Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2196

Chapter 2195 Heavenly Dao Showdown

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"Lord Divine Son is mighty!"

"Ant-like human, in front of Lord Divine Son, youll crumble at the first blow!"

"Lord Divine Son is well-deserving of being the envoy of God, not to be blasphemed!"

The abyss monsters were all incomparably excited, cheering joyfully.

The powerful strength that Ye Yuan exhibited previously made each and every one of them somewhat doubt life.

The Divine Race that they followed was the strongest race in this world.

How could a mere ant-like human possibly be so strong?

But now, Lord Divine Son used unparalleled formidable strength to prove the Divine Races might!

Of course, they subconsciously neglected that Ye Yuan had just experienced a great battle.

He faced several hundred Empyrean level abyss monsters by himself!

"Saw that? This is the might of the Divine Race! We are the race blessed by heaven!" Xin looked down upon Ye Yuan from a great height, his gaze full of disdain.

This formidable punch sent Ye Yuans innards into an upheaval.

Crawling to his feet with difficulty, Ye Yuan spat a mouthful of blood foam and he grinned, "A little interesting! This is the Divine Race? Since thats the case, then you have a taste of my fist too!"

"Your fist?Huhu" Xin smiled disdainfully.


Ye Yuans figure swayed, arriving in front of Xin in an instant.

A punch came out!

Xins reaction was also extremely fast, a punch similarly slammed out!


Horrifying air billows spread out. Xins body flew out akin to a cannonball, all the way until it bumped into the mountain nearby before he stabilized his figure.

All of the cheerings abruptly stopped!

Nineorigins pupils constricted, with a hint of solemness flashing across his eyes.

From the start until now, his face finally revealed a solemn expression for the first time.

It was only to see his gaze flicker. No idea what he was thinking about either.

One punch returning a punch!

Xins pupils constricted, looking at Ye Yuan with incredible shock.

This punch did not cause much harm to him, but Ye Yuans fist was odd!

That punch just now seemed to be identical with his, similarly containing the lingering charm of Heavenly Dao.

But how was this possible?

A humans ordinary punch actually contained Heavenly Dao concept?

In fact, this kind of Heavenly Dao concept was even above his!

It was as if Ye Yuan was the true Heavenly Dao!

While he was merely making use of Heavenly Dao; that was all.

When the fake met the real, the level was immediately established!

"You How can you possibly mobilize the power of Heavenly Dao? This isnt possible!" Xin shouted angrily.

"This is my Heavenly Dao, not your Heavenly Dao!" Ye Yuan grinned, saying something that was ambiguous.

This was not the power of Heavenspan Worlds Heavenly Dao. This was the punch where Ye Yuan fused essence, energy, and spirit!

Essence, energy, and spirit fusing into one, was also the energy source of his chaos world.

In other words, this was his Heavenly Dao!

Xins gaze turned dark and he said in a cold voice, "Your Heavenly Dao? Shameless boasting! I dont care about your whatever Heavenly Dao. In front of power, everything is in vain!"

Done talking, Xin suddenly erupted. A punch of Heavenly Dao flew over toward Ye Yuans figure like a wild tempest.

His movement technique traversed through the void, swift to the extreme. He was actually almost on par with Ye Yuans spatial law!

The two people came and went, traversing through the void, their speed swift to the extreme.

Even those Seventh and Eighth Firmament Empyrean abyss monsters actually could not see the two peoples fight clearly.

Ye Yuan also had no choice but to acknowledge the strength of the Divine Races talent.

Xin clearly did not understand spatial law, but he could borrow the power of Heavenly Dao and complete space traversing.

But even though Ye Yuans Heavenly Dao was weak, it was a complete Heavenly Dao!

The power of his essence, energy, and spirit fusing into one made up for the difference in realm.

The two people were evenly matched.

In a few breaths, the two people had clashed no idea how many punches.

The two people, each punch had the might of Heavenly Dao, fighting until the entire sundered boundary started trembling.

The expression on Nineorigins face became more and more solemn. Toward the end, killing intent even appeared.

He did not think that this human who suddenly arrived actually had such formidable strength.

Divine Race matching up against the human race, they had never been defeated before in the same realm!

They were the race blessed by heaven, naturally powerful!

Their combat power was unparalleled under the heavens!

The reason why humans were powerful was that their propagation ability was too strong, giving birth to countless experts, and not that they were individually powerful.

But now, this human before his eyes actually fought to a draw with Divine Son with an unstable cultivation realm of Third Firmament Empyrean!

Furthermore, it was even under the circumstances of being heavily injured!

If this human grew up, he might become the greatest unforeseen accident to the Divine Races grand plan.

This boy must be eliminated!

Just as he was thinking, a streak of golden light suddenly flashed above the void.


It was only to hear a loud bang. A figure fell down like a cannonball, being slammed underneath the ground.

Ye Yuan was covered in blood all over, akin to a fiend god, standing proudly in the sky!

All the way until just now, Ye Yuan was still holding back.

He mobilized the power of Divine Stele Injecting Spirit and finally overpowered Xin a notch in terms of strength.

Those abyss monsters, including a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse like Manya, all looked at Ye Yuan with incredible shock.

In the same rank, abyss monsters crushed humans!

In the same rank, the Divine Beast crushed abyss monsters!

Abyss monsters followed the Divine Beast not only because they represented Heavenly Fiendgod, but because they were strong.

But now, the existence that they viewed as undefeatable in their eyes was actually defeated?

"Freaking hell Is this emperors eyesight failing? Lord Divine Son was actually defeated?" Manya had an expression like he had seen a ghost as he exclaimed.

"How is this possible? How can the Divine Race possibly lose?"

"A human actually surpassed the Divine Race? How can this sort of ridiculous thing possibly happen?"

Ye Yuans combat strength completely subverted their understanding.

The heaven-defying Divine Race actually lost to the lowly human race!

This sort of thing, they found it hard to accept in terms of feelings!


Right at this time, a figure rushed up to the sky from underground.

Xin had a savage look, fire burning in his eyes, practically going to melt Ye Yuan.

In his eyes, Ye Yuan was just a lowly ant.

This ant did not even have the qualifications to make him take action.

But now, this lowly ant actually tramped the incomparably proud Divine Son underfoot!

Someone that you looked down on, that you viewed as an ant, a person that you viewed as dust, defeated you!

What kind of sense of humiliation could be stronger than this?

"Damn human, to be able to force this Divine Son to this step, you can be sufficiently proud! Now, you can go to hell!"

Xins two eyes were blood-red, the aura on his body surging to the sky.

The blue Dao marks on his body turned into strands of fine thread, wrapping around him.

An aura of Heavenly Dao suddenly descended.

It was as if Xin was Heavenly Dao!

Heaven and earth changed colors, the firmament trembled!

"This move is the strongest move that this Divine Son comprehended after experiencing 3000 over major and minor battles! To be able to die under this move, you can be sufficiently proud!" Xin looked at Ye Yuan, as if looking at a dead person.

Ye Yuan looked at Xin, his eyes calm.

He slowly took out the bone sword, essence, energy, and spirit, three kinds of power, turned into three auras, wandering around him.

"I, Ye Yuan, dont need to borrow the power of Heavenly Dao."

"I, Ye Yuan, am Heavenly Dao!"

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