Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 241

Chapter 241: The Tathagata Rebirth Mantra

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One sword strike killed tens of thousands of tormented souls!

The combat strength that Chu Kuangren displayed shocked everyone at the scene.

Meanwhile, the tormented souls had also sensed that Chu Kuangren was not a person to mess with as they stopped targeting him and went for the others instead.

The battle waged on.

However, Chu Kuangren frowned slightly. Although he was not afraid of the one million tormented souls, it was still quite challenging for him to wipe them all out.

Even if his one sword strike had killed tens of thousands of them, he still had to repeat that dozens of times.

Besides, these tormented souls would not gather together for him to kill them as well.

By the time he was done wiping out all of the tormented souls, most of the people from the Horizon Wing Sect would be dead, and that was something he did not want to witness.

“Since I’m here, there shall be no further casualties. As for the one million tormented souls, I wonder if you guys can fend off my Buddhist Light!”

A bright golden light lit up in Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

He sheathed the Descendant Self Sword and sat with his legs crossed in the air.

An extremely mysterious surge of Daoist Rhyme suddenly spread. Upon sensing it, a look of uncertainty flashed across the nearby Wu Ye’s face.

“This is”

Surges of Daoist Rhyme emanated from Chu Kuangren’s body.

The brilliant golden light that radiated from his body carried a vast, bright and compassionate Buddhist intent.

“Tathagata Rebirth Mantra!”

A look of compassion appeared on Chu Kuangren’s face as the brilliant Buddhist Light on his body was at its most intense and it spread outwards like a raging tide.

When the tormented souls were enveloped by the Buddhist Light, they screamed one after another, during which the ferocious qi on their bodies dispelled like snow melting under the sun.

That was the Legendary Technique that was obtained from the Fantasy Roulette the Tathagata Rebirth Mantra!

That scene before him shocked him so much that his eyes were wide and his mouth agape.

“Buddhist Light?”

“Why is there Buddhist Light on his body?”

The Buddhist Light was a trait unique only to Buddhist cultivators and could never be found in ordinary cultivators.

‘Isn’t Chu Kuangren a sword cultivator?’

‘Why does he have the Buddhist Light?’

“And of this scale as well By the heavens Even the Abbot can’t hope to compare with that I’m afraid,” Wu Ye exclaimed with shock.

If his Buddhist Light was a small stream, then the amount that Chu Kuangren was releasing would be akin to a vast ocean!

Both of them could not be compared.

However, something that turned Wu Ye’s world view upside down happened next.

The endless Buddhist Light that Chu Kuangren manifested was gradually forming an ancient golden Buddha statue on his head!

The golden Buddha was thousands of feet high and had his palms together as a thousand-feet high Buddhist Light erupted from his body, tearing through the ferocious-qi-formed clouds.

“This How’s this possible!”

Wu Ye was so dazed, he did not dare believe what he was witnessing.

By the heavens, did he just meet the Buddha in real life?

The golden Buddha had manifested in the heavens and earth by spreading its golden Buddhist Light everywhere like a surging sea. The Buddha’s lips were also opened like it was chanting.

In an instant, golden lotuses surged from the ground while mysterious Brahmic chimes echoed through the sky, filling everyone’s inner selves with peace as if it had purified their hearts.

Meanwhile, the one million tormented souls shrieked non-stop.

The combination of Brahmic chimes and Buddhist Light was breaking down their rage and ferocious qi to erase the roots of their existence.

“Could he be a living Buddha?” Wu Ye uttered as he looked at the compassionate Chu Kuangren, who was sitting above in the void, in a daze.

He was not the only one.

That gigantic Buddha could be seen from thousands of miles away.

Numerous people knelt on the ground and prayed when they saw it.

A surge of Buddhist Daoist Rhyme spread to all directions, which made all the strong cultivators on Firmament Star sense it.

“This surge of Daoist Rhyme feels pure and peaceful. It’s the Buddha? And it contains an Emperor’s Aura as well. Has an Emperor appeared among the Buddhists?”

“Did someone among the Buddhists become a Buddhist Emperor?”

