Unparalleled Crazy Young System Chapter 3150

Chapter 3153: The gods come

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Chapter 3153 Gods Coming

Suddenly a cry rang at this moment.

Everyone saw an amazing scene at this moment!

That is, a huge eye appeared at the other end of the space channel.

At the moment when I felt this eye, everyone was stiffened up and down.

That is the real ultimate fear!

"This...Is this the feeling of ultimate fear?" Ye Hao gasped, his whole body stiffened at this moment.

"Think of a way so that we can't let this monster come over. This breath alone makes us what we are now.

If we really let it over, then we can't stop it at all! "The magic card player raised his hand and tried to summon his card.

But his cards turned into pieces one by one.

The magic card player coughed up blood directly.

"Well, Liu Ye is not afraid of this kind of thing! Look at my stick!" Liu Ye vomited blood and forcibly broke through his limit. The stick in his hand turned into a golden stick and shot in that eye. past.

But when the stick shot out less than ten meters, the whole stick exploded.

Liu Ye was also directly beaten into his original shape, and his whole body fell heavily to the ground, turning into a poor monkey in appearance.

"Damn it!" Yan Emperor tried to move his body, but his body couldn't move at all at this moment.

"Hey, aren't you demon gods very strong. Hurry up, don't just watch that monster come to our world!" Athena looked at the demon gods.

"Don't be bullshit, if I could do it, I would have done it!" The Lazy Demon retorted irritably.

At this moment, the demon gods of their upper main gods had almost no way.

"Those things that have just penetrated are part of this guy. When those things have penetrated into this world to a certain extent, this thing will also appear in our world!" The arrogant demon said in a deep voice.

At this time, the Demon God's Seven Killing Order in his hand also lit up.

"No matter what, you can't let this monster come over!" The gluttony magic armor of the gluttony **** also began to burst out with monstrous black light.

The angry demon raised the abyssal rage cannon in his hand and pointed it at the eye in the sky: "Go and look at someone, and then look at Lao Tzu to pull out the eyeballs!"

All three god-killing weapons attacked at this time.

Boom boom boom

A certain soul level shock caused everyone to fly upside down at this moment.

It is worth mentioning that although everyone is a little injured, at least they can move now.

"What do we do now? I didn't expect these ultimate fears to penetrate our world so quickly!" Queen Yan said worriedly.

"No way, now I can only do it hard. In any case, there is only this way." The power of the law in the goddess of the star sky burned at this time.

The law of combustion!

Everyone was shocked when they saw the actions of the Goddess of Star Sky.

But it soon became clear that this is the only way now.

The Law of Combustion is actually equivalent to burning one's own origin, which will have a huge impact on later cultivation.

But this time has come, if the immediate problem is not solved, everything they have now will be lost.

That's it.

One after another, everyone on the scene began to burn the power of their own laws.

Just when Ye Hao was about to burn the power of his own laws and improve his strength.

The arrogant demon stopped him, and the arrogant demon looked at Ye Hao arrogantly: "Your law of space is still useful, you have to make sure that your strength is not a problem.

When we restrain this force, you will help us seal this space. "

Hearing the words of the arrogant devil, Ye Hao stopped his idea of burning the law.

Yes it is.

He still has to keep his own strength to seal this gap.

In this way, Ye Hao temporarily became a bystander at this moment, just looking at the spectacular scene in front of him.

The four powerful demon gods of the upper main gods were burning their own law power, and the demon power on their bodies had reached the top of the demon king level at this moment.

Plus ten other **** king-level powerhouses.

At this moment, under this piece of heaven and earth, a total of fourteen **** king-level powerhouses gathered.

When these fourteen god-king-level powerhouses are alone, the whole space seems to be trembling when they are in this world.

The entire demon plane felt this breath repeatedly.

Even the gods and worlds at this moment can feel the existence of this powerful aura.

Those **** kings of the gods and ten thousand realms, they can all feel that something is happening in a distant space at this moment.

Even this kind of thing, to a certain extent, alludes to the space where they are.

Almost everyone feels anxious.

Ye Hao looked at the scene before him, suddenly he felt something.

"The space barrier is weakened at this time?" Ye Hao was surprised to find that his consciousness could feel other planes at this moment.

Then I thought about it, it should be because the power of ultimate fear has penetrated into this world, causing the laws of this time to be evaded at this time.

This has also led to space barriers, which are weakened at this time.

Ye Hao looked at the fourteen **** kings who were fighting stubbornly, and his heart was shocked.

His eyes began to glow.

Then a message began to be transmitted toward other planes, and toward the strongest individual.

Fairy buddha

Many gods and Buddhas have felt this message, and they can see what is happening on the demon plane at this moment.

In addition, those **** kings of other first-class gods can feel it.

After thinking about it for a moment, these **** kings all left their gods, directly tore the space barriers to pieces, and came to the plane of the devil.

Such behavior, in the usual time, these **** king level powerhouses are absolutely impossible to do.

But at this time it is completely different.

And when these **** kings appeared here, this space became even more unstable.

"Angel King." Ye Hao looked at the three angel kings who came first.

"Is this the ultimate fear in the rumors? It is indeed a devastating force." The Angel King Rowling looked at the power in front of him, exclaiming in amazement.

Just now, Ye Hao used his own spatial laws to organize everything that happened here, including all the things about extreme fear, into information.

All are sent out, it's like a radio wave.

But only the powerhouse of the **** king level can receive this radio wave!

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