Turns Out Im A Great Cultivator Chapter 648

Chapter 648: The power of the new pants

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Under the moonlight.

A bald dog appeared in the sight of everyone, taking a catwalk, coming step by step, looking elegant and calm.

The people in Tiangong said excitedly: "Master Dog is here!"

They are still very familiar with Uncle Dog, and they feel cordial when they see it.

"Hahaha, I was originally worried that the dragon clan would affect the master's cleansing, now it's all right."

"Look at it, Master Dog has changed his pants. What is the pattern on it?"

"Last time in the ancient battlefield, the uncle Dog's pants were broken, and 80% of them were patched up by experts."

The patriarch of Shenlong frowned, looked at the **** circle carefully, and said in surprise: "A bald dog?"

Compared to other sacred beasts, Da Heis appearance is no longer a mediocre appearance, it is simply a little low.

There is no brilliant light, no amazing vision, and even the appearance looks ordinary, not as good as a native dog.

A group of dragons had to question its identity.

"Where did this dog come from? Could it be a friend of this group of beasts?"

"Dragons and shrimps play, these sacred beasts have extraordinary bloodlines, how can you like this dog?"

"It's still wearing pants, it's really hot-eyed."

"When did a native dog dare to show off in front of our dragons?"

But soon, someone in the crowd uttered an exclamation, No, look carefully, the pants on it are extremely extraordinary!

The pants on Da Hei's body are, at first glance, one after another small squares, arranged in a very strange way, but when you look closely, it actually makes people feel a blur!

"How could this be? In my realm, it would actually have an unreal feeling."

"What is the square on those pants, it seems to be beating."

"I can't see clearly, it seems that there is a big secret hidden under that square, which is very important!"

"Horror! This pattern is definitely a kind of avenue pattern, and it cannot be drawn by ordinary people!"

"I looked at that dog's butt, and I could only see a vague outline. How could this be possible?!"

Dont talk about the dragon clan, even the forces of Gods Domain have an eye-opening feeling.

"Hehe, I'm ignorant."

Da Hei smiled proudly, slapped his ass, and said with great pride: "This pattern was sewed on by the master. The name is mosaic! My pants have evolved into mosaic pants!"

The patriarch of the Shenlong clan exclaimed sincerely, "A terrifying mosaic, actually has the ability to conceal everything and affect vision!"

The most important thing is that even he has been affected, enough to show that these pants have reached the avenue, and they are so powerful that they are unimaginable.

This kind of treasure that can reach the avenue, if I get it, then my strength will be even higher!

Shenlong patriarchs eyes flashed with fire, and he said intently: "Bald dog, take off your pants, give it to me, I can let you make a living!"

The **** dog's mouth turned slightly, and immediately said: "Don't, don't let me live, let me see how you can let me die."

Aside, the flock of chickens immediately quit, and they screamed.

"Master Dog, this is not compliant, but we came out first, so we should let us do it first."

"That's right, we finally have the opportunity to shoot, it makes us enjoy it anyway."

"In the courtyard, we can only do chickens. We have always been dedicated to laying eggs, so its cool to come out."

"No, you have to remember that it is your duty to be a chicken, otherwise...why should you stay with the master?"

Da Hei directly shook his head and refused, and then said: "Actually, I want to make you enjoyable. The problem is that my new pants are not willing, and it also wants to enjoy it."

"It's not just you, everyone else is not allowed to move, my pants say it will hit ten!"

It stepped forward and approached the dragon people leisurely.

"Puppies are rampant!"

"Since ancient times, no dog has ever been able to provoke my dragon clan!"

"This is a dog that can't recognize himself, everyone teach him to be a dog!"

The dragons are angry. Although the current situation has made them feel jealous, they are still not scared, and they all acted decisively to suppress Dahei!

The situation is unknown, they dare not keep their hands!

Even the patriarch of Shenlong raised his hand and slapped it towards Dahei!

At this moment, the night is like the day, and countless magical powers converge into the sky of destruction light, brilliant, but extremely dangerous.

This is a blow by many dragons!

The dragons who are dispatched this time are all elites from the various dragon races of the Chaos, and there are twelve powerhouses in the realm of heaven, and the rest are also in the realm of Hunyuan Daluojinxian, with amazing combat power.

