Tyrant Dragon Emperor Chapter 5357

Chapter 5358: Star Power

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5358-Star Power

When he was defeated just now, he was still unwilling, but it was only at this moment that he realized that the gap between the two was bigger than he thought.

When the two met, Yun Yan did not use "Swallowing Cloud Palm", but only used the common exercises and martial arts of the Yun family, but with that method, he had no chance of winning. If he used this from the beginning This way, he will only lose faster and more miserably!

"Huh!" Yun Feng shook his head and smiled sorrowfully, spitting out a sulky breath.

Only at this moment did he understand that he was not wronged at all when he lost, and even Yun Yan saved him face, otherwise he would not only lose the competition, but would even be seriously injured.

Dozens of other Yun family disciples who participated in the competition were also shocked, and all of them looked jealous.

"Cloud Swallowing Palm" was created by a certain ancestor of Yunlingchuan Yun family. It is extremely powerful. Many of them have tried to practice, but unfortunately they have not been able to achieve it.

"With The Palm of Swallowing Clouds, Yun Yan is already invincible!"

"I am not optimistic about Yun Ling in this fight!"

"Yes, even if Yun Yan does not use "Swallowing Cloud Palm", he is still invincible of the same level. Yun Ling's realm is not higher than him, and it is almost impossible to be stronger than him!"

"The family's hard work will not be in vain, but I think that Yun Ling can tie him to death!"

"I think the gap between the two is only between the two. If you play two more games, it is very likely that there will be a situation where each other will win!"

Many Yun Family geniuses have expressed their own judgments, almost overwhelmingly optimistic about Yun Yan. Although they dare not underestimate Yun Ling, who is regarded as a trump card by the family, they dare not look too high.

"Jiang Tian, who do you think will win?" Su Wan frowned and asked.

"Look at it and you will know." Jiang Tian's complexion was deep, and he actually had the answer in his heart.


Yun Yan was madly gathering momentum, and cloud-shaped huge mountains gathered in front of him, each of which exuded astonishing pressure, which deeply shocked the martial artists in the audience.

The elders of Yun's parents were even moved by it, and their eyes were burning with admiration!

"I didn't expect Yun Yan to be so strong!"

"We underestimated him!"

"Using these methods, we, the Yun family, are quite sure of winning in the final three-mai contest!"

"It seems that Yun Ling's so-called hole card is about to become a discarded card!"

The elders sighed, feeling that the family's secret efforts might be in vain.

""Cloud Swallowing Palm"? Do you really think such a troublesome martial skill is very strong?" Yun Ling shook her head and sneered, but did not rush to make a move. Her eyes were full of contempt and ridicule, and she coldly said: "If it is an actual battle, you already dead!"

"Don't be ashamed!" Yun yelled violently, urging cloud-shaped giant mountains to suppress the opponent.


A deep and terrible roar resounded through the void, and waves of spiritual power spread in the air, bringing tremendous pressure to the martial artists in the audience, and many people retreated in exclamation to avoid being shocked.

"A person who can only use brute force is not a real warrior, let alone a genius!"

Yun Ling snorted and raised his hand to pat the huge cloud-shaped mountain on the opposite side.

Boom boom boom...crack... boom!

A violent roar resounded through the void, and the offensive that Yun Yan had brewed with all his strength instantly collapsed. He himself was pulled back by spiritual power, and his body shook his spiritual power wildly!

"How can it be?"

Yun Yan's face changed suddenly!

Yun Ling directly ignored the turbulent flow of spiritual power, took one step, passed through it, and appeared in front of Yun Yan instantly!

Before the frantically bursting cloud touched her body surface, it seemed to be blocked by some strange force and bypassed on its own.

"His, too strong!"

"Yun Yan's offensive poses no threat to her!"

"Both of them are in the quasi-galactic realm, how is this possible?"

The audience exclaimed in shock, everyone felt unbelievable, even the elders of the Yun family were stunned.

Yun Yan and Yun Ling are both in the quasi-galactic realm, and their talents and aptitudes are all top of the same generation, but the gap in strength displayed when they meet each other is shocking.

Judging from Yun Ling's strolling attitude, it seems that this duel is not a level of competition at all!

"The power of stars!"

Yun Yan felt a huge threat, he knew the victory or defeat was at this moment.

In fact, if measured by the previous collision alone, he has already lost, and it is a complete defeat.

But he will never be reconciled to lose here, because he still has untapped methods!


Accompanied by a loud blast, the light of white stars burst out in his body!

A terrifying roar resounded through the void, and a wave of violent air rolled frantically, and Yun Ling, who was close at hand, was forced to retreat for more than ten feet!

"The power of the stars is the power of the stars!"

"My God, he actually realized this kind of power!"

"He not only practiced "Cloud Swallowing Palm", but also comprehended the power of stars. In the same level, I am afraid that there is no opponent!"

"Don't forget, he has been in contact with the power of the Galaxy Realm for a short time, and the'power of the stars' he has understood must have been sublimated, which is absolutely extraordinary!"

The martial artist in the audience exclaimed more and more, and everyone was full of enthusiasm.

Mr. Yun, who presided over the competition, took a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice.

"The power of the stars refers to the special power that the martial artist of the star realm can perceive. It is in line with the'destiny power' of the destiny realm and the'power of reincarnation' of the reincarnation realm. It is only as the realm rises. The difficulty of comprehension will be extremely high, so the higher the realm, the fewer warriors who comprehend this power!"

"A warrior with this kind of power will be able to easily crush the same rank and be invincible in the battle!"

Another elder added.

"That's it!"

"I said how to enter the star realm, why are there such rare warriors with the'power of the stars'!"

Everyone nodded one after another, and solved the confusion in their hearts.

Jiang Tian, Su Wan, Weifeng and Weiyu also suddenly realized!

Especially Jiang Tian, in the Fate and Reincarnation Realm, he had swallowed the power of others more than once, making his own martial arts will rise sharply, and possessed a super vigorous combat power.

But as the opponent got stronger and stronger, he found that almost no one of the martial artists of the star realm level had used the so-called "star power".

This problem has troubled him for a long time. He even thought that after the "power of destiny" and "power of reincarnation", there would be no "power of emptiness" and "power of stars". Facts have proved that this power is not without. It is extremely difficult to comprehend.

Now, he has witnessed the "power of stars" with his own eyes!

"Yun Yan can perceive the'power of the stars', and Yun Ling may also be able to do it, but why have I not sensed the'power of breaking the virtual' until now?"

Jiang Tian muttered to himself, very confused.

"Void-breaking power" naturally refers to the will to martial arts at the level of Void-breaking realm. This is a special power. Compared with the fate realm and the reincarnation realm, almost everyone can perceive the two different powers on their own. "Void power" is difficult to obtain through direct cultivation.

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