True Daughter She Is The Almighty Boss Chapter 759

Chapter 759: Announcement on the whole network, to fight off horses [2 more]

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Chapter 759 The whole network announcement, the fight against the horse falling [2 more]

The man smiled with peach eyes.

The expression in his eyes is as cold as a blade.

"Yes!" The fifth young master was even more fierce, "My sister-in-law, you still want to touch it, stupid stuff, I am impatient!"

After finishing speaking, he whispered: "Brother, give me strength and marry my sister-in-law earlier, so that I will always be my sister-in-law."

The message Shaoying sent him yesterday made him angry, but he was so wronged that he couldnt refute it.

Fu Yunshen ignored the five young masters.

With a "click", the laser gun was loaded and directly pressed against Ling Yu's forehead.

Ling Yu's body shook.

Fu Yun smiled deeply: "Ling Yu, right? I warned your sister, but didn't warn you. Unexpectedly, you will have more courage."

Ling Yu's brain buzzed, and he couldn't realize how he was discovered.

The disguise props that the two young men gave him did not even recognize the Lengel familys facial recognition system, but instead recognized him as another powerful man.

He just came in for a few minutes, how did Fu Yunshen catch him accurately? !

Ling Yu showed fear on his face: "You...how did you know?!"

"You didn't know where my eldest brother was when he played Yi Rong." The fifth young master tweeted, "Big brother, what should I do, just kill it?"

Fu Yun deeply tossed the medicine in his hand, his lips raised: "Taste it for yourself, how about it?"

Ling Yu yelled out in fear: "No, I!"

His chin was removed, and a medicine was so forcefully poured.

Ling Yu was shocked, trying to vomit out, but his throat was tightly choked, and he could only barely breathe.

Fu Yun faintly: "Don't think of vomiting."

He stretched out his other hand: "Bring the instrument and connect it to him."

"Oh oh." Young Master Five hurried forward and connected the prepared instrument to Ling Yu's body.

With a beep, the instrument starts to work.

This is an instrument specially researched by Norton, which specializes in investigating alchemical drugs.

can also detect what harm alchemy drugs cause to the human body.

One minute later, Fu Yun said deeply: "Look at the test results."

Fifth Young Master hugged the computer with a dazed expression: "Big Brother, I don't understand."

How does he understand this kind of thing?


Fu Yunshen took it over and checked it by himself.

Fifth Young Master leaned aside: "What is the effect of this medicine?"

"Something is attacking his nerve cells, and his intelligence will drop drastically." Fu Yunshen narrowed his peachy eyes, "After the nervous system is weakened, the immune system follows."

"I won't die, but I will be sick and weak for the rest of my life."

Fifth Young Master was shocked.

Fu Yun smiled deeply, and his voice was cold: "Damn it."

This kind of medicine will only remind him of the first time he saw Ying Zizhen.

The girl is pale and her blood vessels are clearly visible.

There are pinholes all over the right arm.


Its too late to feel distressed.

Ling Yu was even more panicked: "No! Those two told me that this is just an alchemy medicine that can make people obedient!"

Fu Yun's eyes lowered deeply: "Who are the two?"

"Just, just wear a suit, a normal person." Ling Yu was almost crazy, and her body kept shaking, "I swear, I don't even know them!"

is over, if he is sick and weak all his life, how can he marry a wife and enter a higher circle?

This time, things got worse.

"I want to be famous, okay, I'll help you." Fu Yunshen patted Ling Yu's face with a gun, and smiled, "I'll take you to see your boss later, okay?"

Ling Yu only felt cold all over, he opened his mouth and begged for mercy as soon as he opened his mouth: "Master Fu, let me go, I have been given the medicine by you, and I am useless."

"Please, let me go."

Fu Yunshen put away his gun: "Take him."

The fifth young master lifted Ling Yu up, happily: "Brother, who is his boss? Isn't it the hermit?"

Fu Yunshen said nothing, and walked straight forward.


At the same time, a network-wide announcement appeared on the W website.

The Internet penetration rate of the World City is 100%, and residents also have W network accounts.

This network-wide announcement was not only topped on the hot search list, but also sent to everyones private mailbox.

Notice on revoking the post of administrator 006.