Together, it is enough to destroy the heavens and the earth, and make the sky overturned!

Everyone in Tiangong couldn't help but worry and said, "Master Dog, be careful."

"Haha, little tricks of carving insects."

The **** chest smiled, and the whole body was surging with mana, bathed in brilliance, turned around, and actively faced the dragon attack with his butt.


In an instant, the wind is surging.

Flames, ice, thunder, hurricanes and various terrifying forces burst on the **** one in turn. From the outside, you can see that big black's buttocks change color in turns, and there are treasures such as heavy hammers and spears. The bombardment on the buttocks made looking at everything shocking.

However, in the face of such a terrifying situation, the **** was still motionless, not even trembling, sitting down gently, suppressing the offensive!

"How is this possible? It really blocked our attack on its own."

"The patriarch of Shenlong took the shot himself, how could it be okay? Is this dog the Supreme Dao?"

"It's that pair of pants. It must be that pair of pants. This is a high-level anti-pants! How did it come about?"

"What a horrible butt, what a heaven-defying pants!"

Everyone was horrified, and the dragons were even more panicked. The three views burst, and they felt powerless.

The patriarch of Shenlong said calmly, "Don't panic, it's just defense, we can't keep them even if we want to leave!"

"Everyone withdraw with me!"

This situation has already fallen into an unfavorable situation for the Dragon Clan, and can only retreat temporarily, and then slowly figure it out.

However, it is obviously thinking too much.

"Come as you want and leave, where do you think this is? I will officially let you see the power of the pants after the upgrade!"

Da Hei opened his mouth indifferently, and endless brilliance suddenly burst from the patch on its pants, and the mosaic began to beat.

Then, a mosaic light wave was emitted, covering all the dragons.

"Ah, I am surrounded by mosaics, I can't see anything."

"The pants can actually attack. Is this a formation? Or an illusion?"

"There are all mosaics all around, it's not working, it's painful, I'm going to faint."

Dragons were blinded directly by the mosaic and plunged into chaos.

The patriarch of Shenlong looked at the surroundings coldly, his whole body was agitated, and he slapped a palm at a random place.

Then there was a scream, "Ah! No, be careful everyone, someone attacked me!"

"I also received a sneak attack, the enemy is hiding in the dark, despicable!"

"Leave him alone, let's take action together and try to break this mosaic barrier!"

The next moment, everyone from the Dragon Race attacked all sides together.

As spectators, the people of God's Domain clearly watched their attacks hit the surrounding companions without fail. Then, screams broke out, and all the dragons were injured and collapsed on the ground.

Such a scene, how spectacular it is.

If you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, who would have imagined that so many strong men would be played around by a pair of pants and kill each other to this point.

"It's too powerful, Uncle Dog actually suppressed this group of dragons!"

"The pants stitched by an expert has such power. This, this... is incredible."

"To turn decay into magic, the means of superiors refresh my cognition all the time."

"Whenever an expert can touch me, it will be fine. I feel that if he touches me, I can be invincible..."

Everyone is extremely complicated and marvels, and awe is extremely awe-inspiring.

Da Hei received his magical powers, and the dog's face was very satisfied, "The new pants are really much more handsome, hahaha."

Dragon Clan everyone looked at Da Hei with lingering fear.

An old man of the Yinglong clan sighed and said: "The dog master, can you tell the old why you want to target my dragon clan, so that I can understand."

Up to now, they finally understand that they have offended the existence that they cannot afford to offend!

As expected, there seems to be someone behind this group of people, it must be terrifying!

The Great Demon King looked at them and couldnt help but shook his head. Before he came, he had persuaded you, and he had to ask me to lead the way. Look, did you give me food?

I really cant blame me.

Big Hei said lightly: "I have no time to target your dragons."

The old man continued: "In that ancient battlefield, was my dragon clan killed by you? It was also made into bacon."

"The only people who make bacon are the Shenlong clan. You will know this by looking at this."

Da Hei frowned, and then with a wave of the dog's paw, a scene from the ancient battlefield appeared in the void.

