Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Died For Nothing Chu Kuangren Is Here Destroying Tens Of Thousands Of Tormented Souls In A Single Slash

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“Who would’ve thought that Chu Kuangren is in Sunsoil City? If he’s here, perhaps we stand a chance in defeating this Tormented Army.”

The Horizon Wing Sect Master’s eyes lit up as he said.

After all, Chu Kuangren’s reputation had far preceded him.

For an individual to have such widespread popularity, there was little doubt of Chu Kuangren’s abilities. If he was to assist the group in battle, their jobs would be much easier.

“Sect Master, I’m afraid Chu Kuangren’s now probably deep in the Ancient Battlefield. He even said he would explore the Core Area, so it’s likely that he won’t be here in time,” said Lengchang Kong helplessly.

The Horizon Wing Sect Master’s mood changed for the worse. He sighed and said, “Looks like we can only blame fate then.”

What was once a hopeful scenario was now gone.

When the group was still conversing with each other, the Tormented Army did not slow down at all despite losing their commander, and although their formation had been disrupted, the army’s rage qi had still maintained its terrifying presence.

Countless tormented souls came charging while their rage manifested as an enormous cloud of black mist that covered the entire horizon. All of a sudden, Sunsoil City had turned dark under their presence.

When the Tormented Army arrived about ten miles away from Sunsoil City, its oppressive rage qi had already imposed an unsettling presence on every cultivator.

Among the group.

A disciple of the Horizon Wing Sect was wielding a longsword, his face was pale and his forehead was covered with sweat. It was evident that his hand was already shaking.

When the Tormented Army finally arrived before them, every cultivator could see their terrorizing grimaces.


One of the leading disciples screamed and was the first to charge into battle!

Behind him, several other disciples followed suit and let out a similar battle roar for an extra dose of courage.


The expert cultivators such as the Horizon Wing Sect Master had also joined in the battle. Daoist Rhymes erupted as they unleashed their spiritual powers onto the Tormented Army.

Without their battle formation, the tormented souls could no longer concentrate their powers, so it was now all tormented souls for their own. As a result, their combat abilities had vastly reduced.

Nonetheless, one should still not underestimate the might of millions of tormented souls.

The moment the two forces collided, Horizon Wing Sect members suffered casualties, and the rate of the casualties increased rapidly at that too.

Comparing their numbers, the cultivators of Horizon Wing Sect were drastically outnumbered.

Yet everyone refused to retreat!

If they did, their homes which they had just left would be turned into a living hell.

Millions of citizens would perish.


“You bunch of despicable spirits, come on!”

The cultivators of Horizon Wing Sect roared as they brandished their weapons, channeling all the spiritual energies that they could muster to protect their homeland.

Some escaping cultivators stopped upon witnessing this scene.

It was a sight that weighed heavily on them.

They did not understand why the cultivators of Horizon Wing Sect would abandon their lives in a losing battle.

If they died, the countless civilians they had sworn to protect would still perish anyway.

It was as if their deaths were worthless.

“Sh*t, I feel like a useless weakling!”


“Damn it, aren’t those just tormented souls? Let’s head back and fight them. The Mighty Dragon Troop shall not resort to becoming a bunch of deserters!”

“Head back!”

Some cultivators were inspired by the determination of Horizon Wing Sect. They felt a deep-rooted passion burning in them as they held tight and turned back towards Sunsoil City.

Of course, some could not avoid making some dissing remarks.

“Hmph, they’ll end up dying soon.”

“Indeed, the Tormented Army is way too strong for these few people to make a difference. They’ll just die for nothing.”

In Sunsoil City, the cultivators of Horizon Wing Sect were battling furiously with the Tormented Army. In a short span of time, they had lost one-third of their cultivators.

It was likely that the reinforcements from other cultivators would barely make a difference.

The Horizon Wing Sect Master’s heart ached upon witnessing these casualties.

“It’s still tough to defend the millions of tormented souls even after we’ve broken their battle formation. Is this all we can do?”

