Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1458

Chapter 1460: Take It Back

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Longevity's heart jumped sharply, and he stayed still in the storm, which surprised him deeply.

Fengxian was also surprised. She knew Zhang Lie was strong, but she didn't expect that Li Feng and Yang Ze were not weak at all.

Collide with two masters one after another, calmly and not letting go.

Obviously, the three of them have not yet used their full strength to fight against the three masters? !


Chen Feng suddenly changed direction and rushed to the Silver Insect King, trying to take it away first.

The long-lived eyes are bright, and the battle clothes are crystal clear. Instantly culled the past, and the palms spit out the five elements divine light.

"The magical technique of Immortal Mountain?" Chen Feng was startled. Facing this secret technique, he was very jealous, moved laterally to avoid the blow, and then blasted a thunderous punch.

Yang Ze can judge that the longevity hand is more powerful than his junior and younger brother, longevity.


The two collide at the same time. The group of black and gold bugs below was irritated. These people didn't look at them too much, and dared to fight fiercely in their territory.

The runes rushed up, condensed together, turned into a peerless ultimate move, and rushed into the air.

Whether it was Longevity or Fengxian, it was shocked. And Chen Feng was the first to bear the brunt, just blocking the front and suffering a terrible impact. He gave a long scream. Rise quickly.

He first collided with Changming, encountered a huge force, shaking his body, and then strangled by the runes of the insect swarm, the sky was full of metal sword energy, making him retreat.


At this moment, Zhang Lie appeared, fell from the sky, stepped on it, and landed in the most critical position.

"Dare you!" Chen Feng was furious. Below was the furious insect swarm, strangling him with all his strength. Above it was Zhang Lie's volley blow, and the kick came towards his head.

In any case, he didn't want to be trampled on his head, it was a shame, he raised his fist and bombarded!


However, the power of the man above was shocking, like a mountain suppressed, and the sound of the wind made him feel as painful as a knife.

Chen Feng's path was blocked, and infinite runes swept from behind, causing his body to tremble. He was eroded by the metal gas spit out by black and gold bugs, as if being swept by a sword light, many wounds appeared.


He coughed up blood, staggered and weakened.

Zhang Lie descended from the sky and stepped on it, like a god, brave and invincible, covering the sky, so that Chen Feng was frightened and angry, and it was difficult to avoid it.

With a long roar, Chen Feng turned into a bare palm with a radius of several tens of feet, and patted it towards the sky, but in the end it was useless. The big foot fell, like a lofty mountain, making him tremble.


Chen Feng was furious, and the insect swarm below glowed, posing a terrible threat to him. A sword light pierced his body and made him tremble.

But the big feet in the sky fell almost on his scalp. At this time, he was hit hard by the insect swarms, and he was unable to do what he wanted, feeling resentful and roaring endlessly.


He held the sky with his hands, and finally protected himself, but his hair was messy, his skull was painful, and blood was dripping. He almost cracked his skull and fell from the air to the insect swarm.


Blood and light splashed, and he suffered a series of rune impacts, all of which were metal sword auras ejected by black and gold bugs. It was too dense and made him suffer.


Chen Feng yelled, the pain was like splitting his body, he struggled fiercely, and killed the insect king.

From the beginning to the present, all of this happened in an instant. Soon the average person could not react, Chen Feng was already seriously injured.

Changming and Fengxian were shocked, but now they couldn't afford to think about it. They rushed down to capture the insect king, because Chen Feng fell there and disturbed the insect swarm, which was a good opportunity.

Naturally, Li Feng couldn't let him do what he wanted to intercept.

Da Guangming FistFlying Dragon Fist!

He clenched his fist, his right arm was instantly wrapped in bright white, and layers of fine white dragon scales emerged. The white dragon scales wriggled, and a white illusory light dragon formed on the arm. The light dragon hovered around the arm and opened the dragon's mouth with a roar. Rush out.

Monstrous SwordSea Dragon!

Yang Ze Jianguang turned into a giant ocean wave dragon.

The long, faint blue dragon, with fins on both sides, the scales are like ice crystals,

The twin dragons are one, the illusory light dragon and the blue sea dragon spiral together, and the light and the power of the ocean intertwine. Even the two dragons and the Phoenix must retreat from the edge.


With stars like a river, Zhang Lie descended from the sky, grabbing the Silver Insect King and imprisoning him with his source of strength.

Lightning is like a waterfall, thunder is like a river, Zhang Lie descends from the sky, accompanied by endless flaming runes,

Chang Ming and Feng Xian were intercepted by Yang Ze and Li Feng. The other three looked together. Chang Ming and Feng Xian had deep eyes. Although they were unwilling, they did not immediately make a move. They both had a palm against Zhang Lie. Knowing that this person is powerful, it is worthless to fight to the death here for an insect king.

Chen Feng was disheveled, covered in blood, and his face was pale and ugly. He was stepped on his skull by Zhang Lie and almost died. This was a great humiliation. He wanted to fight to the death.

"Brother Lie, let me come on this guy."

Li Feng took a step forward and looked directly at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng restrained and didn't want to fight fiercely in the worst state, because he was seriously injured by the swarm.

Zhang Lie didn't make a move either. He could feel that the contestants were peeping in secret, not wanting to let others take advantage of it.

More importantly, he knew that the Star God Clan was besieging Fang Yi and didn't want to be delayed here.

Chen Feng was unwilling, but eventually retreated.

Longevity and Phoenix Immortal's main body also disappeared, not wanting to fight Zhang Lie's life and death because of a bug king.

The people who secretly coveted all stunned in their hearts and walked away silently.

Zhang Lie shook his belly pocket: "Don't Fairy Phoenix want it?"

Fengxian turned around and stopped, thinking of something, and gave Zhang Lie a blushing look.

He is cheating me! ?

Zhang Lie smiled and said, "Actually, I keep this kind of daughter's stuff, it's useless, and it's not a problem to return it to the fairy."

Fengxian was a little moved, but forced to endure it, and left with a cold snort.

Zhang Lie let out a long sigh.

I originally wanted to use this thing to exchange some information, but now it seems to be useless.

Zhang Lie turned his head to see that Yang Ze and Li Feng had weird eyes.

Zhang Lie said in a huff: "What do you guys think about!"

Yang Ze raised his hands and said, "I'm wrong, Brother Lie, I didn't say anything, I just don't know what you think?"

Li Feng asked: "Brother Lie wants to chase you?"

Zhang Lie shook his head and said, "Things are in order. Let's find Fang Yi before talking."

Yang Ze said, "Brother Lie, Li Feng is asking you, do you want to chase that woman?"

Li Feng nodded and said, "Actually, we can leave Fang Yi's affairs to us."

Zhang Lie gave the two men a vicious punch in the head.

Yang Ze picked up the Silver Insect King and asked, "Brother Lie, how do you use this stuff?"

Although Zhang Lie just stopped the three people from snatching it, it was not what Zhang Lie wanted. He just didn't want the things in his hand to be robbed. How to use this thing and how to deal with it made Zhang Lie a little bit difficult.

Li Feng asked: "Don't you know the insect king?"

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