Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2069

Chapter 2069 Sunshine Glow

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"Dull and tasteless? F*cking hell!"

When the tavern boss heard Ye Yuans words, he was angered until he stomped his feet.

When the others saw this scene, other than finding it funny, they could not help pitying Ye Yuan.

This taverns boss was called Zhang Tu. In his early years, he killed people and committed arsons. His evil deeds knew no limits. His strength also reached middle-stage True God Realm and was not a good person.

All the way until acquiring this Raging Fire Brews formula later did he open the Raging Fire Tavern here.

The taverns boss directly dashed in front of Ye Yuan in rapid steps and said with a cold smile, "Kid, I, Zhang Tu, have sold the Raging Fire Brew in this Jiu Luo Ji for ten thousand years and have never heard anyone say that its dull and tasteless before! If you dont give an explanation today, dont think about walking out of this door!"

Everyone used pitying gazes to look at Ye Yuan. Jiu Luo Jis veteran folks all knew that this Zhang Tu was not to be trifled with.

Otherwise, with his Raging Fire Brew being highly in demand, could it be that no one dared to have designs on him?

It was that no one dared, thats all!

Wu Ling rolled her eyes and said, "How? Made people angry, right? Why dont you have a lid over your mouth? See how you clean up the mess!"

Wu Song shot a fierce glare at her. Turning around with a fawning smile, he said to Zhang Tu, "Boss Tu, this little brother of mine just has arrived and doesnt know the rules. Dont stoop to his level."

But Zhang Tu smiled coldly and said, "Who the hell are you? Whats your basis for not making Your Father stoop to his level? Im going to stoop to his level today! If these words were to spread out, how will Your Fathers shop still run?"

Finished talking, he looked toward Ye Yuan again and said with a cold smile, "Brat, dont blame Your Father for not giving you a chance. As long as you bring out a better alcohol than Raging Fire Brew today, this matter will be dropped and Your Father will even apologize to you. If you cant take it out heh heh"

Zhang Tu had an appearance of itching for a fight. Clearly, he harbored ill-intent.

Wu Song shot Ye Yuan a fierce glare by the side and whispered, "Apologize! Brother Ji, quickly apologize to Boss Tu!"

Ye Yuan sat there calmly and completely ignored Zhang Tu, but he looked at Wu Song with a smile as he said, "Sit down, Brother Wu. Just based on you defending this Ji like so, this Ji will treat you to a cup of wine today."

While talking, a small flask appeared in Ye Yuans hand.

Ye Yuan pulled open the lid of the flask. A thick aroma of alcohol instantly filled the entire small tavern.

"So fragrant! Fine wine!"

"My God, this wine is more than ten times more fragrant than the Raging Fire Brew!"

"What alcohol is this? This old man has never smelled before such an alcohol aroma in this life before!"

Upon lifting the flask lid, cries of exclamations within the small tavern linked up together. Quite a number of people were already hazy-eyed from drunkenness just by smelling this alcohol aroma.

Zhang Tus expression instantly became extremely ugly. He did not expect that Ye Yuan really took out the wine.

Just based on this alcohol aroma, the wine in Ye Yuans hand far surpassed the Raging Fire Brew!

"Uh smells so good! Big Brother, I want to drink!"

By the side, Wu Ling was already drunk, letting out a light moan that was unable to hide her hankering.

It was only to see that saliva already drooled out at the corner of her mouth.

This fragrance was truly tempting!


Wu Ling just reached her hand out and was smacked flying by Ye Yuan with a slap.

"Ouch!Why did you hit me!"

This slap also woke Wu Ling up from the pain.

But at this time, she looked at Ye Yuan with a look of surprise, as if she had seen a ghost.

This guy really had fine alcohol on him!

"This alcohol is only for Brother Wu to drink, none of your share!" Ye Yuan said coolly.

"Tch,stingy! Dont drink then, who wants it!"

Although she said so, Wu Lings pair of eyes lingered on the small flask, saliva drooling out again from the corner of her mouth.

In this Northernmost Steppe, women similarly loved drinking.

