Turns Out Im A Great Cultivator Chapter 618

Chapter 618: Zhang Jianya, the trouble of the river

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The spirit master didn't say much, and stood barefoot, bathing in Guanghua away.

She only retained a part of the memory of that year, and vaguely remembered that she had experienced some kind of great horror at the beginning, which made her have to separate out several souls in order to preserve the foundation.

She is going to find the rest of the remnant souls together and reach the pinnacle.

Everyone watched her go away, speechless for a long time, and their eyes were full of deep thought.

They are thinking about the words of the spiritual master.

The news this time was too important and attracted their immense attention, and there were still many speculations in their hearts.

"Sure enough, the reason why the expert is like this has a shocking and profound meaning."

"The spirit master has told us that it is very important for an expert to do this. Not only can we not wake up, but we must also prevent outsiders from disturbing!"

"Do you think that this state of an expert is similar to epiphany, it is a more special state, immersed in it, and should not be disturbed."

"No matter what, we must not let people destroy this state of superiors."

"Hahaha, we are the people chosen by the masters. Will it be equivalent to the people who should be robbed?"

Xiao Chengfeng smiled triumphantly, as if he had found the value of life, he was quite delighted, "The expert trusts us so much, it is likely that we have the meaning of letting us protect the way!"

The so-called people who should be catastrophic are those who are selected by some powerful beings who have a premonition that a catastrophe is coming, who can deal with catastrophes and at the same time resist them.

Generally speaking, people who should be robbed must experience pain and risk of falling at any time.

However, when Xiao Chengfeng thought of this, his face was full of excitement, his eyes radiated bright light, and he appeared quite excited.

The other people's mentality is similar to his, the corners of their mouths are hooked, and they smile.

"In this way, we also have value!"

"This is how an expert can value us! We must never let an expert down!"

"Fulfill your cultivation, serve the superior, and strive to be a perfect response to the superior!"

"Well, everyone!"


In a blink of an eye, half a month's time passed quietly.

The reputation and influence of God's Domain have grown stronger and stronger, and more and more forces have been in contact with each other.

During this period, a major event happened.

There was a force that could not escape from the world suddenly appeared out of the sky, came from the chaos, descended into the realm of God, claiming to be the cliff of the sword!

All the disciples of this force are sword repairers, with amazing strength and unparalleled combat power. They are almost invincible at the same level, coupled with the appearance of pulling the wind and domineering things, and soon gained a very high reputation in God's Domain.

Moreover, this force claims to be a descendant of the Supreme Dao Dao, and possesses the supreme heritage.

The most important thing is that not long ago, five disciples walked out of Zhangjian Cliff, calling themselves the Sword Servant in a humble manner, but their strength was immense, and together they made a terrifying event!

Five people joined forces to leapfrog and obliterate a mighty power in the realm of heaven!

As soon as this happened, the entire God Realm shook, immediately raising the prestige of Zhang Jianya to the apex, and there was an endless stream of mountain worshippers.

At this moment, Zhang Jianya is in the cliff.

Inside the lobby.

A group of sword repairmen gathered here, discussing something.

The whole house is killing.

The Lord is sitting in the vacancy, and obviously the leader is not there at all.

An elder in charge opened the mouth and said: "How is the investigation of the secret realm? Who knows who got it?"

"Elder, according to the exact news we got, more than a month ago, a secret realm did come from chaos, and it was overwhelmingly overwhelming. There was news coming out, and the background was extremely big!"

A disciple spoke, eyes full of heat, and continued: "However, this secret realm has already been acquired by the people of the Heavenly Palace."

Another disciple added that there was a cautious tone in his tone, "At that time, the people of the world alliance also participated, but they suffered heavy losses in the hands of the heavenly palace. This heavenly palace should not be underestimated."

"The time matches, it must be the secret realm of the Great Dao Sovereign!"

The elder's eyes showed a light of thought, and then he said: "I was given the guidance of the Supreme in the palm of the sword cliff, and I am regarded as the true heir of this Supreme! His secret realm should not fall into the hands of other people. there's only us!"

His tone was quick and full of determination.

This is the secret realm that the Great Dao Supreme had before its fall, and it is highly likely to contain the inheritance of the Supreme. Once they are taken by the sword cliff, the benefits will be immeasurable!

