Ultimate Wizard Chapter 3798

Chapter 3795: Famous

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"President, I'm sorry it's all because of me... If it weren't for me, these people wouldn't have trouble with the court, and now they're still implicated in you." Lin Fan was heartbroken. The temple is entangled!"

Lin Tiancheng turned to look at Lin Fan and smiled indifferently, "Dont take everything on yourself, they just want to take my baby by force, even if you dont have you today, they will know that I have these two treasures in the future. , Will also have trouble with me, anyway, when I took over the court, there were a lot of enemies, and now there is no big problem with one or two more!"

"But I'm curious, how did you provoke the Hall of Gods and Demons? Look at the expressions of Old Dog Long and Old Dog Ouyang, this Hall of Gods and Demons should be a bit of a quagmire status, don't you guys intend to explain?"

Hearing this, Lin Fan's eyes flashed with gratitude, and he nodded and said, "The aura is nothing. At first I accidentally found a spiritual spring when I was wandering outside. Later, a kid who claimed to be a godson said that it was his chance. , When we didnt agree, we moved our hands. God knows how he, a beginner of the Seven-Star Dao Ancestor, has the courage to ask me for trouble!"

"I am already at the first level of the Eight-Star Dao Ancestor, and I have raised him by a full level. As a result... he was defeated by accidentally hitting him when he missed it!"

"Later, the Temple of Gods and Demons started chasing me, and I kept hiding until now!"

Lin Tiancheng raised his head and looked at Lin Fan in surprise. This kid has a dark heart. If he is not careful, he is farting.

He is a beginner of Eight-Star Dao Ancestor, can he not see that the opponent only has the strength of the Elementary Seven Star Dao Ancestor? It was clear that the other party was unhappy and killed the other party.

Lin Tiancheng didn't care at all. The treasures of the world were originally obtained by the capable, and the opponent wanted to grab the opportunity without the strength. This is no different from looking for death, and if you kill, you will kill.

"Then do you think about the future? I now solemnly invite you to join the Daoyuan Court. I will take care of your affairs in the future. If you have any worries, are you willing?" Lin Tiancheng said.

"I, I do! It's just...I'm worried..."

Looking at Lin Fan, who was delighted and worried, Lin Tiancheng smiled lightly, "There is nothing to worry about, I will help you with it when the sky is falling!"

Although the two are in the same realm, the pressure Lin Tiancheng puts on Lin Fan is enough to convince each other!

"That's right, Junior Brother Lin Fan, the dean has said to cover you, what else can you worry about!"

"What's more, even if there is any trouble, the dean doesn't care, what do you care about? Is it possible that you think that besides the court, there is a place for us in the world?"

Lin Fan looked moved when he heard the words, he naturally knew the reason for this, and he immediately knelt down on one knee towards Lin Tiancheng and performed a discipleship!

When they saw this, everyone laughed, and Hu and others also stepped forward to lift Lin Fan up and patted Lin Fan on the shoulder, "Great, welcome home! In the future, our brothers and sisters will be able to fight together again!"

Lin Fan decided to join the Dao Court, this incident also made Lin Tiancheng secretly happy, and finally there is a genius who can handle it!

Lin Fan's potential Lin Tiancheng is in his eyes. As long as he is given a little guidance and given some resources, I believe it will only be a matter of time before he becomes invincible. In this way, the court can also have a second invincible powerhouse! I am ashamed to say that, as the dean, he has not yet taken that last step into the invincible state, but Lin Tiancheng is not in a hurry. The journey of cultivation is a gradual matter, and the time is not there, and there is no hurry!

On the other hand, the Daoyuan court scolded the heroes, and eventually the fact that even the Temple of Gods and Demons evaded three houses was reported in the Galaxy Continent, and many poor students were enthusiastic.

Such an immortal gate satisfies all the illusions in their hearts and can be said to be the most ideal teacher!

All of a sudden, many unfamiliar cultivators rushed to Wuliang Mountain one after another, wanting to join the Taoist court. The cultivators who came every day kept flocking to the foot of the mountain where they were recruiting disciples, and the busy few people didn't even have time to practice.

Seeing Daoyuan's prestigious masterpiece in Lin Tiancheng's hands, Wunian was also secretly delighted. He really didn't read the wrong person, but he was also worried that the prosperity in front of him was just a bubble, and it would be ruthlessly shattered by the enemy before long!

After all, the enemies of the Daoyuan Court are not one or two. Even the prestigious Temple of Gods and Demons is offended, and the road to the Daoyuan Court will be much harder to follow in the future!

Moreover, receiving so much foundation at the moment is also a severe test for the resources of the Taoist court.

Currently, the resources of the mountain gate are all privately sponsored by Lin Tiancheng, but after all, there are more wolves and less meat.

But Lin Tiancheng didn't care at all, "What are you afraid of? Isn't the hunting contest about to start soon? Then you will go with me, let's get a better ranking, change some resources and come back to add that everything will be available soon?" "

"President, the hunting contest is indeed a few days away, but you dont know that the goal of this hunting is not a simple character, they are some powerful alien beasts, although sometimes the alien beasts will kill each other. There will be opportunities for us, but dont forget that the best at internal fighting will never be those alien beasts, but our human race!"

"In order to compete for ranking among the major immortal gates, they often do everything in the competition. Therefore, during the competition, we are not only guarding against strange beasts, but also guarding against the formation organs left by other immortal gates."

"Don't be overcast by the time when the alien beasts will kill us!"

"The rules of this competition have also come out. A fairy gate can't exceed fifty people. In other words, we don't actually need to bring disciples at all. We will bring Lin Fan with us. If possible, Feiyu will be in these few days. If their senior brother breaks through, you can take the three of them!"

Hearing this, Lin Tiancheng nodded, and Bi Luo had stabilized the strength of the Eight-Star Dao Ancestor's high-level with his help.

As early as when the three of them were Intermediate Eight-Star Dao Ancestors, they were able to fight against the general peak realm. If they can be promoted this time, it will not be difficult to face a strong peak realm in the future, plus oneself. He Lin Fan, Wunian, the winning rate is quite impressive.

"Okay! Just do what you said, now we have become the target of public criticism, and the limelight is nothing short of the limelight, I believe many people will stumble us, and it is a good thing not to bring ordinary disciples!"

"Also, the Temple of Gods and Demon have to guard, I always feel that they will not give up easily!" Nodded Wunian, the group of people in the Temple of Gods and Demon really need to be extra guarded. It seems that this hunting contest is extremely dangerous!

"Okay, I see, I will arrange it next!"


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