True Daughter She Is The Almighty Boss Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Yingshen is just for fun [2 more]

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Chapter 757 Yingshen is just to play around [2 more]

The fortune teller.


The appellation came into view, and Ling Yu sat on the ground with a "plop", almost torn apart.

As long as anyone who has been an administrator, no one will be ignorant of the title of Calculator.

Since the NOK forum launched the bounty list, the fortune teller has not fallen in the first place.

It is said that the fortune-tellers have disappeared for a long time, forcing the hermit of the sage to launch a global force to find people.

Of course, no one was able to find it. It was not until the past two years that the fortune-tellers reappeared.

Ling Yu is not sure whether the sage is a sage or not.

He knew he was not qualified to listen to such things.

But if you can call the sage hermit brother, even if you are not a sage, can you still be worse than the sage?

Administrators only work for the sages and hermits, and the founding account is the highest level.

For the founder, not to mention the removal of an administrator, even if the Internet is completely banned, it is easy.

Ling Yu was horrified.

How did he offend the fortune-teller?

Is it because he accidentally deleted the trumpet of the fortune teller when he deleted the post on the homepage of the NOK forum?

Ling Yu looked at his account in a panic, his face turned pale little by little, and layers of cold sweat appeared on his back.

As soon as the administrator withdrew, his account not only became the most common D-level account, but also all the things he saved in the account were cleared.

Not even a trace is left and cannot be recovered.

has completely become an invalid account.

Ling Yu slumped on the ground, his face pale.

This account was inherited by him after his father retired.

It has become like this now. If his father knew about it, wouldnt he be expelled from the house?

Moreover, the administrator has always been Lingyus capital and pride.

Many families intend to marry him because he is a direct subordinate of a sage.

Its just that Ling Yu has never agreed and wants to find something better.

Until he saw the picture of Ying Zijin in the morning.

But now his capital and privileges are gone, what should I do?

The built-in phone in the control room rang, and the sound was rapid.

Ling Yu awakened from fear and hurriedly pressed it.

"006, what did you do?" On the other end of the phone was the administrator 004, asking, "Why was your administrator removed."

Ling Yu was numb to cold hands and feet: "I, I don't know."

Administrator 004 said nothing, without any condolences, and hung up the phone directly.

For whatever reason, since Ling Yus job as an administrator has been removed, he is no longer a colleague with them.

Ling Yu also has no right to know all other confidential things about W.com.

Administrator 004 looked at the trusted administrator, and wondered why the sage hermit would choose the Lionel family as the administrator.

But this is not something he wants to care about.

He opened the NOK forum, logged into his trumpet, and started to post with a group of sand sculptures.

Administrator 004 drinking ice coffee leisurely, very comfortable.

Anyway, none of these people will know that he is the administrator 004 to be beaten.


Lingel family.

After lunch, Su Wen rested.

She slept for too long after all, and her body needs more conditioning.

The last time the poisoning happened, Ying Zijin did not worry about any doctor.

Suwen also prepares all the foods she personally prepares.

In the study, the fifth month is by Ying Zijin's side.

saw with her own eyes that she removed the administrator 006 just now.

"Master, this person is so disgusting." In the fifth month, he scratched his head, "I saved your photo again and blocked your account. What does he want to do?"

"It doesn't matter." Ying Zijin yawned and opened his live broadcast room. "There is nothing he wants to do now."

She didnt even bother to find out who Lingyu was.

turned on the camera, pointed it at the desktop, and did not reveal other signs.

By the way, it also silenced all voices.

Fu Yunshen, Qin Lingyan and her own triple protection system are on her computer.

No one in the world can attack.

"Master, don't worry, if he dares to do anything to you, I will change his horoscope." The fifth month is vicious, "Let him be a poor ghost for the rest of his life, even if he can't even touch the money."

Ling Zijin glanced at her, then raised her hand and stuffed a piece of watermelon into Fifth Moons mouth.

In the fifth month, shut up nicely and sit aside and watch.

Although it was the lunch break, the popularity of the live broadcast room rose rapidly and soon reached its peak value.