The following is all the information of Ling Yu.

Digging cleanly even with family members.

Offend the sage, great, the first person, I must give this buddy a thumbs up.

[If this Ning is not the marriage partner that the old lady of the Yu family wants to choose for Master Fu? Ling Yu is no longer an administrator, and the old woman is going crazy.

Ling Yu, I know him, he went to meet the lady today, but he was thrown out.

Tsk, brother wants to hit the eldest's attention, younger sister wants to marry the eldest, two toads.

As long as you are in the city of the world, you will not fail to pay attention to the W network.

Especially Lingyu this matter is still notified by the whole network.

The two young people were originally waiting in a coffee shop outside the Lengel family, but they waited for such a news.

"Insufficient success, more than failure." The young man snorted, "But it is also a good thing. His performance proves that the hermit's subordinates are very useless, so he himself has no threatening power."

Twenty-two sages have different special abilities, some are strong and some are weak.

The hermit's special ability is indeed worse than other sages.

Another young man agreed: "The Hermit is indeed the best sage to kill."

"The adults have not come back, absolutely cannot start the second holy war at this time." The young man said, "What we have to do is to get rid of these little ants for the adults."

As for other sages, it is natural that the adults will deal with them personally after they come back.

The other young man nodded: "We are thinking of other ways to attack the Lionel family."

"Wait, I just collected another piece of information." The young man twisted his eyebrows and looked at the communicator. "In the genetic experiment that year, the failed product not only survived unharmed, but is still in the city of the world."

Another young man was surprised: "What level?"

He probed over and took a look.

There are two photos, one man and one woman.

Name: Qin Lingyan

Experiment number: D03

Status: alive

Name: Qin Lingyu

Experiment number: D04

Status: alive

Although the human genetic experiment more than 20 years ago was forcibly suspended by Xiu and several other sages, some super genetic embryos did survive.

The experimental body is divided into many grades, the highest is S grade, and the lowest is E grade.

After the experiment is over, all subjects below Grade A will be destroyed.

How did a D-class experimental subject escape the city of the world when it was just a baby?

No matter what, it must be destroyed.

"Hacker League." The young man glanced at his watch and nodded, "Make a plan and prepare for the next action."

The Hacker Alliance is much easier to deal with than the Lengel family.


In a private bar in the central area.

Xiu unscrewed a bottle of red wine and leaned against the bar.

He took out a photo and stared at the girl above.

In the lower right corner is a signature.

Little Destiny.

Although the sage will be reincarnated every time after he falls, his appearance will be different.

But his sister has completely fallen, and she can't come back.

Xiu took a sip of wine and looked lonely.

The door was pushed open at this time, and footsteps sounded.

"Oh, why are you here?" Xiu turned his head, "It's not the banquet for the eldest lady today? You would never have a bar here like me, a widow?"

"There is something." Fu Yunshen walked in slowly, "Someone wants to see you."

Xiu wondered: "Who?"

"Your administrator, the rest is for you." Fu Yun let go, and threw Ling Yu in front of Xiu. "Collaborating with the forces I told you, I want to attack your old friends even more."

Xiu's expression suddenly changed: "That black skull logo?"

He learned from Ying Zijin that neither Fu Liuyings death nor Lu Yuans whereabouts are unknown, they are inseparable from this sign.

Even the owner behind this logo is a sage.

A strong sage possesses the ability to make magicians who are also sages surrender.

Xiu heard that, the first reaction was the sage demon.

But if there is no absolute evidence, blindly doing it will not do anything except cause a second jihad and cause huge casualties. The seven continents and four oceans will be shaken and life will be destroyed.

You can do something on Yingzijin, which definitely touched the bottom line.

Xiu had no impression of Ling Yu.

This generation of administrators, he has seen 004 and 007.

Xiu's expression instantly cooled down: "Wake him up."

Beside each sage, there are two close dead waiters.

The sage is here, the deadpool is here.

The sage falls, and Deadpool will die with them.

Two Deadpools stepped forward and woke Ling Yu up with extremely rude means.

Ling Yu was full of spirits, raised his head tremblingly, and saw the newly dyed hair at a glance.

is as red as fire.

See you tomorrow=3=

(End of this chapter)

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