Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2122

Chapter 2122 Entering The Game

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Ji Mo flicked his sleeves grandly. A small and exquisite chessboard slowly flew out.

A majestic and insubstantial aura of Dao gushed out, instantly covering the entire world.

It was as if this chessboard was a world!

When people with extensive knowledge saw this, their faces could not help changing drastically as they cried out with surprise, "Ask Not! This is Ask Not! Only Ask Not has such a mysterious and unpredictable aura!"

Someone asked doubtfully, "Second Sage? Hasnt Second Sage already cleared Ask Not before? Wouldnt using this to exhibit his strength be a joke?"

"What the hell do you know! Sacred Ancestor High Priest has made countless rubbings of Ask Not and handed it to the various Priest Temples. But the rubbings of Ask Not chess game vary in concept. Whats enshrined by the various Priest Temples are merely the lowest-level version of Ask Not. It probably doesnt even have one-ten-thousandth of the true Ask Nots power!"

"In this case, this Ask Not chess game is very incredible?"

"Is there still a need to say? Would the Ask Not that High Priest Stardrive personally brought over be of the common sort?"

Numerous demon race powerhouses were anxious and doubtful, looking at that tiny chessboard with incredible shock.

Ji Mo looked at Ye Yuan and opened his mouth and said, "Second Sage, Master said that you must be very interested in Ask Not. So he ordered me to bring it over. This chessboard is the real Ask Not!"

Ye Yuans pupils constricted, immediately revealing strong interest.

Heavenly Emperor Zixu, Heavenly Emperor Shaoyun, Long Zhi, and the rest, their pupils shrunk, revealing a look of astonishment.

Ask Nots great reputation, even if they were in pseudo worlds, they had also heard of it.

This was the real Ask Not, an eternal chess game with boundless power!

"Huhu,the person who knows me well is still Sacred Ancestor High Priest! Challenging Ask Not the last time, the Medicine Ancestor was too weak! I truly couldnt muster up interest!" Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Hearing Ye Yuans words, everyone was speechless.

Medicine Ancestor was too weak This sort of words, only Ye Yuan would dare to say it out.

But Ji Mo was slightly shocked in his heart and could not help recalling his scene of challenging Ask Not back then.

Back then, when he challenged Ask Not, that was a hairbreadth escape. He almost did not come out alive.

But arriving at Ye Yuan here, he felt that the opponent was too weak.

That was Medicine Ancestor!

Although he did not personally see the sight of Ye Yuan clearing the hurdle, his master had told him before.

Back then, Ye Yuan replaced his master, then he had a great battle with Medicine Ancestor, finally completely routing the Medicine Ancestor.

How grandiose and exciting was that battle!

Ji Mo said, "Master sealed 50% of the power with a great divine ability. Inside this Ask Not, it still contains 50% of the power. However, even if its only 50% power, this emperor cant clear it either! Does Second Sage dare to challenge it?"

"What? Sealed 50% of the power and High Priest Stardrive actually cant even make it through?"

"Just what kind of existence in this Ask Not!"

"The rubbing Ask Nots only have one-ten-thousandth power and already heaven-shocking might. Just 50% power, its too terrifying! Second Sage is just a Six-star priest. Unless his head is spoiled, why would he go and challenge Ask Not!"

This was the real Ask Not. It was the game field of the Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest, these two peerless alchemy experts.

That kind of existences could destroy heaven and earth with a wave of a hand.

Although it was just a Dao debate, Heavenly Emperor powerhouses did not dare to easily set foot in it either; let alone a measly little Ye Yuan?

"Ive already been captivated by this Ask Not for a long time. So how can I miss it? Activate it!" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Stardrive laughed loudly and said,"Hahaha what a heroic Second Sage! This emperor is also very curious just how great Second Sages potential is!"

It was only to see him pointing at the void. A bright red light beam hit the chessboard and the chessboard immediately erupted with rays of brilliant light.

A horrifying to the extreme pressure instantly bloomed!

Originally, that chessboard only gave people a profound and mysterious feeling.

But only at this time, did the people realize that this was the battlefield of two apex figures.

"Is this Sacred Ancestor High Priest here to verify strength, or here to kill people? How can just horrifying power be what a mere True God Realm can resist?" Long Zhi marveled with admiration.

When Zixu saw this scene, a hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of his mouth and he said, "Sacred Ancestor High Priest had better dont shoot himself in the foot and mess this up! A mere True God Realm brat, if he can survive amidst the struggle of two apex Transcendent Heavenly Emperors, this emperor will pluck his own head off and let that brat kick it as a ball!"

"Heh,I think that it will definitely be messed up! This kind of power, even if the likes of us go in, its also certain death! Just based on a measly little True God Realm powerhouse, can he come out alive?" Heavenly Emperor Shaoyun said with a cold smile.


All of a sudden, heaven and earth changed colors. The color of the sky in a radius of 100 thousand miles suddenly turned dark.

The scene before everyones eyes changed, as if they had entered another world.

Everyones expressions turned stiff, as if being constrained, unable to move at all.

These people then felt a trace of their divine soul being extracted away, feeling a bout of weakness.

Above the void, two giants looked at each other across space, almost like gods.

Heavenly Emperor Zixus gaze revealed a look of astonishment and he said in a solemn voice, "Heaven and earth as the chessboard, myriad life as the chess pieces! What a tremendous power!"

Ye Yuan being situated inside it was akin to facing the entire world.

"Second Sage, enter the game!" High Priest Stardrive looked at Ye Yuan and said coolly.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and directly took a step out, entering this world.

Ye Yuans figure directly submerged into this world.

Ji Mos gaze flickered and he said to himself, "Disregarding other things, just this resolution, no one can be compared to him!"

The game between two apex powerhouses, how shocking was the commotion.

Once entered the game, it was nine chances to die and one chance to live!

To a True God Realm like Ye Yuan, it was practically a hopeless land; certain death.

The scene before Ye Yuans eyes changed, he discovered that he was actually decked out as a foot soldier.

In front of two peerless powerhouses, Ye Yuan was puny like an ant.


Suddenly, a thunderous voice sounded out. Everyones divine souls seemed to be pulled by someone. The military strength of the two sides started engaging fiercely.

Everyone was unable to refuse this order.

Ye Yuan was wrapped up inside, akin to a speck of dust in a torrent, unable to control his actions at all.

The army on both sides fought together fiercely just like that.

In an instant, there were countless powerhouses that were annihilated.

The current Ye Yuan was just an ordinary foot soldier, just like a wooden puppet being towed to go on an expedition all around.

Under the footsteps of two peerless powerhouses, Ye Yuan was as feeble as a speck of dust.

And this scene landed fully in everyones eyes.

"Heh,what did I say? How can a mere True God Realm influence the game of supreme powerhouses? Once he entered the game, hes just an ant. Sacred Ancestor High Priest asks him to go eat, he wont be able to go west! This show is really fun to watch!"

Heavenly Emperor Zixu had a cold expression. He just swept a glance over and saw the Ye Yuan in the torrent.

The others all had a wisp of divine soul submerged inside. Even if they died, it also did not matter.

But Ye Yuan entered with his real body. Once he was killed by an enemy, that was true death.

Heavenly Emperor Zixu had suffered such a big loss in Ye Yuans hands. He wished for Ye Yuan to die a million times over.

This outcome was exactly what he wished for!

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