It was not just Wu Ling. Everyone in the small tavern smacked their lips, staring fixedly at the small flask in Ye Yuans hand.

Under the watchful gazes of the people, Ye Yuan poured a small glass for Wu Song.

The moment the wine came out of the flask, the fragrance became stronger!

Wu Song looked at Ye Yuan with a look of surprise. He was smashed dizzy by this biscuit that fell from the sky.

Only he could drink this wine!

"Brother Wu, sample hows this Yes wine," Ye Yuan made an inviting gesture and said with a light smile.

Wu Song desperately swallowed his saliva, the gluttonous bug in his abdomen was already endlessly agitated.

"Then This Wu wont be courteous!"

Wu song raised the glass, placed it at the tip of his nose and took a whiff, and almost threw the glass away.

Too fragrant!

He drank so many years of wine and had never smelled before such a fragrant to the extreme wine.

The others looked at Wu Song, saliva dripping all over the floor, all incredibly envious.

Rather, it was Wu Song who actually could not quite bear to drink it after the wine reached his mouth.

By the side, Ning Tianping said with an envious look,"Tsk tsk,this Sunshine Glow, His Excellency couldnt even bear to let me drink one mouth. Boy, you have the good fortune of the mouth!"

Ye Yuan scolded laughingly, "You rascal, dont think that I dont know how much you secretly drank, to actually still dare to vent your grievances here? Really think that I dont dare to beat you?"

Ning Tianping had an embarrassed look as he said, "Wasnt it because I was scared of the cold?Heh heh,Your Excellencys wine really tastes better the more you drink! Even several times stronger than the Dreamlike Wine!"

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and could not be bothered to care.

Arriving at this land of bitter coldness, in this half a years time, apart from inquiring information, Ye Yuan was brewing this Sunshine Glow.

Although Ye Yuan did not fear the cold wind, it was uncomfortable in this land of bitter cold after all.

Drink a mouthful of warm wine and everything would naturally be resolved.

"Brother Wu, not that this Ye is stingy, you can only drink a cup of this wine, any more and youll definitely collapse," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Wu Song smiled when he heard that and said, "Brother Ji is looking down on this Wu too much, this Wu known as a thousand cups without getting drunk. Even this Raging Fire Brew, Ill be totally fine after drinking five jars too."

Finished talking, he tilted his head back and downed it in one go.

Drinking finish, Wu Song had a peculiar look on his face.

When Zhang Tu saw the situation, he immediately laughed loudly and said,"Hahaha What did I say? What bullshit Sunshine Glow?! How can it compare to my "

"Fine wine!"

Zhang Tus words were said halfway when it was directly cut off by these two resounding to the extreme words of Wu Song.

"Fine wine! Fine wine! Fine wine! Really f*cking delicious!"

Wu Song said three fine wines in a row and followed up with a vulgarity.

Zhang Tus face immediately fell, would you die if you freaking let me say finish?

But the others could not wait and looked at Wu Song blankly as they asked curiously, "Brother, how is it good?"

"Yeah, quickly say!"

"Tsk tsk,really want to drink a mouthful!"

The current Wu Song, his eyes actually already started becoming hazy, shaking his head hard, wanting to wake himself up a bit.

When everyone saw the situation, they could not help being secretly tongue-tied.

This wine was so strong?

"I I cant describe it. Either way, its just delicious!" Wu song said in a rough voice.

Zhang Tu had a look of refusing to submit as he said with a cold smile, "Whats the use of being delicious? My Raging Fire Brew has the effect of warding off the cold. Drink a vat and you dont need to use divine essence for three days! No matter how fragrant your wine is, it also cant compare to my Raging Fire Brew!"

When he said this, he had a proud look.

This Raging Fire Brews greatest function was not deliciousness, but it was keeping out the cold!

In this land of extremely cold, it was the most practical.

As for deliciousness, that was still secondary.

It was just that his voice had yet to fade when Wu Song directly pulled open his leather mantle and took off all of his clothes, shouting at the top of his voice, "Hot! So hot!"

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