“That’s impossible. The Emperors have disappeared for such a long time, and since the Era of Great Battles has just started, how can something like that happen so soon?”

“This direction It’s coming from the Ancient Battlefield.”

The Sages were startled.

One by one, they immediately activated spiritual thoughts towards the Ancient Battlefield’s direction.

When they saw the giant Buddha that was emanating a sense of tranquil antiquity lying in the void, they were all shocked.

If that giant Buddha was not a statue, they would have suspected that they were seeing the real Buddha instead.

That was too shocking for them.

However, they were even more dumbfounded when they looked below the giant Buddha statue and saw the same Buddhist Light radiating from a cross-legged Chu Kuangren.

“What’s going on? Isn’t that Chu Kuangren?”

“This giant Buddha statue was formed by the Buddhist Light from his body. My god, he was the one who made this giant statue.”

“Wait, isn’t Chu Kuangren a sword cultivator from Black Heaven Sect? When did he get involved with the Buddhists instead?”

“I doubt even the virtuous eminent monks from Thunder Temple would have Buddhist Light as dense as the one from his body. How the hell does he do it?”

Buddhist cultivator?

The Sages were starting to think that this joke was going too far.

Chu Kuangren had killed Sages and Young Emperors, turning everywhere he went upside down. How could he have the slightest hint of Buddha’s compassion?

However, the facts were right before them.

The Buddhist Light from Chu Kuangren’s body was not fake.

“Sigh, I knew it. Whenever this Chu Kuangren descends into the world, trouble will always follow wherever he goes. And as expected, something happened in just a few days.” One of the Sage could not help but lament.

The other Sages agreed as well.

“So what, do you have any objections? Do take a closer look. This young lad is purifying the tormented souls and saving the lives of innocents. This is such a merit-accumulating thing to do. But why do you guys have to twist the narrative like he’s causing trouble instead?”

At that moment, the Black Heaven Sect’s Sage spoke through his spiritual thoughts.

Only then did the other Sages notice the million tormented souls.

“Geez, the Buddhist Light is so bright that I didn’t even notice these tormented souls. Where did all of them come from?”

“Judging by the looks of it, Chu Kuangren is almost done settling that.”

The crowd of Sages continued to observe.

The vast Buddhist Light purified the one million tormented souls and dissipated the rage and ferocious qi on their bodies. With that, their terrifying appearance gradually turned into a peaceful one.

All of them bowed to Chu Kuangren as if they were thanking him for releasing them from their endless suffering.

“Everything eventually returns to where it came from.”

“Rest in peace, everyone.”

With a compassionate look on his handsome face, Chu Kuangren put his palms together and said to the numerous tormented souls.

Then, the one million souls from the Tormented Army turned into spots of light and disappeared.

Everyone was shocked by the scene before them.

They looked towards Chu Kuangren with respect in their eyes.

At that moment, everyone would no doubt believe Chu Kuangren if he told them that he was a living Buddha.

After purifying the tormented souls, Chu Kuangren lowered his hands and retracted the endless Buddhist Light back into his body. His expression eventually returned to normal.

However, once the tormented souls had dissipated, a strange black qi suddenly appeared in the void.

The aura of the black qi was incredibly similar to the ferocious qi, but it was much purer by comparison and it had not disappeared despite the Buddhist Light’s purification.

“This thing seems a bit strange.”

Chu Kuangren then reached his hand outward to form a larger hand with his spiritual energy and grabbed it. He thoroughly studied it for a while.

Suddenly, he recalled what the Lou Kingdom’s Ruler told him. This Tormented Army was formed because the Tranquil Kingdom’s Ruler stole a source of ferocious qi from the Forbidden Area.

Could this be the source of the ferocious qi?

Chu Kuangren pondered for a while before he placed it into a box and kept it inside his Yin and Yang ring.

He then looked at the cultivators around him, and a mysterious surge of Daoist Rhyme emanated from his body as if a spring breeze was brushing past everyone.

Everyone instantly felt that their exhaustion was swept away and their injuries had rapidly recovered as well.

They were so amazed, and once again, they could not help but be impressed by Chu Kuangren’s tactics.

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