Ultimate Wizard Chapter 3799

Chapter 3696: Devil Plains

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"Is leaving today?" Lin Tiancheng asked Wunian.

Wunian nodded. Although there are still two days left for the hunting contest, the location of the game is a bit far away, so they must set off today, otherwise there will be some time tension when they are on the way.

"The time should be about the same. We can have some time to understand the environment when we rush to the competition place. There are not many people here, and we are all masters. We don't spend much time on the road!" Wunian said.

Lin Tiancheng nodded, took a deep breath and looked at the mountain guard formation that slowly opened, "Lets go, this is our first collective activity. I have already strengthened the mountain guard formation, and there must be no problems. ."

Not long after, Lin Fan and Biluo also arrived, a group of six, representing the strongest combat power of the Taoist Court, and disappeared on Wuliang Mountain in a flash, embarking on the journey to the hunting competition.

Li Shang, Wu Nian and Lin Tiancheng are also studying the tactics of the hunting contest, Wu Nian pointed to a place on the map, "Dean, as far as I know, this is where the alien beasts often take water. If we can occupy this place, we basically have the initiative!"

Lin Tiancheng looked at the signs on the map. There was a wide field of vision, and there was no need to worry about someone lying in ambush to **** prey. It was a good hunting position.

"Here... it's not that it's bad. It's just that people in such a good place will be jealous. We are not many. It's better not to have friction with people before the competition and let it out!" Lin Tiancheng said nonchalantly.

Hearing that, Wunian frowned slightly, "Is it a pity to let out such a good place?" Lin Tiancheng smiled, "Our number is bad, and if we are to **** a hunting spot, we will have our own people. I am injured, how do I hunt afterwards? Maybe someone else comes to **** it. Is it possible that we swear to defend that fast turf?"

"The dean, what do you mean?" Wunian looked at Lin Tiancheng.

"What I mean is very simple. Let's not take any good positions. After the competition starts, please follow in my footsteps. We take the initiative to find the alien beasts. As far as I know, this competition is set in the Fallen Plain!"

"You should know the situation of the Fallen Plain better than I am. According to legend, the Fallen Plain was a paradise for the devil. Later, after the human race ruled this world, the demons were driven back to the abyss. The passage was cut off! The sea was also flooded with silver hair, forming a Mediterranean Sea!"

"Our goal is that! Hunting exotic animals in the Mediterranean, where there are not only exotic animals on the land, but also sea animals living there. You must know that the place with the most exotic animals is never the land, but the sea!"

Hearing this, everyone nodded, and Lin Tiancheng was wondering whether the legend was true or false, cutting off the passage for life and creating a sea area, is it already capable of destroying the world?

"I don't know if there is such a strong person in the world today, and I don't know when I can reach this height!" Lin Tiancheng narrowed his eyes slightly, can the future self, be able to come this far? At the same time, the voices of the people on the Devil Plains are already full of people, and there are constantly a large number of people coming from mounts or from the sky.

In the central area of the competition, there is a huge picture scroll, and pictures continuously appear on the picture scroll, like a 3D projection reflecting on the void, the landscape, birds and beasts in the picture are like living things.

"President, that is the treasure of Tianhe Immortal Gate, the map of Jiangshan Sheji, which can explore all things in a radius of thousands of miles, and project it as an image. Of course, after so many generations of people's efforts, today's map of Jiangshan Sheji can be covered. The scope is even wider. The entire Demon Plain is under its watch. Some people who do not participate can watch everyone's competition through the Jiangshan Sheji map!"

Hearing that, Lin Tiancheng was a little surprised, this cultivation world is also broadcasting live?

"In this way, isn't it equivalent to exposing all our cards under the eyes of others?" Lin Tiancheng said with some worry.

"It's true, so sometimes it's better to transmit voice, and be careful that there are people who understand lip language!"

Lin Tiancheng nodded, "Go on, from now on, all communication needs sound transmission. I want them to watch a silent live broadcast!"

"Now that there is a map of Jiangshan Sheji, I believe no one will **** prey in private, right?"

Wunian explained, "This...Although it is clearly discouraged to **** each other between immortal gates, even if the rules are violated, they will not be disqualified. Therefore, some domineering immortal gates are often prey for snatching the immortal gates. ..."

Hearing this, Lin Tiancheng nodded, which means that there are no rules in this game, and this is in line with the law of respecting the strong.

Lin Tiancheng looked at Lin Fan and Biluo, Biluo and Feiyu, who were arguing behind him with some worry. They didn't need to worry about them, there was nothing to kill them.

However, this Lin Fan's enemies are all over the world. In such a competition, it is inevitable that some people will have some thoughts and must be more careful!

Now, I can only take one step to watch one, keeping an eye on it, and Lin Tiancheng took Lin Fan and others to the war preparation area. At this time, many immortal gates have already arrived at the competition venue. Just wait for the opening of the competition. The teams will gather in immortal gates. The scene is mighty. Some strange animals are attracted by the situation here. After understanding the situation, all of them fled.

During the period, a person in charge of Tianhe Xianmen came to collect the information of the contestants, that is, to leave a breath in the Jiangshan Sheji map, so that all hunting lists will be recorded in the Jiangshan Sheji map.

In the end, the ranking will be determined based on the results on the Jiangshan Sheji map!

"Dao Court...Huh? Dao Court? Is it the previous Tao Court? You have...Forget it, this is not under my control, have you selected the contestants?"

Lin Tiancheng said, "It has been set, no thoughts, bring people over!"

Soon, the few people who took Lin Tian as the leader did not hesitate to leave a breath of their own on the map of Jiangshan Sheji.

The other party didn't say much and walked away after collecting the breath. Before leaving, he said, "You guys are ready, the competition is ready to start at any time!"

Lin Tiancheng saw that there were disciples from the Tianhe Fairy Gate in the surrounding Fairy Gates to collect breath, and the participating teams could not mention hundreds of them!

Lin Tiancheng and the others came earlier, and a large number of immortal gates came from behind. The land of thousands of miles was gradually filled with groups of teams. "Attention, everyone. At the beginning of the game, follow in my footsteps and go to the Mediterranean area. Don't waste time hunting the alien animals on the way. When you get there, some will be killed for us!"

"Understand!" everyone said in unison.


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