True Daughter She Is The Almighty Boss Chapter 758

Chapter 758: Fu Yunshen: Anyone dare to covet it? 1 more

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Chapter 758 Fu Yunshen: Anyone dare to covet it? 1 more

He was too confident in his behavior, and the son-in-law next to him could not stop him.

At this time, the banquet has not yet started, but there are a lot of guests.

There are many guests who saw Ying Zijin, but no one is confident enough to go straight to the conversation.

"Miss, hello." Ling Yu was personable, showing an elegant smile, "I am Ling Yu, the administrator of the W network, I am glad to meet you."

Hearing this name, Ying Ziying stopped and turned her head.

Ling Yu has already learned some things related to Yingzijin on the W website.

Knowing that she is cold-tempered and difficult to touch.

Especially the opposite sex.

At the moment, he was just introducing himself, so the eldest lady noticed him, and he must be interested in him.

Ling Yu was overjoyed.

However, before he could speak again, a cold voice fell in his ears.

Ying Zijin looked indifferent: "Throw it out."

The three words echoed clearly.

The guests all looked over and were a little surprised.

There are not many celebrities who know Ling Yu.

The butler didnt know exactly what happened, but he always followed Ying Zijins orders.

He immediately recruited a security guard and pointed at Ling Yu: "The eldest has an order, throw this person out, and enter the facial monitoring system. You can't step into the family's domain!"

The guard stepped forward, set up Ling Yu who had been confused, and walked directly outside.

Ling Yu finally reacted, he blurted out: "Miss, I am the administrator of the W network!"

This time, the butler understood.

It turned out to be the stupid administrator 006.

sealed the account of the Lionel family and coveted their eldest lady.

The butler sneered, and slapped Ling Yus face with a slap: "An administrator who has been removed dares to be presumptuous in front of the lady."

Ling Yu's expression changed: "How did you know?"

As soon as said this, all the dignitaries around were also shocked.

"Ling Yu's administrator was removed?"

"The only person who can remove the administrator should be the hermit, right? This kid probably offended the hermit."

"Hey, I don't have any abilities. If he had not inherited such a position from his parents, would he be worthy of entering the celebrity circle?"

No one came forward to help.

Gongzi buddies are all watching a good show.

was originally just an interest relationship.

Ling Yu, who has lost the position of administrator, can't even compare to the heir of the small family.

Ling Yu was swept out directly.

There were also guests who filed in through the gate of the manor, and they all saw him look ashamed.

Ling Yu only felt the unprecedented humiliation.

He stood up abruptly, without any face left, rushed out embarrassedly, and turned into an alley in front of him.

"Sir." Someone stopped him, "Sir, please stay."

Ling Yu looked up and saw two young men in suits.

He immediately became vigilant: "What do you want to do?"

"This is an alchemy drug." One of the young people took out a fingernail-sized pill, "If someone eats it, this person will obey you. Your husband is very interested in that lady, isn't it? "

Ling Yu moved his eyes, but did not answer: "Why should I trust you?"

"Sir, you have nowhere to go now." The young man smiled slightly, "Your administrator has been removed and thrown out of the Lionel family in front of so many people. In the future, the celebrity circle, can you still get mixed up? ?"

"A dead horse should be a living horse doctor. Mr. should understand this very well."

Every sentence was poked at Ling Yus pain point.

Ling Yu gritted his teeth: "You also said that I was forbidden to enter the Lionel family, so how can I send the medicine in?"

Of course he wants Yingzi to listen to him everything.

Alchemy medicine does have such a magical effect.

"This is a mask and other disguising tools." The young man took out a box again, "Don't worry, sir, even with the Lengel family's facial monitoring system, you will never see your original appearance."

Ling Yu took it, and moved: "What else do I need to do?"

"Nothing is needed." The young man smiled, "Just let the lady take the medicine."

Ling Yu nodded, changed his clothes, and turned back.

"Why didn't you tell him that the medicine was actually used to destroy the nervous system?" Another young man smiled. "Of course, once the nervous system is destroyed, it will be slaughtered."

"Tell him, who will be the scapegoat?" The young man didn't care, "I hope he is of some use, not bad."

The reason why they approached Ling Yu was also because he worked under the sage, which was definitely better than ordinary people.