"Fuck, it turned out that it was the Shenlong clan who turned to the battle, and actually took refuge in the ancient clan!"

"Shameless, it was the Shenlong clan who killed our people!"

"This time it was the Shenlong clan who encouraged us to come over. It is pitting our dragon clan!"

"Ah! Shenlong clan, let me take my life!"

In an instant, the other dragons were crazy, their eyes were red, and they were fighting desperately with the dragons.

If it weren't for the Shenlong clan to summon them, they would not come to offend the superior and fall into the current dilemma of life and death. The most important thing is that the original enemy is the Shenlong clan, but they are still used as guns!

Once the anger and grievance broke out in the heart, the dragon clan and the Shenlong clan fought together again.

The patriarch of Shenlong was also a mindful person. Taking advantage of the chaotic situation, his body turned into a silver dragon, soaring into the air, trying to escape.

Just as soon as it flew into the air, a huge dog paw fell from the sky, suppressing it, and pressing it firmly on the ground, erasing the source of life.

Da Hei smiled coldly, "I want to run away in front of me, naive!"

"Uncle Dog, please forgive me. We were bewitched by the Shenlong clan and this offended you. We are willing to surrender."

"Uncle Dog, please let our dragons survive."

A group of dragons overpowered the Shenlong clan, and then they began to plead bitterly.

Dahei hesitated.

In its eyes, these are all good game, which make up various types of dragon meat, which can be made into a dragon feast, and the owner will love it.

On the damn, naturally only the Shenlong clan is the most damnable.

But in terms of food, these dragons are delicious.

At this time, Ao Cheng in the heavenly palace walked out and respectfully saluted Da Hei: "East China Sea Dragon King Ao Cheng pays homage to Uncle Dog."

Ao Cheng visited Li Nianfan, Da Hei knew him naturally, and nodded to him.

"Uncle Dog, this happened because of the Dragon Clan. They are actually victims, and the little **** is also a member of the Dragon Clan. I courageously implore the Uncle Dog to spare their lives."

Ao Cheng first expressed his intention, and then he said: In fact, its very simple to want to eat meat, just let them abandon their bodies.

He is also a senior dog licker, and he clearly sees what Da Hei is thinking. This is what he said.

Kun Peng and Xihai Dragon King also came here.

"Your proposal is good." Da Hei's eyes lit up, "Just do as you say! You go to choose a few more dragons with good meat quality. You must have each type of dragon."

Ao Cheng took the order immediately, "Oh, yes!"

The patriarch of the dragon group breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly leaned over to thank him: "Thank you, fellow Daoist for saving his life, but fellow Daoist is the dragon of Gods Domain?"

"Yes, I am a local dragon in God's Domain."

Ao Cheng nodded proudly, and then solemnly said: "The reason why I save you is that I want to unify the Chaos Dragon Clan so that I can do better for the superior! In the future, all of our Dragon Clan will have to take orders from the Dragon Sovereign, do you know?"

"Understood, I just don't know who this dragon emperor is?"

Ao Cheng stroked his beard and smiled and said: "The Dragon Emperor is following the expert. As for the specifics, you can see the chickens, cows, and dogs."

"His our Dragon King is so awesome?!"

"It's amazing, the future is boundless, the future is boundless!"

"It is an honor for me to be able to follow this dragon emperor, please be sure to take us in!"

"Follow this dragon king, my dragon clan can definitely go further!"

The dragons were all excited, and this wave was a blessing in disguise.

Ao Cheng waved his hand and said, "Okay, lets not gossip, Im going to start picking meat, everyone line up! Dont worry too much. Abandoning the body is a great loss, but there are experts. The recovery of the physical body is not difficult."

"You are too old and your meat is old, forget it."

"You are a fat dragon, you can see too much fat at first glance, and an expert may not like it."

Da Hei yawned, "Lets go back too, you guys hurry back to your place, dont forget your role."

The chickens, cows and bees got up and returned to the Luoxian Mountains.

As they approached the courtyard, the halo around them was restrained, the vision disappeared, and their bodies transformed into the ordinary appearance at the beginning.

The colorful feathers of the group of chickens were stowed away, and even the noble temperament was lost, and they craned their necks and crowed.

"Oh oh oh"

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