Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1531

Chapter 1536: Relax

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"Golden Lights and Shadows Thousand Heavy!"

In a moment, Sun Xiaowu's body turned into thousands of golden phantoms in a low roar, paved with steps, each one is false, and at the same time, each one is real.

Sun Xiaowu sent half to stop Lei Tingya, and the other side was to deal with others.

Sun Xiaowu, who has the ability to dominate, alone dominates the battlefield.

Everyone in the Fifth Realm kept beheading the clones.

The woman in black issued a vine. Entangling Sun Xiaowu's true neck!

"He really is this."

The woman in black can directly see through the breath of a person's life, and instantly recognize Sun Xiaowu's true body.

Scorpio, Jasper Praying Mantis, and men with black knives are also culled!

No matter how real the clones were, they couldn't stop them, but Sun Xiaowu was able to clone infinitely, and it was a trouble after all. Everyone worked together to solve Sun Xiaowu, otherwise, clones kept popping up endlessly, and they had no combat experience.

Even Lei Tingya, who was mad, temporarily gave up Lei Tingzi and Fang Yi, forcibly broke through hundreds of siege of Sun Xiaowu clones, and slew towards Sun Xiaowu.

"Jiuxiao Mingyue has fallen into the dust!"

The bowstring shook between raising his hands, and nine black scorching moons lit up in the sky.

The nine black scorching moons covered the sun's brilliance, dazzling more than the sun in the sky, and needed to help Sun Xiaowu resolve the crisis.

Fengxian squeezed the Dharma seal, flicking his hands, the afterimage became a film, buzzing, like a bird flapping its wings, driving a terrible wind, rolling up nine black scorching moons, and the black flames turned into The tornado rolled up the steps.

Scorpio, Jasper Praying Mantis, a man holding a black knife, and Lei Tingya approached through Black Flame.

The situation was critical, but Sun Xiaowu was laughing with cold eyes.

"King Kong is immortal, God of War!"

Brilliant golden runes emerge from the skin, surround the body, and the source power blooms. The golden runes and source power are mixed together, turning into a ten-meter-high golden light phantom, like a **** of war, surrounded by golden bright runes and enveloped Sun Xiaowu. Like a burning sun.


After only one face, the man screamed, and the black bone knife shattered. And he exploded with one arm, and then half of his body turned into blood and flew out.

"You..." Lei Tingya was surprised, his chest was also boring at this time, and he was shocked and coughed up blood.

At the same time, around Sun Xiaowu's arm, Heilan's stems wrapped around his arm and were torn apart.

"Wow..." Jasper Mantis screamed, but was blown away by a punch.


Silently, Fengxian's jade sword plunged into Sun Xiaowu's chest, and it was difficult for him to avoid it.

Sun Mengmeng saw this scene, her pupils contracted, and the black flame rushed towards the night, turning into an angry roaring demon.

Yuehua splashes down to the sky!

The whole bow burned, and the arrow rushed into the sky, exploded in the clouds, and turned into a black moon in the sky.

The black moonlight exploded and turned into a stream of moonlight falling from the sky. Seeing the attack came, Fengxian wanted to draw out the jade sword, but couldn't draw it out with all his strength, so he could only give up the jade sword in his hand and quickly retreated.

"I said, elder sister, take your time, I was not killed by someone's sneak attack, I was almost burned to death by you." Sun Xiaowu slowly walked out of the sea of flames, with a calm expression on his face, as if he was unscathed, if not the point of the sword. Still stuck in his chest, Fengxian felt that a sword hadn't pierced him just now.

Fengxian frowned: "How is this possible?"

The jade sword slowly merged into Sun Xiaowu's body and turned into flesh and blood. He licked his lips, burped, and gave a thumbs up: "Your sword is good."

Fengxian's face was ugly and said, "What the **** are you?"

"Of course it's a very ordinary person."

You lied!

"Just enter the ancient temple in advance to get the benefits. There are not only the ultimate elixir, but also the fierce legacy of warfare insights, and there are countless incomplete weapons and fairy swords. I absorb the weapons and fairy swords left in the ancient temple and feel the warfare. , Now every inch of my flesh and blood is composed of weapons and fairy swords, and my will is the integration of all combat intent."

On the skin, densely packed golden runes appeared. Under the runes, ancient weapons were neatly arranged, steps on the ground, the steps cracked, and cobweb-like cracks appeared on the ground. Sun Xiaowu no longer restrained his own strength, and the weight was astonishingly terrifying.

The eyes were blood red, and the whole body burst out with golden light, which turned into phantoms, condensing the contestants who had fought here.

"Come on, then, I am now a limited edition of Super Sun Xiaowu."

Sun Xiaowu's combat effectiveness is now unprecedentedly strong!

Above the head, an astonishing brilliance erupted, and the sun collided with the sea.

Zhang Lie and Jin Yanyang fought a battle.

Jin Yanyang used extreme methods as soon as he came up.

"The fire and gold treasure bottle is cut infinitely!" Jin Yanyang shouted, his whole body blooming with divine light, he held the treasure bottle and pointed it at Zhang Lie, killing forward with the gushing sword aura like the sea.


The blue source force is condensed, the ripples spread out on the arm, the spiral wraps around the arm, the wrist shook, the blue source force lingered, the horror began to bloom, the sky suddenly darkened, and a fish swimming like a giant It's like a bird, circling the sky through the sky.


The violent wind blew across the battlefield, and as the source force ripples of the winding arm increased, the high-speed rotation formed a turbulent flow, surrounded by blue source force vortices, and layers of energy continued to accumulate.

The huge waves soared into the sky, with a punch, the giant kun counterattacked, the fish's tail flapped, the blue ocean waves lifted, and the sound was loud.

Layers of turbulent waves surpassed the sky, overwhelming the sky and the earth, shocking the momentum, causing the space to be distorted, and the water's relative force shook the space, like a furious black dragon. Up, the sound is loud.


The terrifying air wave exploded, and the spatial fluctuations erupted and shocked circle after circle. The air wave exploded. The source force ocean was like a raging beast, and the blue sea tide turned into a violent storm.

At this moment, the treasure bottle was shattered, the golden light exploded, like a star burst, the golden flame spread across the sky and the earth, and the entire ancient temple was ignited.

The two of them were in the golden sea of fire, each standing on their side, both of them were on guard.

The people around stepped back, giving way to a position.

Jin Yanyang's body was shaken and his face was solemn: "As expected, he is the one who can defeat my son. He is a bit capable in the same generation."

Zhang Lie said with disdain: "I have beaten you yet."

Jin Yanyang didn't know that he had been made into an adult machine by someone, and everyone who entered the trial space had to do it once, thinking that Zhang Lie was saying that he was about to defeat him.

"Then it depends on whether you have this ability!"

Jin Yanyang shouted, the whole body bloomed with divine light, crystal clear and brilliant, golden flames burned on it, like a scorching sun, soaring a giant vine, turning itself into a magic weapon, slashing the sky, and a huge golden light dividing the sky in two.

"Jinyang boundlessly cut!"

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