Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1530

Chapter 1533: Core perception

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After the golden lotus is ignited, it does not emit sacred golden brilliance, but ignites a blue flame, because it is not only the golden lotus that is ignited, but also the dead bones and corpses under the lotus. The dead bones and corpses are used as fuel to burn the curse and The resentment turned into a cold and vicious flame.

Large expanses of golden lotus exploded, and densely packed lotus seeds lased towards Sun Xiaowu and Sun Mengmeng. Each lotus seed was golden and dazzling, like the sun's shell, wrapped in spite and resentment. Qingyue Song will not be seen and will be destroyed. Two people.

"Dare to bully my sister and die!"

The horrible golden light boxing vigorously agitated, Sun Xiaowu rushed straight with golden light, and layers of dense golden dragon scales slowly emerged.

"Jinlin BaquanCrash!"

The breath of Sun Xiaowu's body changed completely, and his right arm was instantly wrapped in bright golden light.

A wave of coercion rose to the sky.

Sun Xiaowu stepped forward, and his right fist blasted out in the blink of an eye, like a bull's bombardment, a wave of terror and dominance, swept out in an instant.


Sun Xiaowu has gained unimaginable benefits in this world, and his strength has long been compared to what he could have previously.

The golden energy exploded, all the lotus seeds were blown away, and they exploded continuously in the ancient temple. The golden space of Qingyue Song's refinement was shattered. All the lotus flowers were torn into pieces. Withered bones and corpses were blown away. Qingyue Song spit out frantically. The golden blood can't recover even if it has super healing power.

Qingyue Song is very strong, but compared to ordinary contestants, it can fight against Sun Mengmeng, and even suppress it. It is because Sun Mengmeng uses the source of fire. For all flames, Qingyue Song has strong restraint It works, but now the opponent is Sun Mengmeng's younger brother, the result is different.

Sun Xiaowu's use is not the source force of the fire zodiac, and will not be restrained by the Qingyue Song.

Not to mention that Sun Xiaowu entered the ancient temple one step ahead of the game and reaped the ultimate benefit.

Seeing that Sun Mengmeng was rescued, everyone in the Extreme Team breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing Sun Xiaowu appeared, his strength was stronger than before, and everyone ignited confidence.

Qingyuege stood up with difficulty, grabbed the special lotus thorn and came up: "Death to me!"

Sun Xiaowu punched out, the golden light shone, and directly punched Qingyuege through.

In Qingyuege's silent roar, it turned into a rain of light and merged into the beam of light above his head.

On the other side, Fang Yi laughed wildly: "Hahaha, it seems that your plan has failed."

Lei Tingya's face was ugly, and the green thunder and lightning all over his body flickered. Unexpectedly, Qingyuege was so useless, entangled Fang Yi in spite of his injuries, and even failed the NTR and even caught himself.

"Dragons and tigers roar!"

After Sun Mengmeng was rescued, Fang Yi was finally able to let go of his hands and feet.

With a low cry, the tiger roars and the dragon chants, Fang Yi's spear is on top, the wind dragon and thunder tiger appear, and he rushes out with a majestic majesty.

The dragon of storm and the tiger of thunder roared and roared, surrounded by storms and thunder and lightning, spears screamed, the chaos spear bestowed by the emperor of Chaos erupted with power, and the power of chaos was mixed into the wind and thunder, and burst out with shocking power.

Lei Tingya mobilized the law of life, thunder and lightning, turned into a mountain and pressed down.

The wind and thunder collide with the force of birth and death, and the wind dances wildly, the thunder light flickers, and the light bursts.

Lei Tingzi moved.

The laws of life wandering in the body are resolved by lightning, and the palms that are transformed to cover the sky and the sun, as thick as a mountain of earth, cover Thundering Ya

In an instant, there were thousands of arcs and thousands of weights of lightning, erupting like a big wave.

Lei Tingzi divides yin and yang with thunder and electricity, and evolves the five elements with yin and yang, and will instill the power of thunder in the five elements into the earth zodiac. The big earthy hand looks like a mountain, with thunder gathering and intertwined with lightning, but with the breath of the earth Condensed together.

Attacking from behind, Lei Tingya turned around to destroy the thunder and lightning, and collided with the big khaki hand, the soil burst and the thunder and lightning roared.

"Tiangang GunHowl of Dragons and Tigers!"

With a low cry, the tiger roars and the dragon chants, Fang Yi's spear is on top, the wind dragon and thunder tiger appear, and he rushes out with a majestic majesty. Storm and thunder and lightning converged on the spear, the sound of dragon roar echoed in the sky, the two forces of wind and thunder converged on the spear, and the lightning and storm were entangled.

On the basis of Dragons and Tigers, join the power of Tiangang Spear.

The wind assists the thunder, the thunder moves around the wind, the wind and thunder are intertwined, the thunder is shining, the wind is whistling, the storm is chaotic, the thunder is tearing the void, the dragon and the tiger are all up, the two forces are entangled, the spear bursts with the power, the power of chaos joins, like one Electric drill, thunder and lightning through life.

The spear pierced Lei Tingya's shoulder, almost removing one of his opponent's arms.

After solving Qingyuege, Sun Xiaowu fell beside Zhang Lie.

"Brother Lie, leave these people to me. Go and solve the guy above." Sun Xiaowu looked at the guy in the black robe above his head.

Zhang Lie nodded.

Sun Xiaowu said: "That guy is not simple. Although I don't know the origin, he is definitely the top old guy in the Immortal Palace. I mixed in with them to obtain some information. That guy intends to **** the core perception of this world."

"Core perception?"

Sun Xiaowu said: "This world is very special, and can turn profound feelings into spiritual things."

Zhang Lie once obtained Silver Dragon Lotus and Chongdi in this world, so naturally he knew part of the secrets of this world.

Sun Xiaowu went on to explain: "But many people dont know that this world itself is an extremely deep perception, which is related to the transformation of the worlds creation of reality and reality. Every contestant is beheaded, and part of it is absorbed by the imprint of the back of the hand, which will become a reward for subsequent gene expansion. , The other part is absorbed by the world and becomes the cornerstone of this world."

Zhang Lie came to understand and said: "So, this guy wants to use the altar to forcibly extract his insights from this world."

Sun Xiaowu nodded earnestly: "Brother Lie, if you can definitely do it, grab your insights."

At this moment, the man holding a black knife threw out from behind.

"Don't worry about chatting, put me aside." The man holding the black knife yelled.

The man with a hideous face, culled behind him, holding a black bone knife, and slashing Sun Xiaowu's head.

"The betrayer is dead!"

Sun Xiaowu didn't respond, and the black knife chopped down on his neck.


The black knife fell on the neck, but the sound of metal clashing sounded, and the man holding the black knife felt slashed on top of the gold and iron.

Sun Xiaowus neck was filled with dense runes, and the runes overlapped each other. Each rune was like gold and iron, with a black knife that cut iron like mud, but couldnt cut Sun Xiaowus neck.

"Brother Lie, don't worry, just leave it to me here. I entered the ancient temple in advance and got the biggest egg in the game. I was the first one to enter the ancient temple as a reward. Within the ancient temple, I can be no more than three opponents!" Sun Xiaowu said He turned around and punched him.


The man holding a black knife spouted a mouthful of blood, and he was beaten out.

Zhang Lie nodded, and Sun Xiaowu proved with his fist that he is strong and he has full confidence in his team members.

With Sun Xiaowu's assurance and joining, Zhang Lie did not hesitate to step up the stairs step by step.

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