Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2121

Chapter 2121 You Owe Second Sage

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Taking care of Gongyang Lie, Ji Mo slowly turned around and looked at Heavenly Emperor Zixu as he said with a cold smile, "Heh, your Qilin Clan is really awe-inspiring!"

The entire incident, Ji Mo observed with cool detachment from the sidelines.

It was just that even though so many powerhouses present, only Ye Yuan alone discovered his existence.

As for the Qilin Clans show of authority, he naturally took it all into his sights.

The reason he did not take action was that he wanted to see Ye Yuans limits and also wanted to see how great Ye Yuans potential was.

Although Sacred Ancestor High Priest conferred Ye Yuan as Second Sage, actually, Ji Mo was the same as High Priest Redplume. They were more or less having some reservations about Ye Yuan.

A mere True God Realm powerhouse actually rode above 11 great disciples. This kind of thing, anyone would also feel that it was too ridiculous.

But watching this show, Ji Mos attitude toward Ye Yuan already completely changed.

Not only was Ye Yuan an unrivaled alchemy genius, making all alchemy geniuses pale in comparison, he was also a martial arts genius at the same time!

Ye Yuans combat power virtually made those in the same rank perspire from embarrassment.

What was more terrifying was that Ye Yuan actually grasped Dao mark with True God Realm cultivation.

No wonder his master viewed Ye Yuan as his opponent. Even if it was just in terms of Alchemy Dao, Ye Yuan surpassing them apprentice brothers in the future, was likely a sure bet too.

When Heavenly Emperor Zixu learned Ji Mos identity, he also sucked in a cold breath.

He never would have thought that Sacred Ancestor High Priest actually attached such importance to this so-called Second Sage, to actually send his direct disciple over personally.

Heavenly Emperors did not step into the mortal world.

But Ji Mo, this kind of apex existence, rarely even took part in the disputes of Heavenly Emperors.

A late-stage Heavenspan World peak powerhouse was this Heavenspan Worlds true hegemon!

But High Priest Stardrive actually personally descended upon the human world for Ye Yuan!

But even if it was facing High Priest Stardrive, High Priest Stardrive also could not weaken the Qilin Clans imposing momentum. He immediately gave a bow toward Ji Mo and said in a deep voice, "Lord Stardrives words, Zixu doesnt understand. Even if Ye Yuan is the Second Sage, he killed my Qilin Clans number one alchemy genius, making my clan suffer a great loss in strength in alchemy. He also seized my clans emperor bone. Could it be that my Qilin Clan is acting without any justifiable reason?"

High Priest Stardrive stared at Heavenly Emperor Zixu, staring until the latter shuddered. High Priest Stardrive said coolly,"Huhu,your Qilin Clan really knows how to play the blame game! Since Second Sage arrived in the west city, this emperor has been paying close attention. This matter was your Qilin Clan finding trouble first to begin with. Second Sage endured time and again, but you guys went from bad to worse. Forget about that Qi Zhen scrapped the agreement, he even threatened to make Second Sage offer up the emperor bone and make apologies.Heh heh,the Second Sage that Master personally conferred, but you all made him apologize. Are you guys looking down on Second Sage or looking down on Master?Mn?"

When he said the last word, Ji Mo glared fiercely. A powerful soul force stabbed straight for Heavenly Emperor Zixus divine soul.

Heavenly Emperor Zixus entire body trembled and actually knelt in front of Ji Mo uncontrollably.

While at this time, Ji Mos figure moved, moving aside, revealing Ye Yuan behind.

Heavenly Emperor Zixus kneeling just happened to kneel down toward Ye Yuan.

A late-stage Heavenly Emperor peerless powerhouse, furthermore, it was a high priest who was powerful in the divine soul aspect. How powerful was Ji Mos soul force?

If he was willing, just the stare earlier could turn Zixus soul to dust.

Heavenly Emperor Zixus face turned deathly pale, as if he fell gravely ill.

He looked at Ji Mo, his face full of alarm and fear.

High Priest Stardrive was too strong!