"In other words, it wasn't that Sinai was also given the medicine, or the enhanced version, but she disappeared." Another young man frowned. "But then someone said that we saw her in the city of the world, so we assassinated the magician. Hunt her in the name of ."

"Later she disappeared again, and I don't know where she went."

As a result, they are still unable to judge whether Sinai is dead or completely paralyzed.

"It's probably dead." The young man said, "If you haven't died, and everyone has grown up in the election, she will definitely come back to the election."

"And after so many years, the development of the Academy of Engineering has indeed stagnated a lot."

The other young man nodded and agreed: "What you said is reasonable, in order to prevent the adult's plan from being exposed in advance, but this time you can't kill the Lengel family."

"It is enough to prevent her from conducting engineering experiments."

The two went out from the alley and walked to the side of the road, just passing by Norton with Sinai.

Silver hair is too obvious, Norton deliberately changed his clothes.

No one knows that a sage has been mixed into an ordinary banquet.

Sinai only felt the chill rise, and the hair was chilled for a while.

She grabbed the man's clothes tightly, her body was shaking.

Norton noticed her nervousness.

He paused, squatted down, put his big hands on her little head, still patient: "My child, what's wrong with you?"

"Those people!" Sinai's face was pale, "Those who gave me the medicine!"

That is the past she doesn't want to remember.

She could have lived a normal life.

It was all ruined because of one medicine.

Norton was slightly surprised, but a cold murderous intent appeared in the bottom of his eyes: "Where?"

Sinai was still picking his clothes and looked around.

No one has any changes, they all seem normal.

"Maybe I feel wrong." Sinai lowered his head, "I'm just a little scared, I'm sorry, this is not my character."

"Well, I know, because of the medicine." Norton lifted her up with one hand, "Don't worry, I'm worried that I can't find them, just let them come."

He remembered Sinai saying that this posture was uncomfortable, so he simply hugged her in his arms.

Sinai who came back to his senses: "..."

what happened?

She is not a kid!

"No!" Sinai suddenly remembered something important, "If it is really them, they won't be here to confirm whether I'm dead, they must want to attack Grandma!"

Norton's eyebrows twitched: "Go find her."

He also heard about the attack on the students of the Academy of Engineering a few days ago.

During this period, the actions of this dark force became more and more obvious.

Even in those few days, he was still monitoring the magician in the sage courtyard, but he did not find that he had any contact or contact with anyone.

Which sage is it that makes magicians willing to sacrifice their lives?

Or, even the magician was just deceived?

Norton frowned.

The servants of the Lionel family knew that Sinai were the confidants of the third lady, and they had been completely eliminated by Suwen.

Only Suwen and the housekeeper knew that this six-year-old girl was Sinai.

Norton easily took her up to the third floor.

is in the bedroom. After she listened, her eyes narrowed slightly: "It is estimated that someone has come in. I will ask the officer to check it."

"Aying, you must be careful not to eat or drink anything." After Sinai said this, he loosened his body and fell on the sofa.

Norton turned his head and saw that the little girl had fallen asleep.

"Frightened." Ying Zijin was silent for a moment, "She has suffered a lot over the years."

How many people are still growing up under the care of their parents at the age of sixteen.

looked up: "Is the antidote really not made yet? It's not like your style."

Norton embraced his arms: "I made the normal version of the antidote very early, but it is useless for her. The medicine has mutated. Once the alchemy drug has mutated, the gene cant be found out. You need to continue to experiment.

He said in a tone: "Why do you ask?"

Ling Zijin leaned back on the chair: "I thought you were addicted to raising a child and didn't want to make an antidote."

"Hey, what a joke is this." Norton shrugged, "The child is too annoying, I wish she could leave quickly."


Here, Ling Yu has already made a disguise, and successfully entered the manor again.

Sure enough, no one recognized him.

Ling Yu breathed a sigh of relief, entered the hall, thinking about how to let Ying Zijin take the medicine.

His eyes caught the wine glass held by the waiter, and he was about to step forward.

But the next second, his neck suddenly hurt and he instantly lost consciousness.

When the line of sight is clear again, it is a small forest.

Ling Yu heard a vicious voice: "Big Brother, with your order, I will kill this man and feed the dog in the family."

He raised his head tremblingly, almost screaming.

The handsome man leaned over, holding a cold laser gun in his hand.

Fu Yun smiled coldly: "Anyone dare to covet it?"

(End of this chapter)

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