Turns Out Im A Great Cultivator Chapter 647

Chapter 647: How many terrifying existences does an expert raise?

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Chapter 648 How many terrifying existences does an expert raise?

Behind this group of monks, the Great Demon King was about to collapse in his robes.

He thought sadly, "No way, no way, I just came to Buddhism, so is there something to look for?"

Originally, he still expected to have a stable life after coming to Buddhism, and he didnt need to worry about it anymore.

Facts have proved that he was wrong, Buddhism... can't help him!

Regardless of whether it's the demon sect or Buddhism, wherever he goes, something will happen.

The patriarch of the Shenlong clan swallowed the meat from his mouth, staring at the group of bald donkeys in front of him with cold eyes, and said solemnly: "Dare to make my Shenlong clan bacon, and the sin is unforgivable. Tell me who else do you have? "

He has two main goals, one is to find the dragon girl of the chaotic dragon blood, and the other is to get the inheritance of the dragon predecessors in the ancient battlefield!

Here are all bald donkeys, obviously there is no target he wants, there must be others behind.

"The poor monk can't tell me about this."

Jies hands clasped his hands together, and his face calmly said: You benefactors have destroyed my Lingshan Temple and slaughtered my Buddhist disciples. This matter must be explained to the poor monk!

"Explain?" The patriarch of the Shenlong clan sneered, "Today I am here to make justice for our dead dragon clan! You should explain it to us!"

"Yes, that's right, do you really think our dragons are so bullying?"

"Kill this group of bald donkeys, the dignity of the dragon clan cannot be challenged."

"Hurry up, who is the one who killed my dragon, otherwise you will all die!"

All the dragons are showing murderous intent, and the rolling and terrifying coercion forms a dark cloud, shrouded in the sky of Buddhism.

Jie idiot opened his mouth and said: "Your people are dead, so naturally there is a reason for them to die. This is the heaven. If you go on studying it, you will only perish yourself."

Naturally, he refers to the superior, and the superior acts like the sacred decree of heaven, and this group of dragons cannot tolerate the questioning.

This can be regarded as a sincere exhortation.

However, listening to the dragon clans ears was very ear-piercing, and felt an unprecedented provocation.

"Really a joke! My Chaos Dragon Clan is actually looked down upon."

"Bald donkeys are presumptuous! We have to decide this matter, but we have to see how we can perish!"

"Come on, let me test your weight!"

The patriarch of Shenlong squinted his eyes and shot himself.

He raised his hand, and amidst the endless dark clouds above the sky, a dragon claw made of thunder came out.

The power of thunder is overflowing, the terrifying light is like the sun, shining like the day in a radius of 100,000 miles, the powerful thunder element explodes in the void, enough to tear the sky and the earth, and everyone's body is numb.

It is as if there is a huge thunder dragon in the sky, raising a paw and grabbing it towards the Buddhist people!

The monks looked dignified, looking up at the sky, the light of the Buddha all over, and at the same time stepping out to form a battle.

"Jinglong return!"

"Fuck the tiger back home!"


"One hundred and eight Arhats return!"

"Dawei Tianlong!"


The rich Buddha light formed a huge golden dragon, which flew away, wrapped in endless power, and faced the dragon's claws!

The golden dragon's whole body is golden like a rainbow, with scattered scales, glowing with brilliance, and the dragon's eyes are full of brilliance. It seems to be alive, and it is more powerful than the average dragon!

"It's actually similar to the dragon's supernatural powers, which is a bit interesting."

The patriarch of Shenlong raised his brow slightly, and then said with disdain: "But how can a fake dragon be compared to my real dragon!"

The thunder dragon's claws fell, and the terrifying force tore the golden dragon, grabbing it tightly, and then suppressing it!


The golden dragon bowed his head, and the aftermath of the terrifying thunder came out, turning into an endless divine thunder and falling on the surrounding hills, causing this Lingshan mountain range to be razed to the ground, and the thunder fire was burning, and the place was messed up.

The Buddhist monks were all shaken open, vomiting blood, and suffered heavy injuries.

"Weak, too weak."

"Hahaha, this group of bald donkeys have a big tone, and their strength is not half of their tone."

"But it looks high at the power of God's Domain."

All the dragon clan made a disdainful ridicule. Only the patriarch of the Shenlong clan knew that the power of the powerful dragon just now was not weak, and it seemed very relaxed only because he took the shot himself.

As the patriarch of Shenlong, a super powerhouse with perfect heavenly path, his power is far beyond Buddhism's ability. The ability to withstand a huge power gap and barely resist its blow is enough to show that the blow just now is extraordinary.

He said coldly: "With you, I can't kill my dragon clan. Tell me who is behind you?"

