True Daughter She Is The Almighty Boss Chapter 617

Chapter 617: The Ancient Medical World Respected By Miss Ying 2 More

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Chapter 617 Ancient medical circles, respected by Miss Ying [2 more]

In the past few years, the Ling family has been in a precarious state in the ancient martial arts world.

Internal and external troubles, difficult situations.

There are indeed many other direct descendants of the Ling family who pretend to be the head of the family.

In addition to Ling Dongqing, there are at least three, and their strength is not weak.

Because the Ling family did not stand in any big family, resources were sometimes seized.

If it weren't for Ling Zhonglou's ingenuity, the Ling family might have been destroyed a few years earlier.

So even if the elders were dissatisfied with Ling Zhonglou's marrying Jiang Huaping, it did not intend to follow the other lineages and let Ling Zhong go down.

But now...

The Great Elder has a solemn expression.

Ancient medicine is too important.

If there is no ancient medicine in the Ling family, let alone squeeze into the ranks of the big family, it will even be in the top fifty of the ancient martial family.

"I hope your family will consider it carefully." Steward Fan smiled again, "For three days, in these three days, we will leave three ancient doctors to your family."

He took a step back to make room.

Behind , two women and a man walked in carrying the medicine box.

"These three are all inner disciples of the Tianyi Sect. They have very high medical skills." Steward Fan is very meaningful. "The Great Elder can give it a try. It's definitely not comparable to those of the loose doctors."

The great elder did not speak.

He doesnt need to try, he knows that the inner disciples of the Heavenly Medicine Schools medical skills are not comparable to those of ordinary ancient doctors.

Many ancient medical secrets, only available in Tianyi.

Especially Guimen 13 Needles, there are no more than ten people in the ancient medical circle.

After a long period of silence, the elder said: "Okay, but it will take a while for the Ling family to change the owner."

Fan steward is not surprised by this answer.

Only the ancient martial arts families above the medium size have an elder group, and the elder group has to maintain the entire family, not just one person.

"The Fan family is waiting for the good news from your family. From now on, we will be an alliance."

Steward Fan left after speaking.

The Great Elder looked cold.

said it was an alliance, and in the end it was just a subsidiary.

He was a bit old, and waved his hand: "Go and call the elders, the Chonglou, and several other direct descendants. Let's have a meeting together."


the other side.

Imperial Capital.

Liao Zijin and Fu Yunshen came out of the mall.

Jiang Ran followed with a large bag and a small bag.

After getting in the car, he finally remembered something, and he gave a tsk and called Xiu Yu.

The last time they met was a class reunion during the winter vacation.

"Oh, who, after being the head of the family, it's really different." Jiang Ran swayed, "Does it feel good to be the head of the family? Don't you know, when you were the head of the family, our father took me to fly? ."

"Isnt you jealous? I know youre jealous, say it, I dont laugh at you."

"Oh" Xiu Yu calmly said, "We are different. My father took me crazy in O State. Don't you know, my father invited me to IBI and killed a family."

Jiang Ran: "..."


Since childhood, he never talked about Xiu Yu.

Jiang Gas had to hang up the phone.

He gritted his teeth: "Father Ying, I'm going to O Zhou."

The co-pilot, Ying Zijin turned her head and said, "What are you doing to Ozhou?"

Jiang Ran confidently: "I want you to cover me and drive me crazy."

: ""

I am sick, but not mild.

"Shall I take you to Ozhou? How about?" Fu Yunshen turned the steering wheel, "I will cover you and drive you crazy?"

Jiang Ran: "... Then don't."

He was afraid that he would never return.

"Why." Fu Yun raised his eyebrows deeply, "It's all fathers, but still favoring one another? I'm jealous."

"You are different." Jiang Ran wrapped his jacket tightly and mumbled, "The contrast between your predecessors and the rear is too great, I'm afraid of you."

A well-known young man in Shanghai, suddenly became the president of the Venus Group.

An outsider with no background in the ancient martial arts world suddenly became a shadow of the Judiciary.

Whose psychological endurance can resist this?

"Speaking of O Continent, Venus Group has a report in June. I need to go there in person." Fu Yun turned his head and said, "Yaoyao, are you going to go around? I haven't had fun the previous few times."

Ying Ziying's eyelashes drooped, and there was a moment of silence: "Go."

I dont know why, she has a strong sixth sense.

She must go to O State in the near future.

Jiang Ran heard it, and immediately got motivation: "Then I have to follow."

Fu Yunshen looked directly at the road ahead and raised his eyelids: "What are you going to do? Light bulbs."

Jiang Ran: "..."

Ling Zijin's hand supported his head and answered the call.

