Ultimate Gene Valkyrie Chapter 1532

Chapter 1535: Law of life

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"I'm really welcome. Fortunately, I can do it myself." Shi Hao was forced to be helpless and separated.

"Golden Lights and Shadows Thousand Heavy!"

In a moment, Sun Xiaowu's body turned into thousands of golden phantoms in a low roar, covering the steps.


Sun Xiaowu greeted the tripod, and greeted the black knife man and the woman, bursting out a brilliant light.

Fengxian turned into a streamer and killed him with magical arrow technique.


Three soft sounds, three purple flame arrows, like three tracking missiles, shot out quickly.

"Dark Moon Soul Chasing Arrow!"

Three purple flame arrows exploded in mid-air, turning into three bright sparks.

I saw Sun Mengmeng in the distance still holding the Jialou Luo bow.

Fengxian was extremely fast, changing direction in the void, passing through sparks, like a silver lightning strike.

The power of space is used to the extreme, and its extreme manifestation is turned into a way of attack. The whole person is like a magical arrow, impacting in the void, flickering from east to west.

"Don't want to move my brother."

Sun Mengmeng had recovered, holding the Jialou Luo bow, the flames rising all over his body.

"The Moon Stream of Hades!"

With the bowstring trembling between the raised hands, hundreds of arrows shot out like moonlight, and the moonlight arrows turned into a torrent, burning and destroying all auras.

The silver divine arrow pierced through the torrent of moonlight arrows, and the white light of the moon was draped on her body to resist the attack of the flame arrows. This beautiful woman, the body itself is a weapon.

Changed direction in midair and rammed towards Sun Mingming.

"Nine Nether FlamesFull Moon!"

In the low voice, Sun Mengmeng swung the sword domineeringly, and a black full moon appeared. After the full moon opened, the Yandao rushed out and stepped on the ground.


The earth exploded, flames rose to the sky, and the high-temperature flame cracks spread from the ground.

Like Chang'e flying to the moon, he stabbed a knife.

The black full moon broke open, and the flame exploded, rushing straight out.

Sun Mengmeng is like a Chang'e flying to the moon, surrounded by purple flames and turned into fairy clothes. The burning flame drags out a long tail, like a feather robe and silk, the end is burning, exuding beautiful brilliance, along the way, flames are burning, stars are burning Scattered, the ashes shone like dazzling stars.

The beautiful face is even more fascinating in the fire. At this moment, Sun Mengmeng is as beautiful as a fairy.

"call out...!"

The wind whispered, and a dark red long knife pierced out at extreme speed, and it collided with the divine arrow constantly in the sky, the silver light burst into pieces, the sky light rolled back, the purple flames flew, and the divine flames were overwhelming.

I saw the golden lantern man in the distance, blowing out the flames, regardless of the enemy and us, as if to bury everyone together.

It doesn't matter if the Golden Lantern man wants to bury the people on the Fifth Realm, but Yang Ze doesn't like it if he wants to bring everyone from the Extreme Squad.

Overwhelming SwordImitating Waves

The sword light is like a long river running across it, spreading with circles of waves, with the power of space to resist the fire.

Seeing Lei Tingya being penetrated by the spear through the center of his eyebrows, his junior brother Lei Tingzi's face was complicated. The next moment, the junior brother Lei Tingzi discovered Duan'er, why Lei Tingya was penetrated by the spear through the center of his brows and didn't turn into light rain.

Lei Tingya was pierced by the spear, suddenly showing a grinning smile.

Fang Yi and his junior brother Lei Tingzi were both cold.


The green thunder is like a waterfall, and the thunder is coming.

"You are a man or a ghost!"

Fang Yi and his junior brother Lei Tingzi dealt with it with all their strength, but found that Lei Tingya had abnormal changes, his flesh and blood was twisting, his body became bloated, two arms and two heads grew out, one of which was bigger than a rice cooker, not at all. Like a person.

Junior disciple Lei Tingzi was horrified: "What the **** are you?"