Jie sits cross-legged, hands clasped together: "Amitabha, we won't say it."

The other monks did the same, saying: "Amitabha Buddha."

Their faces are all calm, as if they have seen through life and death, and they have the determination that I will not go to **** who will go to hell.

They are deeply blessed by the superior, so naturally they would rather die than take this group of people to trouble the superior.

Only the big devil, looking at the surrounding monks dumbly, the whole person is not good.

Sure enough, this group of monks are dead-headed, and they are absolutely stupid for practicing Buddhism.

Since this group of dragons deliberately came to make trouble, they certainly wouldnt just let it go. Even if they would rather die, the dragons would still keep track of them. Their persistence is actually...for nothing.

Furthermore, as powerful as an expert, and there are experts like clouds around him, he can definitely deal with this group of dragons. How about taking them over?

The patriarch of Shenlong said in a low voice: "Since you don't say anything, then die."

Jie said indifferently: "Use the initiative."

Move your sister!

The big devil panicked in his heart, and quickly stood up, "Hold on! I am willing to lead the way!"

The patriarch of Shenlong looked at the Great Demon King, "You?"

"Don't worry, Lord Dragon, I am very experienced in this area!"

The big devil said with a smile, and then continued: "It's just that the strength of the people behind this is unpredictable and contains great horror. Hearing my advice, it is absolutely impossible to go."

"The Great Horror? That's because you don't know anything about the power of our dragon clan!"

"Where is there so much nonsense? If you don't lead the way, then die!"

All the dragons are impatient openings.

For these remarks, the big devil's heart is extremely calm, and he even wants to laugh a little.

Too familiar, this line is too familiar.

He persuaded him to just walk through the process, and he got the same response as expected, so lets go.

"Everyone do it for yourself."

The big devil no longer said, "Follow me."

Jie watched infatuatedly as the Great Demon led the team. He was so anxious that he quickly said: "Quickly send out the signal and inform Tiangong and other allies. You must not let the dragon clan disturb the master's cleansing!"

The big devil has done his job.

Because of too much experience, he can indeed be said to be rich in experience. He kept his heart at ease all the way, did not show panic, and even played cautiously.

He didn't take the dragons straight to the courtyard, but deliberately went around and made a big turn before he came to the vicinity of the courtyard.

This is buying time for everyone.

Sure enough, at this moment, there was a sudden burst of shout in the void, "Stop! You are already surrounded!"

Afterwards, the brilliance of the sky, the heavenly soldiers led by Yang Jian, appeared on the scene, and other forces in the Gods Domain also poked their heads out of the clouds one after another.

Suffering Sect, Baiyun Temple, Baihua Sect, Royal Beast Sect...

All of them looked dignified, their eyes fixed on the dragon clan, and the whole body's mana surged and suppressed!

The patriarch of Shenlong glanced at the crowd and said: It seems that there are really big people ahead, otherwise how could such a big sensation be caused in Gods Domain.

Taoist Junjun said: "Go back, that is the existence you can't afford to offend!"

"My dragon clan has been a chaotic and strong clan from ancient times to the present, and there has never been an existence that can't afford to offend!"

The patriarch of Shenlong smiled coldly, Its not that I look down on you. Now that my dragons join hands, few of us can be resisted by the entire chaos, you...cant!

Xiao Chengfeng firmly said: "Unless we fall, otherwise...you never want to take one step forward!"

"Xiao Tianjiang said it right, for the sake of being an expert, we must stick to it!"

"Just now the expert sent the bacon, but our sect did not receive it, indicating that the impression of our sect in the heart of the expert is not enough, and it just performed well this time!"

"The cleaning of an expert is very important, and there is no room for loss!"

"From today on, we will form an alliance together to protect the Supreme Peoples cleanliness."

Many people open their mouths and strengthen their determination.

After returning from the ancient battlefield last time, he obeyed the words of the spirit master, and Taoist Junjun asked someone to discuss the matter. Everyone was shocked by the master's masterpiece, and they were all in awe, and they wanted to worship.

What a means and courage to resurrect the ancient battle soul, this is for the entire chaos to fight the catastrophe!

Being able to do things for the superior, they feel proud, not to mention...the superior will give them endless good fortune, and have a little grace to them, and they are naturally willing to desperately protect them!

Nuwa solemnly said: "Dragons, you dont know what you are doing. For the sake of chaos, I urge you to return!"

"Let us return?"

The patriarch of Shenlong opened his eyes wide, as if he had heard something unbelievable, and then couldn't help laughing.

"Unexpectedly, my dragon clan would be underestimated in this situation. In that case, today my dragon clan has to kill the people behind you even more, and then dominate the gods and let the dragon clan reappear!"