Fuxi is now able to use a series of apps such as WeChat well.

She still made a video call: "Master, the elders of the Dan League asked if you want to be the leader."

On that day, after the leader of the Dan League Qiu Man committed suicide, the Dan League also came to a major purge.

Only among the middle and high level and core members of the Dan League, a thousand evil doctors were found.

The position of the leader of the Dan League was vacant, and the elders naturally thought of Yingzijin.

Ying Zijin's expression was slightly paused: "Do you think I like to be a leader?"

When she said this, she glanced at Jiang Ran in the back seat and pressed her head.

so troublesome.

reminded her of Nishizawa in the eighteenth century.

It's quite annoying, I want to kick it away.

Fuxi: "..."


"Then I will reject them." Fu Xi said, "Master has any instructions, please mention that I subordinate an ancient doctor, and respect the master."

The great worry of the evil doctor was uprooted, and the danger that had been shrouded in the ancient medical world for nearly a hundred years finally disappeared.

The ancient doctors also breathed a sigh of relief.

In the ancient medical world, no one now refuses to accept Ying Zijin.

slightly nodded: "You have worked hard, dont be tired."

Fuxi hesitated for a while, and sent a screenshot: "Master, can this emoji package teach me how to download it?"


"My dad accepts apprentices?" Jiang Ran moved his ears and leaned forward, "Fu, when? Who?"

"Fuxi, the ancestor of the Fu family, is also the first person in ancient medicine. As for when, I count" Fu Yunshen groaned a little, thoughtfully, "More than two hundred years ago?"

Jiang Ran: "???"


Along the way, Jiang Ran was in a cracked state.

Causing him to be unable to look directly at Yingziying.

When he returned to Ling's house, Jiang Ran found that the atmosphere at home was a little different.

Jiang Huaping and Ling Zhonglou were sitting at the table with solemn expressions. After seeing Jiang Ran, they looked back together.

"Dad, mom." Seeing the battle, Jiang Ran remembered his childhood, and subconsciously said, "I'm not greedy, and I didn't fight. I didn't do it either."

"Who said you?" Jiang Huaping was helpless, "but there are some things, mom needs to tell you."

Just as she was about to speak, she realized that Ying Zijin and Fu Yunshen were following in behind.

Jiang painted a screen chat and recounted the internal meeting of Ling's family this morning.

"Fan's family?" Fu Yunshen put one hand in his pocket, "Which is the Fan's family?"

"The seventh largest family in the ancient martial arts world." Jiang Ran squeezed his fists. "It's the one with the back of the Qiao family. It must be the Qiao family who is doing the ghost again."

Lings comprehensive strength just squeezed into the top fifty of the ancient martial arts world.

"The Fan family ordered those loose doctors not to have any cooperation with the Ling family?" After listening, Ying Zijin understood, "Unless Uncle Ling resigns as the head of the family?"

"Yes, and they will also send ancient doctors from the Tianyimen to enter the Ling's house." Ling Zhonglou smiled easily, "I can't see that I am important."

It's okay to step down as Patriarch, he didn't care much about Patriarch.

It is indeed as the Patriarch Qiao said, without the position of Patriarch, he cannot protect Jiang Huaping and Jiang Ran.

Ying Ziying nodded slightly: "Uncle Ling, do you still have the funds?"

Ling Chonglou didnt understand why the girl asked, but he still answered: "Yes, I also have several companies in the Imperial Capital. One of them was listed abroad not long ago, and the funds are not comparable to Mu Jia Nies, but they are also quite a lot."

He paused, and then said: "I thought about it, and Xiaohua and I will move to the Imperial City. But this stinky boy is still in the Judicial Hall. During training, Zijin, please take care of it."

Ying Zijin's hand stopped: "Uncle Ling has decided?"

She only knew the line of Ling Zhonglou and Ling Mianxi's mother and daughter in Ling's family.

Other people have nothing to do with her.

Ling Zijin never thought she was the savior, anyone could help.

Ling Zhonglou was silent for a while, sighed, and whispered: "I'm just ashamed of my ancestors. The Ling family is about to fall. I can't do anything."

Lings ancestor, who founded the family, has passed away.

He was taught by this ancestor when he was a child.

Seeing that the Ling family is about to become a vassal of the Fan family, but can't do much.

"Okay, inform the elders that the ancient doctors have them, the best." Ying Zijin pressed a series of numbers, her voice was flat, "You helped me before, now I help the Ling family become a big family and enter the top ten of the ancient martial arts world."

Give us a ticket, which can be salty or sweet, Yaoyao~

I dont know when it will end, anyway, its late stage

(End of this chapter)

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