Ultimate Wizard Chapter 3800

Chapter 3797: The Hunt Begins

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After several hours of waiting, the organizer spoke.

"Please keep order. The hunting contest will start after a stick of incense. Please be prepared. It will last for seven days. After seven days, the ranking will be based on the results on the Jiangshan Sheji map!"

When the words were over, the disciples of Tianhemen flew to the map of Jiangshan Sheji, punching the breath they collected into this divine treasure, and a series of light spots instantly rose in the picture, which represented these monks!

Looking at the people around him eager to try, Lin Tiancheng took a deep breath and looked at the end of the Demon Plain in the distance. Very good, it is finally about to start!

Not long after, everyone saw an inspection soaring to the sky, and then everyone flew out of the encirclement and flew towards the Demon Plain. Some people did not hesitate to consume spiritual power and directly opened a void gap to teleport, and instantly spanned hundreds of miles!

Upon seeing this, Lin Tiancheng led the team to go through the air, tearing with one hand, and tore open a void in the distance to the distance.

"Follow up!" After that, Lin Tiancheng stepped slowly into the void and dashed forward, Wunian hurriedly followed when he saw it, and the others followed behind with solemn expressions.

"President, isn't it worthwhile to deplete the neighborhood like this at the beginning?" Lin Fan asked with some worry.

Lin Tiancheng smiled and said, "It's okay, you can just keep up, and I will recover quickly!"

When the words fell, he once again tore a void crack and rushed forward, and the others followed one after another. At this time, Lin Tiancheng finally took out the strength and responsibility that a dean should have, and led everyone to escape quickly.

"Dean, someone is following us!" Bi Luo at the end of the team looked at several figures looming behind him, and hurriedly said.

"It's okay, let them follow!" Lin Tiancheng said with a smile, "It should be those people from Beichen Immortal Gate. I think that although those people know each other, they are not willing to act together. You can't make it into a climate, don't worry!"

After speaking, he ordered Wunian to be at the end of the team, just in case!

Lu Chihu compared his thumbs, "The dean is amazing. Under such circumstances, he still has the thought to analyze it. It seems that we have not followed the wrong person!"

"Being courageous and strategic, it is really comfortable to follow such a dean. I feel that after this competition, we should be promoted to the next level!" Feiyu was also amazed.

A group of people spoke highly of Lin Tiancheng's face, and didn't worry that Lin Tiancheng would be proud of it.

And Lin Tiancheng had a calm face, leading the crowd to constantly shuttle through the void, as if this was a normal operation!

Lin Tiancheng's speed was very fast. Before some strange beasts had time to get angry and someone broke into the field, Lin Tiancheng led the people and disappeared, and then... the teams that followed Lin Tiancheng suffered, one by one the strange beasts were angry. Stop.

An hour later, a voice came up in everyone's minds, and the results of Jiangshan Shejitu had changed. Someone had already hunted down the invincible beasts.

"Beichen Immortal Gate, took the lead in slaying a first-level alien beast of Jiuxing Dao Ancestor! Ranked first for the time being!"

Although the current ranking can't tell anything, the Beichen Immortal Gate can win the first kill among the many immortal gates, which shows that its strength is detached!

This competition is also a good opportunity for the major immortals to show their faces and compare their strengths with each other!

Although Beichen Immortal Gate is far ahead at present, it doesn't mean that other Immortal Gates will be afraid of them.

Feiyu checked the area where the Beichen Immortal Gate was on the way, and found that it was the area where the strange beasts were first to fetch water. I believe they must have made a detailed plan!

"I just said how they are so fast, we haven't encountered an invincible monster so far, but they just stood by and waited for the rabbit to guard one!"

As the crowd deepened, many teams were thrown away, and some battles were starting sporadically. Of course, Lin Tiancheng and their minds were not looking for alien beasts, but wanted to rush to the Mediterranean as soon as possible. The ranking is constantly changing at this time! At this time, Lin Tiancheng also led everyone into the depths of the Demon Plain, and saw the mist around him, the ground under his feet was damp, there was water everywhere, and the surrounding vegetation exuded a dangerous breath. The sounds of giants moving in the surrounding woods are constantly being heard, and the swamps on the ground are also floating slightly, and it is obvious that some strange beasts have lurked in them!

"Don't worry, keep going!" Lin Tiancheng stopped a few people who wanted to make a move.

And at this moment, the report of Jiangshan Shejitu's battle situation came again, obviously one day has passed, and every day Jiangshan Shejitu will broadcast the top ten rankings.

What was different this time was that the first place was no longer Beichen Immortal Gate, but a little-known Immortal Gate!

"Interesting, I don't know which puppet it is. He didn't even dare to see people in such a short time to kill three invincible beasts!" Lin Tiancheng grinned.

"We must also hurry up as soon as possible. The strength of these people cannot be underestimated, and we must act as soon as possible!"

Sure enough, when they were on their way, there was another vision of heaven and earth, and another invincible beast was found and killed. The blood was raining on the spot, and the clouds covered it!

"Grass, I have chased this place. These people are crazy enough. The strange beasts around here are at least in the Eight-Star Dao Ancestor realm. Let's not stay here for a long time. It is estimated that these people are chasing this invincible strange beast along the way. If we get here, or else we have been on the road, it doesn't make sense that they can keep up with us!" Yan Che said angrily.

Lin Tiancheng frowned, his eyes rolled, and raised his hand to stop everyone, "Attention everyone, let's not hurry, just start hunting here, remember to notify me if you have a chance to meet that group of people!"

Hearing that, everyone suddenly came to their spirits. The so-called killing and setting the golden belt on fire, the opponent and the invincible beast fought a battle. I believe that the strength should be greatly reduced. Fan fight!

"Dean, let's stop now, will the quality of the alien beasts around here fail to keep up?"

"No, rest assured, this place is most suitable for us. They are all eight-star Dao ancestor level monsters. As long as there are no accidents, our safety is guaranteed. Basically, those who can come here are some powerful immortals. Door, then it is convenient for us to ask them for something!"

Lin Tiancheng continued, "Let's go to a place where there are more alien beasts first. You are responsible for gathering the alien beasts together, and I will be responsible for killing them!"

"Dean, so many of us led you to kill alone, would you take a risk? Or... let the master be with you? We will lead from four directions from the south, east, north and west!"

Hearing this, Lin Tiancheng nodded, "Alright, you don't want to take action to prevent someone from sneaking! We must make up for the time on the road. I will decide the first place in this competition!"

Hearing this, everyone was speechless, obviously worried that you could not handle it, but Lin Tiancheng wanted to guard against the secret enemy!

But this also proved Lin Tiancheng's self-confidence, so everyone dispersed.


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