Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2198

Chapter 2197 A Battle That Wagers Everything

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Ye Yuans eyes already completely became a grayish-white color.

His entire person seemed to have turned into an ice sculpture, exuding an icy-cold aura from head to toe.

Not that he cultivated an ice-attribute cultivation method, but because his entire person became emotionless.

While the distance between him and Nineorigin also became closer and closer!

Nineorigin discovered to his surprise that his pressure was actually unable to stop Ye Yuan in the slightest anymore.

"Truly surprises me! A human Empyrean Realm martial artist can actually mobilize Dao marks! Young man, you really made me view the human race in a different light!" Nineorigin was not frightened and let out a praise instead.

While surprise was surprise, he did not feel much danger from Ye Yuan.

With Ye Yuans realm, no matter how heaven-defying he was, it was also impossible to cause any harm to him.

About this point, he could be certain of it!

An Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor being placed in the entire Heavenspan World, it was also an absolute powerhouse, a paramount existence.

They could look down on everything!

Ye Yuan walked over step by step, all the way until he walked to 100 feet in front of Nineorigin before his figure halted.

Nineorigin smiled lightly and said, "Young man, very good! To have the courage to stand before me, youre already stronger than the vast majority of the people in this world!"

What kind of powerful existence was Nineorigin?

Being his opponent required courage!

This was not making a joke, but that after the difference in strength reached a certain degree, an enormous pressure formed naturally.

Forget about Ye Yuan who was only a Third Firmament Empyrean, making a human Third Firmament Empyrean stand 100 feet in front of a Ninth Firmament Empyrean, he would probably be scared until he wet his pants too!

Ye Yuans feet stopped moving forward, and he opened his mouth and said coldly, "What will make you view in a different light is still at the back!"

A hint of strange smile showed at the corners of Ye Yuans mouth.

Following that, the two figures disappeared into thin air just like that!

Xins pupils constricted. Immediately, the corners of his mouth revealed a hint of a mocking smile.

"To actually take Uncle Nineorigin into the small world, truly a blind and reckless fool!" Xin said with a cold smile.

Those abyss monsters all burst into an uproar.

"This boy wouldnt have been scared silly, right?"

"If Lord Nineorigin flicks a finger, his small world would probably shatter, right?"

"A small world is the most fragile. Others are afraid of the opponent finding the small world. This guy actually still took the initiative to take Lord Nineorigin inside!"

"If it was somebody else, then forget it, but thats Lord Nineorigin!"

Even Yue Mengli was very puzzled too, worry written all over her face.

Small worlds were where the foundation of human martial artists lied, it was the source of their strength.

At the same time, small worlds were also the most fragile place.

Each human martial artist would guard the entrance to the small world tightly, fearful of the opponent barging in.

If they were weak, it was still alright. Powerful existences could destroy the small world in an instant.

Even if they were not strong, battling in a small world, the damage to the small world was also permanent.

Killing 1000 of the enemy, losing 800 of your own!

Just like back then, a bunch of Empyreans barged into Immortal Grove World. Even if they only slightly engaged in a battle, it caused indelible harm to the Immortal Grove World.

If not for Ye Yuan overcoming the raging tides in the end, the Immortal Grove World would have long turned to ashes.

Ye Yuan took an Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor Divine Race member in with Third Firmament Empyrean boundary, wasnt this looking for abuse?

Nineorigin sized Ye Yuan up rather interestedly and said with a light smile, "This is your final trump card? Your small world cant withstand my one strike at all! This trump card of yours makes me very disappointed!"

Nineorigins thoughts were the same as the rest, not only did this final trump card of Ye Yuan did not have the slightest effect, it appeared extremely foolish instead.

Perhaps Ye Yuan was very confident in his small world, but what kind of person dared to let an Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor in?

Let alone that he, Nineorigin, was not an ordinary Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor!

For him to be able to become one of the nine elders, the might of his strength was far stronger than even same rank Divine Race members.

What did an ordinary Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor count for?

"Oh?Is that so?"

Ye Yuan who had gray eyes said those words coldly, his figure suddenly disappearing.

A faint smile was still hanging on Nineorigins face, indifferent toward Ye Yuans action.

But in the next moment, the smile on his face suddenly vanished. What replaced it was incomparably seriousness.

A feeling of incredible danger welled up in his heart!

That was the power of Great Dao!

Dao mark!

No time to think too much, Nineorigin urged all of the Great Dao power in his power and met with Ye Yuans punch.


The entire chaos world started trembling. Nineorigin was smashed flying out backward, his divine sea experiencing an upheaval.

Then he used an extremely shocked gaze to stare fixedly at Ye Yuan.

"What about now?" Ye Yuan said coldly.

Nineorigins two eyes narrowed, only then, started sizing the chaos world up seriously.

It was fine if he did not size it up, but when he did, his heart shook wildly!

The chaos world was totally different from the worlds in his understanding!

Incomparably thick aura of Great Dao, incomparably thick chaos divine essence, plus Dao marks that filled the sky.

Everything added up made him think that he was situated in the prehistoric Heavenspan World!

For ordinary human Empyreans, small worlds had long already formed and could accommodate living things, absorb the power of faith, and nurture treasures.

But Ye Yuans small world seemed to have only just formed!

Everything and everything was still in the midst of inoculation.

Although this world was still in the budding stage, the power of Heavenly Dao contained inside was actually almost on par with him, this Divine Race ninth elder!

Ye Yuan could completely maneuver the power of Heavenly Dao inside this world to face the enemy.

Nineorigin stared hard at Ye Yuan and said in shock, "This place is your small world? How can a small world be like this? What kind of cultivation method are you cultivating?!"

The gray-eyed Ye Yuan said coldly, "That doesnt need you to worry about! Prepare to die!"

Nineorigins pupils constricted when he heard that and he said with a cold snort, "Youre also looking down on my Divine Race too much! Your small world indeed exceeded my expectations. But it is still too weak! After this battle, your small world will collapse! And you will become a cripple!"

The gray-eyed Ye Yuan said coldly, "So what?"

While talking, he threw another punch out.

Nineorigin met the attack!

Each of the two peoples punches carried an incomparably thick aura of Great Dao.

This battle was truly apocalyptic!

Each time the two peoples fists clashed, it would shake the chaos world until it was in an upheaval.

Space shattered, divine seas rolled.

Actually, each of Nineorigins attacks would cause irreversible harm to Ye Yuan.

But he did not care at all.




Time slowly trickled by, no idea how long had passed either, Nineorigin still did not come out.

At this time, those abyss monsters finally realized that something was wrong.

"Whats going on? Could it be that Lord Nineorigin is actually in a fierce battle with that boy?"

"How can this be possible? A mere Empyrean Realms small world should not be able to withstand one-ten-thousandth of Lord Nineorigins power at all!"

"But what on earth are these two people doing in the small world? They wouldnt be chatting, right?"

Everyones heart itched like a cat wanting to scratch its body. They really wanted to see the situation inside the chaos world.

But only Ye Yuan could open up the entrance of the chaos world.

If he did not open it, others could not go in at all!

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