Tyrant Dragon Emperor Chapter 5358

Chapter 5359: Hit hard

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This is the reason why he has hardly encountered an opponent with the "power of breaking the virtual" in the long-term battle.

Jiang Tian clenched his right hand, silently comprehending his own strength, and felt a little confused for a while.

He has advanced to the Void-Breaking Realm for a long time, and has now entered the late stage of Void-Breaking Realm, and after a while, he will hit the Star Realm.

If he can't comprehend the "power of breaking the emptiness" in this realm, can he comprehend the "power of the stars" smoothly when he enters the star realm?

Jiang Tian frowned, suppressing the confusion in his heart, and staring at the duel above the ring.

"The power of stars? Shit!"

Yun Ling sneered coldly, and while moving, raised his hand and pressed forward!


With a dull roar, her white palms were printed on Yun Yan's chest.

A terrifying scene followed!


Yun Yan snorted and flew away from a hundred meters away, blood spurting wildly all the way, and the white light spreading around his body layer by layer.

"not good!"


The faces of the elders of Yun's parents changed suddenly!

The diffusing white light outside Yun Yan was nothing but his "power of stars".

Yun Ling's move this time not only defeated Yun Yan, but also destroyed the "power of the stars" he had cultivated through painstaking efforts, dispersing the strength that he had finally gathered.

Once the "power of the stars" is dissipated, it will be difficult to reunite again, and Yun Yan's cultivation is almost a waste!

"Yun Ling, you are too much!"

"Competitions are over, what are you doing?"

"Do you really think that you can do whatever you want with the family's respect?"

The elders scolded Yun Ling one after another, and two of them stepped out to receive Yun Yan who had fallen in the sky.

"Yun Yan! Yun Yan?"

"It's over, this is over!"

The two elders frowned and sighed, their faces extremely ugly.

Yun Yan was seriously injured and his cultivation potential was greatly reduced. This meant that the younger generation of the Yun family had lost another top talent, which was a big loss for the Yun family.

"According to the family rules, the'strongest son' contest will only be divided into winners and losers. It ends when you click, Yun Ling, you must be punished for violating the rules of the family!"

"Nian is in a special situation, and I will raise impeachment to the Patriarch and the Presbyterian Council after the contest of the "Strong Son of the Strongest Son" of the Yun Family's Three Vessels!"

"If you can win the Three Meridian'The Strongest Son', it will be great, if you can't...huh!"

The elders sternly rebuked, deeply angry at Yun Ling's random shots to hurt people.


Yun Ling's eyes were calm and sneered.

Although Yun's parents were annoyed, they were deeply convinced of Yun Ling's strength.

Yun Yan is already the top existence of the younger generation in the family, but he is not the enemy of Yun Ling. In this three-veil duel, Yun Ling can be nearly 80% sure of winning.

As long as the two lines of Chiyun City and Moyunling do not appear more enchanting freaks than her, the honor of "The Strongest Son" has already been reserved by Yun Lingchuan!

Countless eyes gathered on Yun Ling, his eyes full of worship, awe and jealousy.

"'The Strongest Son' is nothing to me, and the young geniuses of the Yun family are also nothing. To me, the real opponent is not in Scarlet Cloud City, nor in Moyunling!"

Yun Ling's gaze swept slowly, and he looked at the crowd somewhere below, and said something inexplicable.

"Yun Ling, what are you talking about?"

"What do you mean by that?"

The elders of Yun's parents kept asking, but they did not know why.

Yun Ling ignored them with a sneer: "With your talent and aptitude, the growth rate in this upper realm will never be worse than mine. Since you are here, let me feel your combat power!"


"Who is she talking about?"

"What's going on?"

Everyone looked at Yun Ling's line of sight, and they couldn't help but be in a daze!

Yun Ling condescendingly looked down on the square, and there were three beautiful women at the end of his sight!

Everyone's attention has been on the top of the several arenas, and they hardly noticed the situation here. It was only then that they discovered that among the warriors who were there to watch the battle, there were such three existences.

"The body of fire attribute talent!"

"These sisters still have the same blood, this is a rare furnace!"

The martial artists in the audience were stunned by the appearance of the three, especially Su Wan, who attracted a lot of fiery eyes.

Almost everyone's attention was on the three women. Almost no one paid attention to Jiang Tian, who was lowly in realm. Some people even thought he was the trio's entourage, but some people soon realized that something was wrong!

"Hey, although their cultivation is also in the Star River Realm, their aura is obviously not as good as Yun Ling, so they can't think of her like that!"

"Yes, their auras are not as good as those of the Yun family's peers, how could they be Yun Ling's opponents?"

"Strange, is Yun Ling wrong?"

"How is it possible, do you think she will make a mistake?"

Everyone was extremely surprised, and became more and more confused.

At this time, Su Wan and the three were all looking at Jiang Tian.

Others may not know, but they know very well that the person Yun Ling is talking about will not be someone else, only Jiang Tian!

The corners of Jiang Tian's eyes shrank slightly, his head held up and Yun Ling looked at each other.

Although the face of the other party was extremely strange to him, such posture and eyes reminded him of a person!

"Oh it's you?"

"Unexpectedly, we will meet here, right?"

Yun Ling sneered, her eyes flashed with a hint of warfare.

This kind of reaction moved the parents and elders of Yun, they have already seen weirdness!

When facing Yun Yan, Yun Ling has always been calm and calm, even contemptuous, but never has such a posture, why can Yun Ling treat that way for that foreigner who has only cultivated in the late stage of the Void Realm?

Is it possible that his combat power can really be comparable to the family's Tianjiao Yun Yan, or even stronger, strong enough to challenge Yun Ling?

The elders looked at each other, and thoughts poured out of their hearts.

They thought that Yun Ling had admitted the wrong person, but judging from the reaction of the other party, it was obviously not the case. The two people were obviously old acquaintances, which was strange!

"Who is she?" Su Wan frowned and asked Jiang Tian.

"Remember the'Taxu Martial Realm'?" Jiang Tian said in a deep voice.

"Taixu Martial Realm?" Su Wan's eyes twitched and her heart shook. The memories in her mind rolled, and various pictures flashed in an instant.

"Taixu Martial Realm" is a secret realm in the lower realm, with internal crises coexisting and unpredictable!

Back then, she, Jiang Tian, Yun Xianghan and a large number of warriors went deep into it to find opportunities and experienced various risks. At the last moment, she encountered the ghost ancestor and the first-born double-horned man with purple hair. The various experiences still have lingering fears.

However, in her memory, there was no such figure as Yun Ling among the people who entered the adventures of the "Taixu Martial Realm". However, since Jiang Tian and Yun Ling can recognize each other, it is obviously impossible to be a coincidence of both.

Who is this person?

Thoughts flashed in Su Wan's mind. After eliminating all possibilities, she suddenly shook her body and thought of someone!

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