Lei Tingya spoke with both heads at the same time, laughing wildly, his eyesight was only madness and killing: "Hahahahahahahaha, I have always wanted to try this."

Lei Tingya laughed wildly and fought against the two of them. Junior disciple Lei Tingzi couldn't help trembling in his heart, and the fear in his heart became more intense.

Fang Yi wanted to make it clear: "It's the law of life!"

The five-color thunder and lightning exploded, and the whole body of the son of thunder was wrapped in Caimang. That was the ultimate move of thunder's Profound Truth, mixing the five elements of Profound Truth into the thunder and lightning, it would turn into a monster like Thunder Ya to drive back.

Junior disciple Lei Tingzi twisted and asked, "Do you know what's going on?"

Fang Yi said: "Do you remember that lightning with the law of life can cause life mutation?"

Junior brother Lei Tingzi's cold hair stood up, and he knew that he had just experienced it, so now, whether it is Fang Yi or Junior Lei Tingzi's whole body is covered with a layer of lightning, resisting the green thunder and lightning.

Fang Yi said with a gloomy expression: "Now the lightning that caused life mutation is acting on itself, not recovery, but catalyzing mutation."

If he didn't know the term "radiation", Fang Yi really couldn't tell it for a while. Now Lei Tingya looked like he had survived after being exposed to a lot of nuclear radiation.

At the moment of dying, Lei Tingya used life thunder and lightning to mutate itself, avoiding brain death.

Junior Brother Lei Tingzi's face turned green, even greener than Life Thunder and said: "This guy turned himself into an inhuman and ghost in order to survive. Is he crazy?"

Fang Yi said: "He doesn't know whether he is mentally or properly, but he hasn't become inhuman or ghost. You must know that the damage in this world is only a projection. Returning to the main body will not constitute an impact, and you can gain experience."

Mutation has both benign and malignant mutations. Lei Tingya's control of the law of life can already constitute a malignant mutation, but he hasn't perfectly controlled the benign mutation. He has never dared to act on him. The moment he was pierced by Fang Yi's spear, Lei Tingya Ya felt that he was going to die anyway, so he tried it on himself before he died.

Lei Tingya laughed wildly and rushed up: "Hahaha, that's right, that's it, it's not wrong."

The mutation continued, another arm grew out of Lei Tingya's back, surrounded by green thunder, and his junior fellow Lei Tingzi resisted and said in horror: "You lunatic, in this world, you are a spiritual projection. Use the law of life to become this. It looks like, do you think it really doesn't affect yourself at all?"

"Hahaha, why don't you give it a try?" Lei Tingya smiled wildly: "I feel like I am about to master it. Once I master it, I can try to grow two genitals, which is twice as happy. No, I can grow. Womens genitals, you dont have to poke your butt."

"The Wheel of Time!"

Time is like wind, time is like electricity, and the power of time turns into electric light surrounding the spear, and the power of the years wraps around it, and the power of time and time are superimposed on it, and the power of storm and thunder and lightning surround it.

A light wheel appeared behind him, like a clock.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

The bell rang, echoing in the ancient temple, Fang Yi pointed his spear straight: "This guy is already crazy."

The three continued to fight. After the mutation, Lei Tingyas Life Thunder was stronger and even more weird. Junior disciples Lei Tingzi and Fang Yi resisted with all their might. As the battle became fierce, after hundreds of rounds of battle, they were still invaded by Life Thunder. The mutation occurred, Lei Tingya saw the opportunity to increase his attack, and did not give his junior fellow Lei Tingzi and Fang Yi to counteract the thunderbolt of life in his body. The latest chapter address of Extreme Gene Valkyrie: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/114564.htmlRead the full text of Limit Gene Valkyrie: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/114564/Extreme Gene Valkyrie txt download link: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/114564.htmlLimit Gene Valkyrie mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/114564/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click \"Favorites\" below to record this (Chapter 1535 Law of Life) reading record, and you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "Extreme Gene Valkyrie", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), thank you your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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