“The Gods are acting unfairly. How could they just stand and watch innocent people suffer just like that!”

He let out a long battle roar, wielded his sword, and continued to fight!

In the battle.

Wu Ye twisted his hands and channeled his spiritual energies before Buddhist Lights radiated around him. Each Buddhist Lights that he conjured would then kill one tormented soul.

His abilities were powerful and it inflicted great damage to the tormented souls.

However, he alone could not fight against millions of tormented souls no matter how powerful his Buddhist Lights were. It was akin to putting out a forest fire with a cup of water.

Lengchang Kong drew a new pair of swords and fought the tormented souls while other troop members fought alongside him.

The tormented souls kept coming like an endless stream of water.

It was not long before everyone was at their limits.

Just when the troop was about to be completely annihilated, a loud explosion was heard across the horizon. It was as if something massive were to crash onto the ground.

A stream of light landed right in front of Lengchang Kong and the troop!

A rigorous Sword-based Daoist Rhyme abruptly erupted, reducing all tormented souls in a few hundred feet radius into ashes.

Only then could Lengchang Kong and the rest see that the object landing before them was a delicately forged longsword.

The Horizon Wing Sect Master, Ye Wu, and the other cultivators were immediately overjoyed.

They did not recognize the sword.

However, they could sense that the burst of Sword-based Daoist Rhyme was familiar because it was the same sword qi that was previously imbued onto Leng Changkong’s sword.

“He’s here!”

“It’s him, he’s finally here!”

Wu Ye and the Horizon Wing Sect Master murmured, their eyes glimmering with hope.

Just then, a figure dressed in elegant white clothes descended from the sky.

He landed on the sword handle with his robe fluttering in the wind. Then, like a devastating typhoon, a thunderous burst of sword qi erupted from his body, sending destructions into all directions!

All tormented souls who came in contact with the sword qi shockwave were immediately reduced to smokes.

At that moment, everyone was distracted by the white-robed individual. As their sight fell onto him, they were all in awe.

Even the tormented souls were momentarily shocked by the aura that this individual exhibited.

The person was none other than Chu Kuangren.

At the same time, a blinding white light shined across the sky. With her wings spread and dressed in silver-white armor, Lan Yu wielded the Scepter of Light and obliterated a significant amount of tormented souls by activating her Holy Radiant Physique!

Rays of Light Daoist Rhymes poured out of her body in the form of white lights, but it disintegrated any tormented soul who came in contact with the light rays.

“Young Emperor Lan Yu.”

The crowd could recognize Lan Yu. It was said that Young Emperor Lan Yu was inseparable from Chu Kuangren. Wherever Chu Kuangren went, she was sure to be there.

“Greetings, Sect Leader! I’m the Horizon Wing Sect Master.”

The Horizon Wing Sect Master shouted while he was battling the tormented souls.

The Horizon Wing Sect was an affiliated force to the Black Heaven Sect. Since Chu Kuangren was the Black Heaven Sect Leader, he was by extension also the Horizon Wing Sect Leader.

Chu Kuangren took a quick glance at his surroundings.

He realized that most of them were members of the Horizon Wing Sect.

Chu Kuangren inhaled deeply as he could more or less deduce what happened.

“Everyone, I’m late.”

He peered upon the horde of tormented souls as his eyes reflected a cold glint. The Sword-based Daoist Rhyme that he radiated was now even more domineering.

As if the tormented souls sense the threat that Chu Kuangren posed too, they let out a roar and charged towards him in unison.

The Self Descendant Sword below Chu Kuangren jerked slightly before it levitated into the air. When it fell in his hands, all Chu Kuangren did was wave it gently.

A wave of purple sword rays burst out like an enormous ripple, destroying any tormented souls that it touched with ease.

That one slash alone annihilated tens of thousands of tormented souls.

It was a jaw-dropping scene for the group.

Despite battling for so long and losing countless casualties, their combined contributions could not even rival that of a single sword slash from Chu Kuangren!

“Is this how a person who’s capable of killing a Sage looks like?”

The Horizon Wing Sect Master murmured.

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