Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460: Seven Chrysalis

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Except for Fang Yi's surprise, no one can create such a spectacular scene. The single move has not been released, and even Zhang Lie and others who are ten miles away are clearly visible.

Yang Ze was surprised: "Is this really hit?"

It wasn't that Yang Ze's dead cat ran into the dead mouse. It could only be said that Yang Ze was too familiar with Fang Yi, and the unconscious analysis happened to hit the action of Fang Yi.

The storm winds, the lightning flashes, the wind with the power of the years surrounds the spear, the invisible time thunder and lightning flashes by, the wisps of time-like thunder and lightning circulate on the spear, gather on the top of the spear, the wind dragon thunder tiger spirals , Was forcibly pulled into the rotating force of the spear.

With the powerful and huge power running, the space pulled in, and the power of the space mixed into the thunder and lightning and turned into the thunder of the void.

The pitch-black thunder light flickered constantly, and there was a continuous thunder of lightning around Fang Yi. The pitch-black thunder and lightning were like spikes, more like sharp blades.

Come on!

Flickering with the brilliance of void thunder and lightning, mixed with the wind of space, the world was torn into pieces. The space around Fang Yi was like broken glass, and the entire space was in danger of collapsing.

Space storm and time thunder and lightning continue to entangle and merge with each other, space and time, storm and thunder, the power of chaos is introduced.

Mixing the space storm and the thunder of the void, even the power of time and the power of chaos, the power is maintained on the spear, and the spiral power is maintained in a high-speed rotation state. The seven different powers are mixed together, like a tornado. Circling on the spear.

The power kept accelerating, and the two wheels of time accelerated to spin, contending like drums, and the space began to shatter.

The seven powers of lightning, storm, wind of time, electricity of time, storm of space, thunder of the void, and power of chaos are superimposed.

Thunder and lightning are like dragons, storms are like tigers, colorless time blends in, the power of black space is covered, energy rotation speeds up, and the void storm winds up with multiple energies superimposed, and the space continues to shatter.

The storm winds and the lightning flashes. With the powerful and huge power running, the space pulls in, and the power of the space is mixed into the thunder and lightning, turning into the thunder of the void.

The dark thunder light flickered constantly, like spikes, more like sharp blades.

Come on!

Flashing with the brilliance of the void thunder and lightning, mixed with the wind of space, the world is like being torn into pieces, space is like broken glass, space storm and time thunder and lightning are constantly entangled and merged with each other, space and time, storm and Thunder.

The power of space and the storm merge into a space storm, the lightning and time merge into the thunder of the void, the power of time and the power of wind and thunder are mixed together, turning into the wind of the years and the electricity of time, and the power of time and space merge into The power of time and space, the power of chaos and the storm merge into chaotic storm, and the thunder and lightning merge into the thunder of chaos.

The spiral is like a blender, throwing all the power into it, smashing and fusing together. Seven different powers are mixed together. Before the attack is released, a terrifying aftermath has erupted. The earth is shattered and the sky is like a sword and axe. Tired.

The power of chaos and the power of time and space collided. The wheel of time shattered in circles, the spear vibrated endlessly, and a large amount of chaotic power spewed out and joined the spiral.

A spear broke through the sky.

The violent space storm, the thunder of the void that consumes energy, the unpredictable electricity of time and space, the wind that corrodes all the years, the power of chaos that consumes all, all the forces are mixed together and turned into a beam of light, sweeping across the sky and the earth.

Yang Ze's expression changed drastically: "Things are not good, Fang Yi has been forced to the point of using nothing, I guess the current situation is not good."

Fang Yi naturally understood that this match must be a protracted battle. He was not forced to the point where there was nowhere to go, and he would not release big moves.

Zhang Lie also got serious and said, "Hurry over."

Fang Yi was covered in blood, leaning on a sacred mountain with his back, thunder light and storm surrounding him, and the spirit particles from his body continued to spread. Even if the whole world was enemies, Fang Yi still did not have a trace of despair in the face of the enemy, and his eyes were full of war.

"Come on, come on, come on if you have the ability."

Surrounded by stars, the fairy clouds are brilliant, and the rays of light are flowing, making him look sacred and transcendent, his eyes are clear, and his black hair is dancing in the wind.

"The chrysalis does not belong to you, hand it over."

"Hahaha, this is a good thing I left for my teammates. Even if I destroy it with my own hands, it will not be given to you Star God Race." Fang Yi took out seven chrysalis, dazzling, dazzling and energetic. Surrounding, with dazzling special effects, a piece of yellow paper is pasted on it, and dense runes are engraved on it, sealing something incredible.

The Star God Clan nearby shouted: "What are you doing with so many Xingyou tubes? Just kill this guy directly, so that I can avenge the son of God."

"That's right, just because this guy is absolutely incapable of killing God's Son, he must have used some despicable means."

"Although the chrysalis is important, the glory of the Star God Race is even more important. You can't let this guy who humiliated the Star God Race go away for nothing."

Those who are besieging Fang Yi, the main force is naturally the Star Gods, and there are some other races who have mixed in it, most likely to fish in troubled waters and want to get cheap.

Fang Yi laughed and said: "Come on, come if you have the ability. After my grandfather destroys the chrysalis, he will nail you one by one here. Killing one is not a loss. Killing two people will make a steady profit. See how long I can delay. Go into the water."

The Star God Clan headed by Xingyou took a deep breath and said: "In fact, there is no contradiction between us fundamentally. It's just that you defeated our God Son in the qualifiers. Our Star God Clan just wants to save face."

Fang Yi cursed: "Fart, we didn't have any conflicts before. After being chased by your gang, our Liangzi will be formed."

Xing You Tan said: "But didn't you take advantage of the chaos and grab the chrysalis that belonged to us?"

A Star God Race said: "So, we are even."

Fang Yi frowned and said, "What? After chasing and killing me for so long, will he be persuaded now?"

Xing You sneered: "Actually, you don't want to fight for a dead fish, right?"

A Star God Clan came to understand and said: "I understand, if this guy is really so cruel, he would have done it a long time ago, and there is no need to wait until now."

Fang Yi was startled, he really didn't want to fight with the Star God Clan.

He kept thinking in his heart that when he joined Zhang Lie and the others, he would kill a carbine and kill the Star Gods and the others.

Xing You said: "Hand over the chrysalis, I can let you go."

Fang Yi frowned and said, "You are so kind?"

Some Star Gods were dissatisfied.

"Xingyou, what are you doing, you let this guy leave, the Star Gods clan's hatred will not be reported?"

"The existence of this guy is the mark of the humiliation of the Star God Race, we must not let go."

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