Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1459

Chapter 1461: Role Of Insect King

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Yang Ze glared at him unhappily and said, "It sounds like you know you."

Li Feng smiled and said: "Don't tell me, I know some information from other contestants."

In this area of thousands of miles, there are many insect swarms of different species, and the king of all insects is cultivated in the environment of this special world.

After a long period of time, the insect kings of different races will fight each other and swallow each other, and eventually will evolve the insect emperor!

Yang Ze asked: "It's like raising Gu?"

Li Feng nodded and said, "There should be nothing wrong with this."

Yang Ze asked, "What is the use of the Insect King, you haven't said yet."

Li Feng asked: "What should you do if you are injured in this world?"

Yang Ze thought about it for a while and said, "I previously mixed into the races of the Fifth Realm. I heard that the herbs here can heal mental injuries."

Li Feng said: "The insect king has the same effect as those herbs, and it can even be said to have a better effect."

Yang Ze asked in surprise: "The legendary life and death are bones?"

"It's not enough. The wound is healed, and there is no wound to prevent injury."

Yang Ze frowned and said, "It sounds very mysterious."

"I heard that after eating it, I can get an energy protection at the level of spiritual power, which is equivalent to getting a death-free gold medal. Even if beheaded in this world, it will not cause damage to the spirit. According to the legendary insect emperor, It can also make the spirit evolve in Nirvana, which can bring great benefits."

Zhang Lie asked: "How to deal with this insect king?"

Li Feng suggested: "Give it to Brother Lie."

Zhang Lie said directly: "I don't need it, you two should share it."

Yang Ze raised his head and looked into the distance and said, "Dont rush to divide. There seems to be a big battle ahead. Maybe its fighting for the legendary insect emperor. We might as well look at the past. Even if we cant find the insect emperor, we can find the second insect. king."

Zhang Lie frowned and said, "Aren't you looking for Fang Yi first?"

Yang Ze said: "Fang Yi will not die immediately if thrown aside, but we get a bug king, which is equivalent to getting a gold medal for avoiding death, which is good for the whole team. Maybe Fang Yi will fight in front. What about China?"

The queen bee was indeed pointing forward, and Zhang Lie nodded in agreement.

The three of them went together, with a long cry, and a bird of prey swooped down from the air, its wings glowing like metal, and with a fierce force, the wings broke the mountain peaks.

Zhang Lie raised his head and looked at this fierce and ferocious archaic bird of prey, which could kill the elephant.

Dragon Turtle Transformation!

The shadow of the dragon tortoise appeared behind him, and the nature of the source force of the water in the body began to transform, deriving the thick and solid water, the source force turned into dark yellow water source force, the source force spread out from circle to circle, like ripples, like ocean tides, like darkness Yellow mud.

Zhang Lie's eyes were clear, and her jet-black hair fluttered in the wind.


The mountain shook, and this bird of prey swooped down, carrying the mighty power to smash the mountain. It was so powerful that the mountain was quickly torn apart, but the figure below did not move.

Moreover, it itself fell into the range of the source force ripples, such as plunged into the mud, unable to escape, breathing difficulties, and being restrained and imprisoned.

This bird of prey is horrified. It is the king of birds nearby and can kill all kinds of holy birds and predators. Now he was so anchored.

Zhang Lie lifted his neck and said, "Want to eat me?"

Every black feather of the black bird of prey exploded and wailed softly, and his eyes were full of fear and trembling. This person is too terrifying!

Zhang Lie glanced at it, then threw it into the air. Said: "Stay away from me."

The black fierce bird is like an amnesty. As the bird king in this area, it experienced this terrible thing for the first time. It quickly spread its wings and hit the sky, and fled without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Zhang Lie took a step, one step was hundreds of feet. Disappeared from this mountain.

"Wow..." On the way, a golden giant appeared on the way, reaching ten feet high, with thick golden long hair outside his body, extremely mad, holding a stone stick, and slamming it at Zhang Lie.

Zhang Lie looked up. Reach out a little and hold the six-six-foot-long stone rod to prevent it from moving forward.

The golden giant was stunned, what kind of power is this?


The next moment, Zhang Lie left an afterimage on the spot, appeared in front of the golden giant, and lifted it up with the force of a mountain. Then threw it out.

The golden giant hit the mountain, the boulder rolled down, his face turned pale, it took him a long time to catch his breath, and then fled like a frightened rabbit.

The three of them walked all the way and came to the five peaks with glowing rays of light. They found that several sacred mountains had been destroyed, and only half of them were left.

On the ground, there are all kinds of broken weapons and big pits.

The energy in the big pit has not yet dissipated. The various energies in the big pit are like boiling hot water. When ordinary people fall, they will be evaporated clean and turned into fly ash. It can be imagined, although there is no corpse. Remains, but you can also imagine how tragic the battle was going through before this.

Before getting close, I felt the aftermath of the fierce battle, and then a more terrifying force erupted.

Zhang Lie stared in surprise and said, "I feel Fang Yi's breath."

The power of time spread, and the whole world became gray, and everything was blocked by the power of time.


The three Zhang Lie broke through the blocked time and looked at each other with surprise expressions in their eyes.

Yang Ze was also very surprised. He was completely guessing and didn't expect the dead cat to run into the dead mouse.

Sure enough, immediately afterwards, the familiar tiger roar and dragon chant sounded between heaven and earth.

The lightning and the storm are entangled, the wind dragon and thunder tiger appear, the wind dragon and thunder tiger transformed by the source force twists, pulls in the continuous rotation, and merges into the spear. The thunder and storm rotate around and accelerate, and the power is circle after circle. It spreads, and its momentum continues to increase.

The spiral wind thunder and the force of time are constantly compressing, and the surrounding space is involved, and the space is like a ball of paper being crumpled.

Wind and thunder, time and space all revolve on the spear, and the power is layered on top of each other. This is not a simple one plus one. The intertwining forces promote each other, and the energy continues to increase.

The force of chaos above the spear shakes is aroused.

Time is like wind, time is like electricity, time gun, sky gun, dragons and tigers roar.

Wind and thunder, time and space, the power of chaos blends into it.

It's just like BUFF, layer by layer.

The purple thunder and lightning is like a dragon, the cyan storm is like a tiger, the air of chaos, the colorless time blends into it, and the power of the black space is covered. Fang Yiyuan's force is continuously poured in, the energy rotation speed increases, and the storm winds around his body.

Pulled by the storm, it turns into a space storm, the power of time blends into time, a new energy combination.

Void storms raged all over the body, rolling the scarlet flames, and due to time blocking the world, it did not burst out in a single breath.

The chaotic air that can dissolve and destroy everything, circulates in the strong wind.

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