Some people have a high fighting spirit, "Great Elder, only the Lord of the Swordsman needs to come over and destroy the Heavenly Palace, but between raising his hands."

"The Lord of the Sword hasn't been able to get out yet, so he specifically ordered me to investigate the secret realm, and besides, why bother him to take this small matter personally."

The great elder shook his head, and then smiled inexplicably: "I have a fragment left by the supreme in the past. It has already produced a trace of induction, which is enough to determine the general inheritance of the secret realm!"

"For the time being, send someone down, detect!"

In the courtyard, the years are quiet.

That day, early in the morning, Li Nianfan was watching the news in the yard.

I have to say that this is indeed a very good entertainment activity, so that Li Nianfan's life is no longer boring, but also full of fun.

There are records of the settlement of foreign sects, the establishment of banquets, and the struggle between the two gangs, and some dynamic pictures have been attached with immortal power, which is simply the immortal version of Douyin.

The content is naturally extremely interesting.

"Oh, this heavenly list has some meaning, it records the power of the heavenly realm possessed by the major sects in God's Domain, and it's amazing."

"Unconsciously, there are so many sects in God's Domain? This world is really big."

"The holy list records the name of the powerful Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian. They are all peerless arrogant talents who can subvert the law and hope to reach the realm of Heavenly Dao. This is also very interesting.

"There is actually a proud man of heaven who can leapfrog to kill people, awesome, 666..."

"Envy, envy! If I were a qualified traverser, not to mention the sky list, the holy list should definitely go up, maybe there will be a lot of movement."

"Hey, my whole life is considered useless..."

Forget it, watch the news more, pay attention to them, and increase your sense of participation.

Li Nianfan's mentality at this time is similar to that of his previous life. Although he is not a successful person, he does not affect him to join in the fun, and occasionally express his own opinions and make a lot of comments.

at the same time.

Two figures came from a distance towards the Luoxian Mountain Range.

They wore brown hard-wearing exercise clothes with sword-like eyebrows, and they were born with a sharp aura. They stepped on flying swords under their feet, spitting brilliance, and dragging Changhong's tail.

They are not fast, looking at their feet and surroundings from time to time, as if searching for something.

The great elder said it should be right here. I have searched for three days but couldn't find any signs. It was hidden too deep.

"Boom boom!"

At this moment, a sound of chopping wood came into their ears, attracting their attention.


Unanimously, they laughed together.

It turned out to be a hillbilly chopping wood.

However, when they subconsciously set their eyes on the long sword that chopping wood, their pupils shrank, and the long sword under their feet couldn't help shaking and almost fell from the air.

Their faces condensed, and they immediately landed from the air.

One of them said solemnly, "Hey, boy, who are you?"

Jiang Liu glanced at them calmly, and continued to look at the firewood, "I'm just an ordinary woodcutter."

He is hurrying, and the firewood this morning has not been given to the master.

Another person sternly said: "Bring us the long sword in your hand!"

"Boom boom!"

Jiang Liu continued to chop wood and ignored it.

"court death!"

Two sword repairmen appeared murderous at the same time, one of them held the long sword in his hand, raised his hand and slashed towards the river!

The crimson sword light was gathered by murderous aura, enough to kill a mountain easily.

Jiang Liu still ignored it, slashing with a sword on the trees, rippling a layer of aftermath, and directly dissolving the sword light.

Indifferent words came from his mouth, "I don't want to kill you, get out!"

The two disciples sneered, understanding clearly.

"It turned out to be a monk. Didn't he think that if the turtles stayed here and chopped wood, they could avoid others' detection?"

"I won't go around with you! This sword contains the inheritance of the Great Dao Sovereign, which is not something you should covet. If you don't want to die, just hand it over!"

"We are the disciples of Zhang Jianya, if you cooperate, we can still give you a sword slave!"

Jiang Liu stopped his movements, "Do you know this sword?"

"The true owner of this sword has a sense of mentor and apprenticeship with our sword cliff. This sword should have belonged to my sword cliff."

The disciple Zhang Jianya spoke proudly, and naturally said: "You give us a return to the original owner."

Jiang Liu frowned.

He said coldly: "When I sent this sword, Senior Supreme never mentioned any heirs. What's more, since I got this sword, it is equivalent to the approval of Senior Supreme. It's fine if you dont treat each other with courtesy. , I want to **** when I meet, I dont believe that Senior Supreme is willing to leave his inheritance to you!"

