Unparalleled Crazy Young System Chapter 3149

Chapter 3152: The fear that permeates the world

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Chapter 3152 the fear that penetrates the world

Evil Movie City

The four demon gods and the seven **** kings are not giving way to each other!

And under the bonus of the God-killing-class weapons, the demons gradually gained the upper hand.

Athena and the others were gradually suppressed!

"Damn it, how could it become this situation. If we continue like this, all of us will have to die here!" Athena looked at the situation in front of her, very worried.

Judging from the current situation, they hardly have any hope.

But is it necessary to give up this ruin that has something to do with ultimate fear?

If you give up this time, it will be even more difficult to find such a plan next time.

What's more, this is the closest they are to this ruin now.

Just when they struggled with it.

A wave that almost penetrated the divine body and directly stimulated the divine soul, spread from a distance.

Almost at this moment, all the demon gods and king-level powerhouses stopped what they were doing.

Even though Medusa was not attacked by the Greedy Demon God, she stared in the distance blankly.

At this moment, the sky above the Evil Shadow City seemed to be plunged into a strange calm.

"That breath just now!" Yan Emperor's expression was very stern, but there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

Liu Ye clenched the stick in his hand, but his arm was constantly trembling: "It can't be wrong, it's the breath of that kind of creature!"

Queen Yan's expression was stern and did not say much.

At this time, they can all be sure that the breath that is spreading at this moment is nothing but the breath of extreme fear.

And it's very strong.

This feeling is as if this kind of creature has already appeared in this world.

"What the **** is going on? Why is there an aura of extreme fear in this world!" The Empress Xingqiong frowned and said.

They all know exactly what the ultimate fear is.

If at this time, the ultimate fear appeared in this world.

It will be a disaster for the whole world!

Medusa looked at several demon gods: "Have you fallen to this point, wanting to sacrifice your world in exchange for the right to be with those creatures?"

Facing Medusa's questioning, the demon gods did not speak.

But in the next second, several demon gods all rushed out in one direction.

This direction is the direction from which the breath came.

They didn't pay any attention to what happened here.

It seems that Evil Movie City or something is not important at all at this time.

"What should we do now?" The magic card player looked at his companion.

Now this situation has completely surpassed their original expectations.

This development really made them never think of it.

"No matter what, we have to figure out what is going on. This powerful wave of extreme fear is definitely not as simple as a small relic.

If the ultimate fear is really going to appear in this world, we must stop it anyway.

Otherwise, the consequences would be really disastrous! "Queen Yan said solemnly.

They know exactly what kind of disaster the ultimate fear will bring.

These **** kings would never let such a thing happen.

Even if they are on the demon plane now, because for the ultimate fear.

As long as it occupies the demon plane, and no matter how many planes there are in this world, it will only be a fate.

In this situation, all planes exist under a community of destiny.

The seven people immediately followed the demon **** who had left before and rushed out in that direction.

As for the secrets in Evil Movie City, they don't care at all now.

Although there are some extremely fearful auras here, this faint aura is nothing compared to the aura exuding over there!

After a few minutes.

The four demon gods, as well as Athena and seven others, came to the place one after another.

"I remember this location...it seems to be the location where Ye Hao said that the Primordial Azure Dragon was trapped?" Athena looked at the scene in surprise.

The eyes of the few people nearby also showed horror and fear.

Because the space in front of me is completely different now.

It was a pitch-black space with nothingness inside.

There is hardly any breath.

However, there was a black object with an unknown shape. This object had no actual shape, but now Ye Hao and the other three demon gods in the realm of the upper main gods were fighting this object.

The purpose is obvious, they want to seal this object in this space.

However, it is obvious that they have not achieved such a purpose.

Because the scope of this space is still expanding.

In any space it touches, almost any elemental power, or the power of the law, directly disappears.

When they came into contact with some continents, all the creatures on the continents completely disappeared at that moment.

Fortunately, only a few small continents are being affected now, and there are not many creatures on them.

If it spread to a place with a large population like Evil Movie City, the consequences would be disastrous.

And in this phenomenon, there is another characteristic.

That is, when some living bodies or certain substances are absorbed, the power of this kind of creatures will increase to a certain extent.

The rate of erosion of the entire space will also accelerate indirectly.

"This is the power of ultimate fear!" Queen Yan said in horror.

When they see the creature in front of them, they can be very sure that this is the power of ultimate fear.

But so far, it is not too comprehensive.

"This force has not yet fully penetrated into our world. It is only part of the ultimate fear force.

But if we don't stop it now, when this force completely appears in this world, it will be a disaster for the whole world! "Medusa's eyes clearly saw the essence of this ultimate fear.

The snake heads on her hair were trembling at the moment.

It seemed to be very afraid of the power in front of me.

In fact, it's not just them, everyone present, including those demon gods.

When I saw this power, the expression on his face was quite stern.

Because they all know exactly what the ultimate fear is all about.

And now, they must prevent the development of this event, otherwise it will be the end of all planes.

And this doomsday will begin with the demon plane first.

This is like a fuse!

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