the inn, looking at the direction of the capital, and let out a sigh, "We are back again."

Song Dashan nodded, "Yes, tomorrow we can enter the city and get home."

Li Mo leaned back in Song Dashan's arms, hugged his hands around his waist, and gently rubbed them.

In the past three years, the two of them lived very easily and happily, like a late honeymoon. She was content to have such a trip in this life.

"Dashan, this time we will stay here until we are old, right?"

Song Dashan lowered his head and rubbed Li Mo's hair with his cheek, with a soft voice, "If you still want to come out to play, I will be with you."

Li Mo smiled and shook his head, "What are you playing? I will be content this time. Then we will guard the shop and guard our two children. Let's live our lives until we grow old together."

Song Dashan smiled, "Okay, let's grow old together."

Song Dashan squeezed his waist, which was still as thin as a girl, and held his wife tighter. He asked what he said, "Lady, do you regret marrying me for so many years?" Regret staying that year Come down?

Li Mo remembered the bits and pieces of these years, his eyes flashed softly, and he shook his head, "I don't regret it, I am lucky and happy to meet you."

This man, although ordinary, is irreplaceable in her world. He loves her, tolerates her, takes care of her, is considerate of her, and even being ridiculed by outsiders is that she does not care about his wife's strict control. The feeling of cherishing, how could she regret meeting such a man? She even prayed that the afterlife would allow them to meet, know, and love each other.

The next day, the two entered the city and returned to their home where they had been away for three years. They met relatives who were waiting at home.

After coming back this time, the two of them never went out to play and kept guarding the shop. Except for visiting the shop in their hometown every two years, they spent the rest of the time living an ordinary and busy life in the shop in the capital, watching their children. They became more and more mature, watching their grandchildren grow up.

Just watch it like this until you get old.

The author has something to say: I will officially say goodbye to everyone here, thank you all for your company all the way, lets see you in the next book.

My two books have been updated for nearly four months, and they are all over. I have to take a two-day break to clear my mind and write a new book. It will be officially updated on Monday, which means that "Through the Peasant Woman Eater" will be next Monday. Official update, old rules, red envelopes will be issued three days before the new article~

Finally, love you

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