He is naturally not stupid, and it is impossible for him to pass on the Supreme Inheritance to others with a few words.

Moreover, even if what the other party said is true, what about it? This sword was bestowed by an expert, so I cant let the expert down, and I wont let it go to the Supreme Deity!

"The greedy person never ends well."

The disciple of Zhang Jianya's eyes were cold, and he issued an ultimatum, "Now kneel down and kowtow to apologize, we can still consider leaving you a whole body!"

"Don't talk nonsense with him, dare to offend my palm sword cliff and die!"

The other person had already drawn his sword, and his sword vigorously turned into a drizzle, shrouded in the river!

The sword light was dazzling and swept in all directions.

Both of his cultivation bases are in the early stage of the quasi-sage, but because they are sword repairers, their attacks are strong enough to fight the quasi-sage's middle stage, and the sword is soaring.

However, it is obviously far from enough in front of the river.


Jiang Liu shook his head, his expression unchanged, just raised his hand.

In an instant, like the king of swords descending, with the sword intent of ordering ten thousand swords, with a thought, the universe turned around and ten thousand swords surrendered.

The sky full of sword light stopped directly, and then in turn enveloped the two disciples, and the strength increased several times!

"how can that be?!"

The two disciples of Zhang Jianya's eyes were wide open, in horror, and they used all their mana defenses one after another, but their defenses were as weak as paper.


The sword light flickered, leaving hundreds of holes in their bodies, blood gurgling, and they collapsed directly to the ground, losing the power to move.

Jiang Liu looked at them with a serious expression: "How did you find this place?"

This issue is very important and he is very concerned about it.

Because this is where the masters are, if they keep coming to harass, then the river will definitely not allow it!

Not long ago, he had only been notified by the people in the heavenly palace to let himself be aware that he could not influence or let others influence the state of the superior.

Once people come over frequently and disturb the expert at that time, and affect the current state of the expert, then he will not be able to forgive himself 10,000 suicides!

A disciple said in horror: "We are the disciples of Zhang Jianya. If you dare to kill us, you will be over!"

"wrong answer."

Jiang Liu shook his head, just a look past, his eyes looked like a sword, and an opening was cut in the man's neck in an instant, annihilating his soul!

Then he looked at the remaining person and said coldly: "It's you, answer my question!"

The person trembled, only to feel that there was a ten thousand sword on his body, and he was so frightened that he was trembling with excrement and urine.

Frightened: "I said, there is a piece of swordsmanship left by the supreme in the sword cliff of our palm, which can sense where the inheritance is, so I came here to search for it."

"Thank you for your answer."

Jiang Liu spoke, and the voice fell, the person's pupils suddenly widened, and there was also a sword mark on his neck.

Jiang Liu frowned, lost in thought.

If it is true as the disciple of Zhang Jianya said, then he absolutely cannot stay here, because this will cause endless trouble.

"The goal of Zhang Jianya is me, as long as I leave here, then they will naturally follow me! Don't cause trouble to the expert."

Jiang Liu had made a decision in his heart. He carried the chopped wood on his back, once again becoming an ordinary woodcutter, and stepping up the mountain.

First go to say goodbye to the master, and when the trouble is resolved, I will come back and continue to chop wood for the master!

Soon, he came to the front of the courtyard in a familiar way and said respectfully: "Master Shengjun, I'm here to bring you fresh firewood."

"It's Jiang Liu, it's coming, it's coming."

Li Nianfan's voice came, and after a while, the gate of the courtyard opened.

Jiang Liu took the firewood from his back and handed it to Li Nianfan, "Morning, Lord Shengjun."

"Thank you, it's really hard work for you." Li Nianfan greeted with a smile.

This is really a sincere child. He has always kept repaying his gratitude in his heart. He admitted that he helped himself to chop wood, but he has been cutting it until now, without complaints.

Li Nianfan praised: "Jiang Liu, during this period of time, your skill in cutting firewood is good. The firewood has become more and more regular. Yes, it seems that you are paying attention."

"Master Shengjun is absurdly complimented, but he has some experience in chopping wood."

Jiang Liu was happy in his heart. The expert is complimenting my rapid progress in cultivation.

"Okay, don't be humble."

Li Nianfan smiled and said, "You came by coincidence today. We are about to have breakfast. Why don't you come in for some food?"

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