The Great God of SY is here, brothers and sisters rushed.

[Sorry, the weapons made by the SY God are too difficult to grab, who is your brother or sister?

The desk is full of various mechanical parts.

Ying Zijin picked up a few of them, and his fingers moved quickly.

In a few minutes, a laser pistol can be assembled.

I feel dizzy in the fifth month.

Who can tell her why her master is a fortune teller, and technology is so slippery?

She is unworthy.

put the assembled laser pistol aside and typed an introduction text.

As soon as was introduced, the whole live broadcast room was shaken.

Fuck, God, awesome, I can think of such a technique.

This laser gun has ten times the range of the normal version of the laser gun, but it weighs only one-tenth.

In other words, I can take your dog's life silently with one shot of the biu standing three kilometers away.

Great God, I want to buy it!

Come on, can you afford it? Although only a technological innovation, the price can be increased by fifty times.

Currently, the price of a laser gun on the W website is one million.

And also need a license and premium account to be able to buy.

But the most indispensable thing on W.com is the local tyrants. Just for daily rewards, Yingzijin can receive millions.

She put all the money she earned from the live broadcast into a charity under the name of Suwen.

The door was knocked at this moment.

is less shadow.

"Cousin, I have something to do with you."

Ying Ziying turned his head: "The door is unlocked, come in."

Shaoying opened the door.

On the fifth month, his eyes lit up: "Wow, what a beautiful little brother."

A lot more serious than that stupid big money.

"My cousin." Ying Ziyan nodded, "I am now an A-level researcher of the Institute."

Lingel family genes, even if they have been suppressed by Mrs. Yu for so long, they will still bloom again and still be stunning.

In the fifth month, he changed his mouth instantly: "I didn't say anything."

She still prefers money.

"Cousin, there is a mechanical engineering anchor on W.com, who made a new laser pistol." Shaoying held the computer, "I have watched ta live for a long time. I don't know how this chip is designed, can you give me Tell me?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked up and met the live broadcast screen.

In the upper right corner is a capital "SY".


Shaoying fell into a mysterious silence.

In the fifth month, quietly nibbling on the watermelon.

I think that when she knew that her master was their fifth master ancestor, she was split apart.

"The drawing is here." Ying Ziying took out a piece of paper, "I have given you this gun. You can continue to ask me if you can't."

Shaoying took the drawing and sat down

He took out his phone, took a picture of the drawing slowly, and sent it to the fifth master.

The cousin will always be my cousin, but will it always be your sister-in-law?

Five Young Masters:? ? ?

[Tsk, why are those people who say that they look like Bier are gone now? Look at the products made by SY God, can Bier make them?

Hey, the great **** is just to play.

Don't compare teachers with students, please?

Many people think that SY is a tutor of the Academy of Engineering.

Because the knowledge shown in SY has far exceeded the average student.

Bier thinks so too.

But she couldnt help feeling jealous when she saw no one in her live broadcast room.

In addition, tomorrow she will have to match Ying Zijin at the banquet, which makes her even more irritable.

Hilos previous words pierced her heart like a needle.

Bier squeezed her fingers tightly.

She must think of a way to ruin Yingzijian before the patriarchs election.


the next day.


Lingels family is brightly lit, and all the famous and powerful dignitaries in the celebrity circle of the world are here.

Many people have only seen photos of Ying Zijin on the Internet, and have not seen this newly-emerging No. 1 beauty in the world city.

Ling Yu came in with the son of a big family.

He did not tell anyone that his position of administrator was removed.

Ling Yu is fortunate that the administrator alternation has not been announced on the whole network, otherwise he will not be able to mix up at all.

"Hey, Brother Ling, look, isn't that the eldest lady?" The son-in-law bumped him on the shoulder, "It's so pretty, I swear she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

It makes people feel jealous.

Ling Yu looked up and saw a stunning side face.

Beautiful to thrilling.

He tidyed up his suit and walked forward.

This kind of sky is already heating up.

Everyone must pay attention to sunscreen~~

(End of this chapter)

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