Two Dimensional System Chapter 1275

Chapter 1255: Mysterious Girl: Ying Luo

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Who is the girl in front of me and why would she stand here and wait for them? These people like Kakashi, Haruno Sakura, Chiyo's mother-in-law, etc., don't know at all.

It's just that the timing of this girl's appearance was too unlucky, or it was too sensitive, but Gaara was taken away by an unknown organization.

And when they were about to save Gaara halfway, watching the young girl blocking them, it was obvious that the young girl came for them.

It was definitely not something passing by, or something, I really met by chance. Looking at the girl who looked like a goddess in the sky, Uzumaki Naruto was sluggish, and Kakashi and Chiyo's mother-in-law also had something indescribable.

What the girl in front of her said was the enemy, but it was not accurate. The girl didn't have the clothes worn by the unknown organization.

It's not like the kind of people Kankuro said. The key is that the other party did block the way, but it didn't stop them, but stopped...

Kakashi and the thousand-generation mother-in-law, following the girl's "calm" gaze, turned to look at Uzumaki Goddai who did not express his position.

To be precise, this girl doesn't know what her origin is, and she doesn't know what her purpose is. But the goal of this girl seems to be Uzumaki Goddai?


Well, if you want to change it to normal, no matter who is blocking the way, Uzumaki Goddai, they will not care, and even stay quietly to eat melons.

But at this time, Uzumaki Goddai is the most critical part of their rescue of Gaara. In other words, for them now, it doesn't matter if anyone stops. But Uzumaki Jindai absolutely can't have a problem. If Uzumaki Jindai is stopped, after they bypass this little girl who is blocking the road, who will stop Uchiha?

Everyone felt that the girl in front of her was weird, not to mention the girl's appearance, just the temperament that radiated from the girl's body.

It is definitely not ordinary people, who can have it, but most pretentious people, will have such a temperament.

The former is really capable, while the latter is somewhat capable, but does not have an accurate positioning of oneself. In other words, they have not yet entered or left the society, and have experienced severe beatings by the society.

But the young girl in front of them, the feeling of danger brought to them by her body, this is definitely not their illusion. This is the premonition that the two generations of mother-in-law and Kakashi have developed since fighting the strong for many years on the verge of death.

Haruno Sakura looked at the azure blue prismatic mark on the girl's forehead, but her eyes were puzzled, and there was an inexplicable look in her eyes.

"It's weird, this shape, and this feeling... The diamond mark on the girl's forehead is not from Tsunade-sensei..."

She seemed to recognize the thing on the girl's forehead, but Haruno Sakura couldn't believe it. The girl in front of her was not Tsunade's apprentice.

Tsunade's "student" connects to himself, and there is nothing left but Silent, Yamanaka Ino, and Uzumaki Jindai. When is there a lot of this guy that I haven't seen before?

"Huh? Sakura, did you find anything?"

This beautiful and outrageous girl in front of her did not seem to exist in this world, but the goddess above the nine heavens was not too much.

Right and right, when I saw this girl, she did have a beauty that made people ashamed of themselves. And in their hearts, there will also be a kind of "look" that the goddess should have!

"No, no, no, I must be dazzled, or the blue mark on the girls forehead is just a coincidence..."

Haruno Sakura was really frightened, so no matter how many dangerous guys suddenly appeared, but now if one is appearing.

I don't know where it came from, but it is someone who is related to Tsunade-sensei, that is really hell. But looking at the girl's gaze, it was always on the senior Uzumaki Goddai.

When thinking about it, Uzumaki Jindai seemed to be a student of Tsunade-sensei, so even if this girl had something to do with Uzumaki Jindai, it was not incomprehensible.


This girl who seems to be only about ten years old and definitely not more than twelve years old, what does it have to do with the senior Uzumaki Goddai?

To say that this weird girl gave everyone a visual impact as soon as she appeared on the stage. Look at Uzumaki Naruto again, this big idiot looks like he was taken away by the woman in front of him...

A very uncomfortable and inexplicable fire slowly ignited in Haruno Sakura's heart. This is not to say that Haruno Sakura is jealous, but as a woman herself, she has a different kind of'stubbornness' about her appearance.

Even though he didn't care about his appearance, this suddenly came out, thinking of a woman like a girl in front of him, Haruno Sakura can see completely.

Then her Haruno Sakura is really weird. Why should this woman make Uzumaki Naruto this big fool as soon as she appears?

As everyone stared at Haruno Sakura, they discovered one thing, except that many of the characteristics of this girl were similar to those of Uzumaki God.

There is one more thing that they have been neglecting all the time, that is... breath!

"What is your name?"

Just when I couldn't go on like this, I was going to ask, where is this girl, Kakashi. Suddenly, I was surprised to hear that the Uzumaki Goddai also had such an active time?

Or does Uzumaki Kamdai care about the girl in front of him? Looking at the girl's "special", let alone the Uzumaki Goddai, if the Uzumaki Goddai really didn't care, they might be really weird.

Absolutely impossible, this quick and relieved acceptance, the girl looked at Uzumaki Goddai, and after looking up and down several times, the corner of her mouth seemed to be satisfied.

The iceberg-colored pretty face finally showed a bright smile in the unexpected eyes of everyone in Kakashi.

With this smile, Haruno Sakura was stunned, and Naruto Uzumaki felt that her brain was not enough. Everything in my mind is everything about this young girl.

The breeze brought up the girl, and under the guidance of the breeze, the girl fell down with the opened umbrella in her hand.

It happened to fall in front of the Uzumaki God, this girl can already be sure that she really came to the Uzumaki God.

"My name is Yingluo. When we first met, please take care of me."

Ugh! ? early? first meet?

Uzumaki Naruto felt a sense of suffocation, that is to say, this girl, is this the first time that Uzumaki Kamiyo met?

Damn, so cute, so polite, who is this girl sacred?

"Hello, Goddai."

"Hehe, it's the same as the legend~ From now on, please take care of it!"

The same as the legend! legend! ?

Kakashi and Chidai mother-in-law both changed their eyes when they looked at Uzumaki Kamiyo.

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