Two Dimensional System Chapter 1276

Chapter 1256: Terrible Enchantment

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Everyone's complexion was different, but Uzumaki Goddai was not persistent, as if he was still thinking about and savoring the name the girl said to him.

For a long time, Uzumaki Goddai nodded, it seems that from this name, there is something to taste except:

"Yingluo? Good name, keep up."



Uzumaki Goddai was not even annoyed, the young girl in front of him was blocking the way, and he didn't see the details of the young girl in front of him. Is this still a normal person?

Normal people shouldn't. First ask the girl's ancestors for the three generations, where they came from, and what they came from. They might not feel relieved, right?

But what did Uzumaki Kamdai do? This guy simply asked the girl's name, but it was just the girl's name. What about the girl's purpose? What about the girls last name? Why didn't Uzumaki Kamiyo ignore this?


What makes them even more speechless is that not only Uzumaki Jindai is indifferent, but even this girl looks like her brain is not working well.

Hearing Uzumaki Kandai confirming her name, this girl named Yingluo looked very happy. After hearing that Uzumaki Goddai asked her to follow, this Yingluo girl even more happily nodded her cute head to Uzumaki Goddai.

With a cute and sweet smile, and playing the "parasol" briskly, he followed behind Uzumaki Kamiyo in such a well-behaved manner. Just like the "little tail" of Uzumaki Goddai, Kakashi and Chidai mother-in-law are only able to see something. This girl called Yingluo stretched to the red, as if there was a certain tacit understanding with the Uzumaki God Generation.

On the next journey, Kakashi, Granny Chis and others couldnt help but look at the Uzumaki Goddai, and follow behind the Uzumaki Goddai. There was a "celestial spirit" in every gesture, a girl who looked like an immortal. , Smiling very happy to follow Uzumaki Kamdai.

There is a big question mark in everyone's heart, who is this girl? Looks like Gaara will be rescued again after this matter is over.

Not only are members of an unknown organization, they need to be investigated carefully. Uzumaki Jindai and this girl also seem to hide many secrets.

Did Uzumaki God know this girl? But from the conversation between these two people, it can also be seen that Uzumaki Goddai did not know this girl.

Even if the two of them have one party, knowing the other party should be regarded as a supernatural friendship, and this one, Kakashi Chiyos mother-in-law and others, is believed to be the girl named Yingluo.

However, what Kakashi and Qiandai mother-in-law are puzzled is, what is this legend? Why does this girl say to the Uzumaki Goddai: the legendary?

You must know that this thing is said to have taken time a long time, or that the Uzumaki Goddai has done some earth-shattering things.

This current situation can be said to be a legend, but the Uzumaki Goddai did nothing. Where did the name of the legend of the Uzumaki Goddai come from?

But Uzumaki Goddai didn't seem to care, and this girl named Yingluo didn't say anything, so they didn't dare to ask.

"We are here. According to the information that came not long ago, the group of unknown personnel from the unknown organization is hiding here."

The mother-in-law Qiandai saw the exact same features written on the document, and opened her old eyes that seemed muddy and dim when her eyes brightened.

At this moment, the thousand-generation mother-in-law seemed to shine with a terrifying light. Even if the thousand-generation mother-in-law at this time was a young girl with Yingluo's heart, Naruto Uzumaki who was attracted by such a thousand-generation mother-in-law was shocked.

Sure enough, this is not a simple old woman, but a thousand-generation mother-in-law like this. Is this old woman the real face?

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations looked as if she was about to eat people, but Naruto Uzumaki was shocked.


Kakashi didn't dare to swoop in the water either. Everyone knew that the enemy he was about to face was of the most vicious level. So, once it arrived, this caused the ninjas of Shayin Village to pay a small team of lives.

There was a Forbidden Land to spread the news, and Kakashi didnt have the slightest randomness, and immediately revealed the writing wheel that he had covered.

"Ms. Kakashi, how's it going?"

"It's a barrier..."

Under the eyes of the writer, Kakashi saw the whole outline, a huge enchantment, covering this area. And those ninja squads in Shayin Village, for the sake of intelligence, also died on this barrier.

"Be careful, this enchantment is not easy, but it's dangerous if you don't pay attention."

"Huh! What to break the barrier, look at my uncle Naruto Uzumaki, how to break this barrier! The technique of multiple shadow avatars!"

Bang bang bang!

When I heard Kakashi, don't do it casually. Going to the enchantment Uzumaki Naruto meant that he could. In the next moment, he thought of the technique of multiple shadow clones.


Kakashi shrank one eye, and Naruto Uzumaki was really Tie Hanhan, is there such a way to break the barrier? Can't we be gentler?

If you do it like this, we will be exposed to a large extent, but the enemies that have enchantments set up inside know it.

"Spiral pill!"


A large number of Uzumaki Naruto, under the speechless eyes of everyone, could not stop them with a no-going aura, one person holding a spiral pill in his hand, thinking about the front barrier to rush away.


"Damn it, what's blocking it..."

"Is this an enchantment?"

"Wow! What is this!?"

But the ending is not so good, the shadow clone at the front of Uzumaki Naruto was swallowed and disappeared by the flames of the enchantment at the moment it encountered the enchantment.

And the remaining Uzumaki Naruto shadow clones, still close to the enchantment, were affected by the flames from the enchantment backlash.

The shadow avatars of Uzumaki Naruto felt as if they were standing on the body, no matter they were rolling or rolling, it was an unquenchable flame, the feedback experience received by each shadow avatar was not good.

In this way, the original, still wanting to show off Naruto Uzumaki, who is very powerful in front of Miss Yingluo, was instantly dumbfounded.

And this followed, the shadow clones disappeared, and the torture received by the shadow clones would not disappear, and it was instantly fed back to Uzumaki Naruto himself.

For an instant, he had a proud face, and was proud to make everyone prepare and rush into the barrier he had broken.


After receiving the feedback from the shadow avatars, there is nothing proud of Uzumaki Naruto's face.

The whole person's complexion changed, and he was holding the head that was about to explode in both hands, like a big shrimp, lying on the ground.

Obviously, this enchantment will not be easy to counteract the damage caused to Uzumaki Naruto.

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