Each and every one of the demon race powerhouses in the city was extremely shocked. The The Qilin Clan came in a threatening manner this time. In the end, two Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, one was suppressed and made to kneel by Ye Yuan, while the other was personally suppressed by High Priest Stardrive and also knelt down.

This face was utterly lost!

Furthermore, this time, High Priest Redplume even invited many reclusive demon race powerhouses over.

The Qilin Clan was considered to have completely tripped this time.

But the demons in the city were all worried. High Priest Stardrive was so domineering. Was he not afraid of the Qilin Clans revenge?

"Lord Stardrive this is taking advantage of your power to bully people! Are you bullying my Qilin Clan for having nobody?" Heavenly Emperor Zixu gritted his teeth and said.

Ji Mo smiled coldly when he heard that and said, "This emperor knows that your Qilin Clan is very strong, being not beneath my Priest Temple. But its not your turn to come and question this emperor yet! This kneel, you owe Second Sage!"

Ji Mos gaze then turned cold, and he said in a cold voice, "Second Sage was personally conferred by Master. His status is even above us direct disciples. You, a mere Third Firmament Heavenly Emperor, came to humiliate my Priest Temples Second Sag. Isnt that slapping Masters face? Its you who is bullying my Priest Temple for having nobody!"

Ji Mos voice was akin to a great bell, reverberated throughout the world.

His rage represented the Sacred Ancestor High Priests rage.

Originally, Ye Yuans Second Sage was merely a title,. No one would take it to heart.

But Ji Mo descending personally, the significance of Second Sage was totally different.

Hence, Heavenly Emperor Zixus kneel was not unjust!

Heavenly Emperor Zixus face was ashen. Same as everyone present, the Qilin Clan also underestimated the weight of Ye Yuan, this Second Sage.

Furthermore, this underestimation was a severe underestimation.

Sacred Ancestor High Priest did not treat him as a junior that could be molded, but Sacred Ancestor truly put Ye Yuan on a seat with equal footing.

The height of his expectations exceeded everyones imaginations!

Heavenly Emperor Zixu gritted his teeth and said, "Even so, my Qilin Clan also doesnt tolerate Lord Stardrive to humiliate us like so!"

Ji Mo smiled faintly when he heard that and said, "Is that so? If youre not convinced, you can invite the Qilin Clans powerhouses over. This emperor will await respectfully at any time! My Priest Temple doesnt fear a divine war!"

When Heavenly Emperor Zixu heard that, his pupils could not help constricting.

Ji Mo said it very casually, but the weight of this sentence was too heavy!

"This How can this be? Lord Second Sage is merely a True God Realm martial artist, but why would Sacred Ancestor High Priest value him so highly?"

"Sacred Ancestor High Priest actually has no qualms on launching a divine war for Second Sage!"

"Looks like we still underestimated Lord Second Sages status in Sacred Ancestor High Priests heart!"

The demon race powerhouses present were all shook to the core.

High Priest Stardrives nonchalant words represented Sacred Ancestor High Priests powerful determination.

If the Qilin Clan dared to touch Ye Yuan, this divine war definitely could not be avoided.

Either battle or withdraw!

The power to choose was handed to the Qilin Clan.

Heavenly Emperor Zixu sucked in a deep breath, looked toward Ye Yuan with a complicated expression, and finally let out a sigh and said, "This matter, Zixu is unable to make a decision. But Lord Stardrives words, Zixu will definitely deliver it!"

Done talking, Heavenly Emperor Zixu stood up with some difficulty and planned on leaving.

"Stop. Did this emperor let you guys go?" Ji Mo said coolly.

Heavenly Emperor Zixus expression changed, and he said in a cold voice, "Why? Does Lord Stardrive really want to kill me? Although Zixu isnt some important person. I also represent the Qilin Clans face. If I die here, this divine war will likely really cant be avoided!"

Ji Mo did not seem to have heard his words. His gaze sweeping around, he slowly opened his mouth and said, "Today, all the people of virtue are here. Then lets witness Second Sages strength together!"

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