Tyrant Dragon Emperor Chapter 5356

Chapter 5357: Yun Ling Shengzi

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5357 Born-18 Mar 1974


"It's just the elder?"

"Isn't the Patriarch of the Yun family stronger than him?"


The audience was shocked, everyone was stunned, the elder Yun and his children all looked arrogant and looked at the audience.

"In the middle of the Galaxy Realm, is it so strong?" Su Wan asked with a frown, suppressing the shock in her heart.

"After entering the Galaxy Realm, the strength of each realm has a large span. There is almost no doubt about this."

Jiang Tian nodded slowly, his expression solemn.

Prior to this, he faced the elders of the early galaxy realm of the Yunyuan mountain range dragon race with his cultivation in the middle stage of the Void Breaking Realm, and he had already felt great pressure, even if he entered the late stage of the Void Breaking Realm, his strength is not what it used to be, and he will encounter that kind again. Level opponents still dare not be too careless.

The realm of the Yun Family's core elder and Patriarch is higher than those of the Dragon Clan elders, and their true strength will definitely be unusual.

This is also a fact that he has been facing recently. With his relatively shallow realm, two consecutive advancements may not be able to match the change of the opponent's realm!


The words of the great elder Yun family have not yet settled, and a deep roar came from the main peak again. After a blink of an eye, a silver light soared into the sky, directly tearing the thick cloud layer above the main peak of the Yun family!

For a time, the world changed its color, the situation was violent, and all kinds of anomalies caused the audience to marvel!

"Oh my God!"

"So strong!"

"This kind of battle is indeed much stronger than Yun Yan!"

"If you compare the momentum, Yun Yan is afraid that he has already lost!"

Many warriors shook their heads and sighed, and even the warriors of the Yun family had to admit that this person had already overshadowed Yun Yan before his limelight and momentum appeared.

At the same time these voices sounded, many people looked at Yun Yan subconsciously, and their eyes no longer had the admiration and admiration they had before, and they all became weird, even revealing some kind of sympathy and compassion.


Yun Yan gritted his teeth and cursed, his fists creaked.

This feeling made him extremely uncomfortable, as if a slap in the face, making his heart raging, and at this moment he wished to rush to the back of the main peak to fight the man to the death.

As the top talent of the younger generation, as the "strongest saint son", he does not need anyone's sympathy and mercy. The deepest gaze of everyone is the greatest humiliation to him, which makes him completely unbearable!

"Yun Ling, come and fight with me. I want to prove to everyone that I, Yun Yan, is the well-deserved strongest son of the Yun family!"

Yun Yan did not see that his person had already begun to call for a fight in the air, showing his will and domineering.

The voice echoed over the Yun family peaks, and the scene fell into a brief silence.

After a while, a cold voice came from behind the main peak of the Yun family!

"Huh, the Yun Family's'Strongest Son' is this kind of stuff? It disappoints me too much!"

This is a female voice, which sounds quite pleasing to the ear, but it also gives people a cold and merciless feeling.

At this moment, countless people are fantasizing about the other side's appearance, and can't wait to see what the other side looks like.

"Extremely arrogant!"

Yun Yan was furious in an instant, and his murderous aura surged wildly, as if what was about to be held was not a competition, but an enemy of life and death!

"This voice..." Su Wan frowned, she stopped talking.

This voice didn't sound like Yun Xianghan, but this cold feeling gave her a strange feeling like deja vu!


Jiang Tian also frowned.

He also heard that this was not Yun Xianghan's voice, but after careful chewing, there was a strange feeling that seemed to be familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, as if the owner of this voice, he would definitely not be unfamiliar.


Jiang Tian shook his head and let out a sulky breath, suppressing the weird thoughts in his heart.

If it weren't for Yun Xianghan, who else could it be?

Although he has been in Zhongyu for more than a year and has met countless fellow martial artists, there is no such person in his impression, and no one can be related to the Yun family.

Who is the other party?

Fortunately, this answer will be revealed soon. He suppressed the curiosity in his heart and waited silently.

"Since Yun Ling Shengzi has left the customs, please come on stage for a battle!"

The old Mr. Yun, who presided over the competition, had a smile on his face, and he bowed his hands in the direction of the main peak.

"Go on stage for a battle? Huh!"

His response was cold laughter.

Amidst this sneer, a figure stepped into the air and stopped at the top of the ring in the center of the square, as if an outsider coldly looked down on the audience.

This scene surprised the martial artist in the audience and embarrassed Mr. Yun.

"Holy Son Yunling, please follow the family rules and take the stage to fight Yun Yan!"

The elder who presided over the competition was quite unhappy, but he was concerned about the identity and potential of the other party, but it was not easy to reprimand him in public.

"Only by him, he is not worthy to compete with me on the same stage."

Yun Ling wears a silver robe with picturesque eyebrows, but his eyes are extremely cold, as cold as ten thousand years of ice, as light as water outside the sky, giving a feeling of coldness and mercilessness.

She spoke lightly and shocked the audience again!


"what does she say?"

"After a series of competitions, Yun Yan, the'strongest son', is not worthy to compete with her on the same stage?"

"My God, this is too arrogant, right?"

"An arrogant person must have his confidence. I am really curious. How strong is Yun Ling's strength?"

The whole audience was in an uproar, and there were heated discussions one after another. Everyone couldn't wait to witness Yun Ling's strength and see if she could crush Yun Yan, who had publicly proven her strength as she said.

"This person... do you know?"

Su Wan retracted her gaze and looked at Jiang Tian with a confused look.

The more she looked at Yun Ling, the more she had a sense of deja vu, but this person's appearance was clearly and extremely strange, and she was sure that she was someone she had never seen before.

"I also find it strange!" Jiang Tian frowned, almost thinking that he felt something wrong.

He was sure that it was the first time he saw Yun Ling, and also the first time he heard of the name, and he was extremely disappointed at the moment he even saw the other party.

But the weird feeling of deja vu became clearer and stronger, making him wonder if he had ever seen this person before?

"Yun Ling, don't think that you are terrific being trained by family secrets. Today, I will let you understand the strength of the Yun family's top arrogant talent, and do your best, otherwise don't blame me for bullying the weak!


Yun screamed violently and stepped into the air. The white light all over his body rose wildly, and his palms waved at the same time. The void above the square was violently shaken. Clouds violently rolled back crazily, and gathered in front of him into a giant cloud-shaped giant. mountain!

"This is... Swallowing Cloud Palm?"

"Oh my God!"

"Sure enough, he has practiced this secret inheritance!"


The children of the Yun family were in an uproar, shocked.

"So...you are so strong!"

The face of Yun Feng, who had been defeated by him before, suddenly changed, and the corners of his eyes twitched!

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