Shenlong patriarch really said, "Kill them all!"


As soon as the voice fell, endless coercion rose from the world. The momentum of the dragon race and the major forces intertwined with each other, forming a storm, distorting the space and chaotic laws.

Immediately afterwards, everyone shot together, and the endless mana brilliance bloomed in the sky like the ocean. The light of mana was dazzling, with different colors, like a colorful curtain, lighting up the sky.

Above the earth, water and fire are entangled, wind and thunder are raging, all kinds of spells are falling into the sky, and it is a doomsday scene.


The dragon clan has shown its original form. There are dragons and horses in the air, and the dragons should spread their wings. The silver dragons are soaring in the sky, thunderous and tyrannical, and dragons are vomiting.

I have to say that the dragons are naturally powerful races in the chaos, and their background is really powerful.

When separates separately, each race is like a powerful sect, with masters like clouds. Now that the Chaos Dragon Clan joins forces, it is like a hundred sects united, and there are countless masters.

There are 13 dragons in the realm of Heavenly Dao, and there are five in the realm of Heavenly Dao in the Shenlong clan alone. Among them, there are super powers such as the patriarch of Shenlong who are perfect in heaven.

Under the joint forces of Heavenly Palace and other forces, the number of heavenly realms is equal to that of the dragon clan, but the combat power is far from enough. If it were not for the formation of a large number of heavenly soldiers and generals, it would not last long.

As time goes by, the advantages of the dragon clan become more and more obvious.

"My dragon race is the number one race in the chaos, invincible in all directions, and what I want is not unavailable. Today I will see who can stop us!"

The patriarch of Shenlong made a long roar, and the roar contained endless dragon power. The perfect strength of Heavenly Dao burst out, and it was mixed with a trace of the power of the avenue, like the sound of the avenue, heavy hammering in the ears of everyone, making all People are all bodies for a while, the formation is broken, and they are blown out!

Everyone was shocked in their hearts, and at the same time there was a strong unwillingness to hate their lack of strength.

Looking at everyone's miserable appearance, the dragon tribe smiled triumphantly: "Why, who else is not convinced?"

At this time, a voice suddenly rang out, "The first race? It's a big talk!"

Following the prestige, he saw dozens of figures slowly flying in the mountains in front of him.

Under the moonlight, their feathers were shining with colorful brilliance, and a noble and ultimate breath radiated out, standing between the sky and the earth, making the sky and the earth eclipsed.

As soon as appeared, the dragon clan trembled and felt the shock from the depths of the bloodline.

Someone exclaimed, "This, this, this is..."

Taoist Junjun gave the answer, "This is a chicken raised by an expert and used to lay eggs!"


Most of the people here have never been to a courtyard house. Hearing this secret luck at this time, my heart and liver trembled, and the three views burst.

Really deserves to be an expert, awesome.

The patriarch of Shenlong stared wide and screamed, "Chaos Divine Phoenix, there are such a group of Chaos Divine Phoenix! How is this possible?!"

"It's terrifying, how could such terrifying blood be bred in the chaos!"

"Fortunately, they have not fully grown up yet. It is of great benefit to us to obliterate them and draw their blood!"

Just as the Dragon Race was about to move, another voice came from a leisurely voice, "Who dares to say that the Chaos First Race?"

After that, two five-color **** cows with four hooves stepped on the auspicious clouds, their eyes staring at the dragon, and the whole body was bullish, and the five-color glow shrouded the sky and the earth.

Someone asked: "This is also the cow raised by an expert?"

Daoist Junjun replied: "The cow raised by an expert is used for milking."

The patriarch of Shenlong was shocked again, "This, what kind of cow is this? The blood is even more noble than us!"


Another sound came, and a group of things that looked like black shadows flew in groups, full of wild aura, and the ferocious aura that exuded was daunting and cold all over the body.

"Chaos Alien Species, this is Chaos Alien Species!"

Everyone in the audience, including the dragon tribe, trembled, and involuntarily withdrew a few steps back.

The individual strength of these bees may not be high, but a group of them is too terrifying and contains destructive power. If they are targeted by them, even the patriarch of Shenlong will feel a headache.

Someone swallowed a mouthful of saliva, weak and weak: "This is also raised by an expert?"

"This is a bee raised by an expert to gather nectar."

"Also...is there any more?"

"Yes, but it may not come out."

"How many horrible existences are raised by Hogao."

The dragon clan is almost collapsed.

"Where is this? Why are there so many legendary existences?"

"The big secret, the big horror!"

"Everyone, calm down. If you really fight, my dragon will not necessarily lose!"

Just then, another voice came.

"Retire all, let me try the new pants my master repaired for me!"


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