Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2197

Chapter 2196 Why Would I Fear A Fight

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Ye Yuan held the bone sword in his hand. Amidst the fierce winds, he walked over slowly under the pressure of Heavenly Dao.

No matter how the wind and rain howled, it could not shake him in the slightest.

However, Ye Yuans commotion was far from as powerful as Xins.

It looked like it could be extinguished at any time.

"Ignorant fool! How can Heavenly Dao be what you can imagine?"

Firmament with One Thought!

Xin threw a punch out. It was as if heaven and earth fell down, crushing the world.

The power of this punch was powerful to the extreme.

Under this punch, those abyss monsters actually trembled and knelt down.

"This is the true power of the Divine Race! Under this punch, everything will turn into nothingness! How can a mere human possibly understand it!" Manya said agitatedly.

Xins punch made them find the confidence that they lost anew.

They firmly believed that Ye Yuan would definitely turn to ashes under this punch!

Facing this earth-shattering punch, Ye Yuans face was without any ripple like an ancient well.

At this time, his essence, energy, and spirit rose to the peak and fused into one.

All of the power was poured entirely onto the bone sword.

Chaos Essence One Breath Sword!

Carrying the method to contract his strength, Ye Yuans sword attacked fiercely.

This was his pinnacle sword!

The sword of Great Dao!

In front of this sword, what did the trace of Heavenly Dao power that Xin borrowed count for?



The void trembled.

The terrifying power disappeared without a trace instantly.

But Ye Yuan and Xin two people were completely unscathed.

Because at this time, a figure stood between the two.

That person was precisely Nineorigin!

Just as the two peoples astonishing strikes were about to collide, Nineorigin interjected domineeringly.

With his formidable strength, he forcefully obliterated the two peoples all-out attack completely!

"This Whats going on here? Lord Divine Son was clearly about to kill that human right away, so why did Lord Nineorigin make a move?"

"Yeah! Why would Lord Nineorigin make a move to save a human?"

"If not for Lord Nineorigin taking action, that human would have been dead for sure!"

The group of abyss monsters were full of puzzlement, not understanding why Nineorigin would cut in rudely at such a critical moment.

Xins pupils also shrunk and he said with a frown, "Uncle Nineorigin, what have you done?"

Nineorigin did not answer Xin, but he looked at Ye Yuan and said coolly, "I admit defeat on Divine Sons behalf."

Xins entire body trembled and he said, "Uncle Nineorigin, what did you say? I lost?"

Nineorigins one sentence directly caused an uproar.

Those abyss monsters were all incomparably shocked. All of them were thinking that Nineorigin was making a joke.

Nineorigin nodded and said, "Just now, if I didnt make a move, youll probably not be able to return to the abyss anymore. He fused essence, energy, and spirit three paths into one. It isnt one plus one plus one equals to three so simple! Although your Firmament with One Thought is strong, compared to this move of his, the disparity isnt small!"

Actually, Nineorigin already said it very tactfully in consideration of Xins face.

Not that the disparity was not small, but that it was too far apart!

If he did not make a move, Xin would have died beyond a doubt.

This kind of strength was not what disparity could describe anymore.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath, even the Yue Mengli who was watching the battle at one side also turned pale.

For so many years, she desperately chased after Ye Yuans footsteps.

But in the end, Ye Yuans was already powerful to such an extent!

How could she not know the might of Divine Son?

That kind of Heavenly Dao might, even if a Sixth Firmament Empyrean human came, they might not be able to block it too.

That was a truly astonishing strike!

But someone as strong as Divine Son was still not Ye Yuans match.

"Impossible! I am the exalted Divine Races Divine Son! How can I lose to a lowly human?! Uncle Nineorigin, you move aside! Im going to fight him to the death!" Xin roared at Nineorigin.

As the Divine Races Divine Son, how proud was Xin?

Not even fighting, how could he possibly believe that he lost to Ye Yuan?

Although he knew that it was impossible for Nineorigin to bluff him, he was still not willing to believe.

Even though Nineorigin making a move saved his life, it ruined his overflowing pride.

This felt even worse than death to him.

Nineorigin frowned and said, "Divine Son, the things shouldered on your body are too heavy. How can you act without due consideration? Our Divine Race has endured for hundreds of millions of years, only for the sake of recovering our former glory, have you forgotten?"

Xins entire body trembled, his five fingers clenching tightly, making his fist creak from clenching.

"I I understand!" Xins words carried strong unwillingness.

Nineorigin looked at Ye Yuan and said in a solemn voice, "I didnt expect that theres actually a genius like you in the human race! Looks like I underestimated the human race too much. Your lowly race can propagate without limit. They can naturally also give birth to some peculiar existences. Youre likely the most talented human in this epoch!"

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, "So, are you going to kill me and extinguish the hope of the human race?"

Nineorigin shook his head and said, "Theres naturally no need to kill you! We need the power of the Divine Daughter. But I can suppress you forever! After we suppress the Heavenspan World, you can still reunite with Divine Daughter!"

Ye Yuans gaze was slightly cold. Sword pointing at Nineorigin, he said with a sneer, "Is that so? I said it before. Want to bring Li-er away? Step over my dead body!"

Nineorigin laughed in spite of himself and said, "Forget that youre currently already an arrow at the end of its flight; even at your peak, are you my match? You might not know my identity yet. Im one of the Divine Races nine Profound Lineages elders! Calculating according to cultivation realm, I should be equivalent to your Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor. However, your Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperors huhu."

Ninth Firmament chuckled, clearly, he was very disdainful of the strength of Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperors.

Yue Menglis expression changed, her face revealing a look of despair.

She originally did not know the division of Nineorigins realm. But hearing him say so, she knew that Ye Yuan had no hope at all!

Toward Nineorigins pride, Ye Yuan did not doubt it.

Thinking of Xins strength, his realm was about equivalent to a Fourth Firmament Empyrean.

But Xins strength was sufficient to instantly kill Fourth Firmament Empyreans!

The Divine Race was this strong.

Ye Yuans bone sword swung, walking over toward Nineorigin step by step. He said with a cold smile, "Really have a lot of crap! So what if youre an Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor? So what if youre one of the Profound Lineages nine elders? Even if youre that Dao Ancestor in the heavens, why should I, Ye Yuan, fear a fight?"

The moment these words came out, everyone was silent like cicadas in winter.

This fellows pride was really greater than even heaven!

Nineorigins two eyes narrowed, the imposing aura on his body gradually releasing.

The horrifying power made everyone present feel suffocated!

Even when separated from extremely far away, those abyss monsters were being pressured until they lay in a prostrating posture on the ground, unable to even move a muscle.

Let alone the Ye Yuan in front of Nineorigin?

Ye Yuan walked toward Nineorigin step by step. Each step that he took was extremely difficult.

Just like a spring that was compressed to the extreme, he was unable to take a step further anymore.

Nineorigin looked at Ye Yuan and said with a light smile, "Under my pressure, you can still keep standing, youre already very good! Its just a shame that mn?"

Nineorigins expression changed, his voice abruptly cutting off.

Because he discovered that Ye Yuan was advancing again!

Ye Yuans eyes became colder and colder.

Countless blue lines poured out of Ye Yuans body!

Those were Dao marks!

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