Tyrant Dragon Emperor Chapter 5452

Chapter 5453: Strong enemy

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Coupled with the situation he has learned from fighting with others in the past few days, he knows that his identity has been exposed, and now he does not know how many people are searching for him with all his strength, so he has no doubt that this huge silver lightning came for him.

Click... Boom!

The thunder shook the sky, and the silver light suddenly converged!

The five elders of the Yunyuan Mountain Range suddenly appeared, their feet scattered in a circle the moment they stepped into the void, surrounding Jiang Tian and the others.

"Jiang Tian, your death date is here!"

"Killing my several elders and many younger generations in the Yunyuan Mountain Range, you will get a reward!"

"Today, we are here at the order of the Patriarch, bringing the hatred of the people, and we are bound to kill you in order to avenge blood!"

The fifth elder of the Dragon Clan pointed to Jiang Tian and sternly rebuked. The elders of the 11th and 12th elders swept more of the eyes of the three women, and they were amazed by their aptitude.

The other two white-haired and silver-robed elders did not speak, but their cultivation base aura became deeper. Two pairs of gloomy eyes stared at Jiang Tian, with killing intent in their eyes!

"Retribution? Sneer!" Jiang Tian shook his head and sneered, with a mocking expression on his face. "Although I entered your family land, I didn't do anything excessive. The cause of our grievances is all because your younger generation actively provoked you. first!"

"It's useless to explain, don't even think about quibbling, your time is running out!" The Fifth Elder screamed in a deep and murderous voice.

"I don't need to explain, and there is no sophistry. I just want to tell you that when I was in Tianyao Mountain and Wuxiang City, I even killed the elders of your clan. You guys are not much better than them in cultivation. , Can only die!"

"Extremely arrogant! The foundation of our Yunyuan Mountain Dragon Race is beyond your imagination!"

"Jiang Tian, die!"


The violent roar resounded through the void, and the five elders' breaths soared, launching a thunderous offensive at the fastest speed!

Boom... Click... Boom!


Fist palms, swords and phantoms crossed horizontally and horizontally, frantically slashing down!

The ferocious dragon-shaped giant claws tore through the void with terrifying coercion, and grabbed Jiang Tian!

But this was just the beginning. The five elders had a wave of offensive, and obviously they had made sufficient preparations. They didn't think that a wave of offensive would solve Jiang Tian.

The first wave of shots hasn't really fallen yet, the elders and twelve elders have already held the magic talisman, one after another excited!


Jiang Tian is not afraid of these offensives, but he has to worry about the safety of his companions.

The opponent was thunderous as soon as he came up, and for the sake of safety, he must take his companion out of the danger zone.

Hum rumbling!

The purple light flashed, and at the moment when the five dragon elders made their move, he opened the "Huakong Great Array" and moved away with the three companions.


The murderous intent in the eyes of the five elders of the Dragon Clan is soaring!

Jiang Tian's escape technique is very clear to him, the limit distance can be far more than ten thousand feet, but he did not escape far, it can only show that he does not intend to really escape, but to open the distance and prepare to let go.

But he was not afraid that Jiang Tian would escape. The Yunyuan Mountain Dragon Clan possessed numerous tracking secrets and bloodline secrets. As long as Jiang Tian was still in the "Star Ruins", he would not be able to escape his tracking.

"Fifth elders, the combat power of this child is a little bit beyond expectations, for the sake of safety, we should use that method as soon as possible to avoid extra branches!"

"There is indeed a need, don't hesitate anymore!"

The two elders who accompanied the formation immediately expressed their views.

From Jiang Tian's fleeing actions, they had already smelled a dangerous aura, so they decisively made suggestions to the fifth elders.

They are here to hold the line, not to fight against Jiang Tian, the evildoer. What kind of combat power, aptitude and talents, no matter how amazing Jiang Tian is, it has nothing to do with the mission of this trip. What they want to make sure is to cut. Kill this person and go back to the family.

As long as this goal can be achieved, the shorter the time is, the better, and the more powerful the means, the better, and Jiang Tian must not be given the slightest chance to fight back and escape!

"it is good!"

The fifth elder nodded his head heavily, without any objection.

Because he also understood the nature and significance of this mission, and the family had fallen so many people, Jiang Tian would never escape from his hands again.

The Fifth Elder's face sank, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.


Amid the dull roar, a cloud of blood suddenly flashed, turning into a vague blood dragon circling in front of him.

Opened his right hand, a fist-sized black bead with dense blood patterns appeared in the palm of his palm. Without him raising his hand, it turned into a black and red light and flew towards the blood dragon.

The blood dragon, who had just breathed a violent and invincible breath, trembled at the moment when the black ball appeared, as if it had fallen into fear, and seemed to sense something terrible!

Then he had to struggle and twist and forcibly escape, but before he could escape, the blood pattern on the surface of the black ball seemed to come alive, turning into blood lines and shooting out.


Abnormal noises sounded one after another, and these blood lines dismembered the blood dragon and swallowed its essence.

The next moment, a terrifying scene appeared!

The black ball that had sucked enough blood swelled sharply, and burst open with a "bang". The five black and red intertwined strange dragons exuded an evil aura and immediately roared and rushed out.

The speed is unimaginable!

Goal, point at Jiang Tian!


"what is that?"

Weifeng and Weiyu were terrified, this was a sight they had never seen before!

"Be careful!" Su Wan looked solemn, she didn't dare to breathe.

Seeing Jiang Tian's escape, the dragon elders should have tried their best to track them, but they stood in the same place and resorted to this method. Obviously, this was not giving up chasing and killing, but showing some kind of powerful trump card!

"The situation is wrong!"

Jiang Tian's heart was dark, and his strong intuition told him that the method used by the other party was extremely unusual.

At this moment, he and his companions are facing a life and death crisis!

He even had a weird feeling, as if the five different dragons came for him, and he couldn't hide it at all!

"Jiang Tian fast..." Su Wan wanted to remind him, but before finishing talking, Jiang Tian offered a treasure.

"Huntian Tower!"


The blue light suddenly appeared, and the Huntian Tower soared sharply, covering the three of them involuntarily.

"The son?"


"Jiang Tian?"

Before the three of Su Wan could breathe a sigh of relief, they were shocked to find that Jiang Tian was not in the tower!

The words stopped abruptly, and the "Huntian Pagoda" separated the inside and outside into two worlds.

Jiang Tian realized that the situation was complicated, and for the sake of safety, instead of hiding in the tower, he stepped out and swept to the left and front.


Jiang Tian stepped a thousand feet in one step, just as he expected, the five different dragons also turned and rushed in an instant!

"Dragon Secret Art!"

Jiang Tian's face sank, as if he was facing an enemy!

This is not only the Dragon Clan Secret Art, but also the Blood Vein Secret Art. If this is the case, he can hardly avoid it.

If he and his companions were all in the "Huntian Tower", they might be able to protect themselves for a while, but they would become a target for inability to fight back, and would eventually fall under the opponent's frenzied attack.

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