Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2199

Chapter 2198 Pride Of Heavenly Dao

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With the horrifying clash, the two people were each sent flying out.

Space shattered, chaos roiled!

Nineorigin had a head of disheveled hair, his body already stained full of bloodstains, and no longer had his elegance and naturalness at the beginning.

He looked at Ye Yuan and said in a solemn voice, "Youre mad! Keep on fighting like this, your small world will be completely ruined!"

While that might be the case, Nineorigin was unbelievably shocked in his heart.

Inside this small world, his strength was being suppressed endlessly, while Ye Yuans strength was being magnified limitlessly.

In the chaos world, he could not mobilize any heaven and earth spiritual energy at all.

What he could rely on was only his strength!

He felt like he got on a lone island. There was not the slightest bit of help at all.

While what Ye Yuan possessed was the entire world!

The small worlds of humans were all Heavenspan Worlds Heavenly Dao.

Normally, Nineorigin would not have a feeling of having his hands and feet bound up when inside them.

But Ye Yuans chaos world was completely different from ordinary worlds.

At this time, the chaos world was already riddled full of holes, virtually on the verge of collapsing already.

Ye Yuans clothes were in rags from top to bottom, bloodstains all over, looking alarming at the sight.

But his face was still cold as if he could not feel the least bit of pain.

In the chaos world, he could indeed control everything, even control time and space.

However, Nineorigin was too powerful!

The Dao marks on his body were basically a sharp weapon that could shatter everything.

From this point of view, the Divine Race was indeed a race that was favored by heaven.

Even if he could only rely on himself, the disparity between Ye Yuan and him was still enormous.

"So what? Under Heavenly Dao, all are ants! Being unbridled in front of me, you deserve to die!" The gray-eyed Ye Yuan did not have the slightest emotion when speaking.

In front of him, the powerful Nineorigin actually became an ant-like figure.

Nineorigins gaze turned cold, and he said in a cold voice, "Young man, youre too condescending! Today, Ill let you take a look at the might of the Divine Race!"

All of a sudden, Nineorigins aura erupted. The terrifying power made the entire chaos world start to tremble.

His whole body was swathed in Dao marks. An apocalyptic aura spread out.

The aura of Divine Son Xin was not worth mentioning at all compared to Nineorigin.

This is true power, unrivaled might!

Even under the powerful suppression of the chaos world, this powerful force still shows signs of bursting through the firmament.

"Divine Race? In front of me, Ye Yuan, you all are merely a bunch of ants!"

Ye Yuan flicked his sleeves grandly, both hands drawing a circle. A Tai Chi diagram condensed in front of him.

Nineorigins pupils shrunk. A pressure akin to beholding a great mountain hit from head-on.

His heart shook wildly, secretly sighing in relief at how lucky he was!

Ye Yuans realm was too low. If Ye Yuans cultivation realm could reach the Heavenly Emperor Realm, killing Nineorigin would be akin to killing a dog in this world!

At this time, Nineorigin actually had some regret, regretting that he was overly careless.

If not for him underestimating the enemy too much, being brought into the chaos world by Ye Yuan, he would also not be in such a difficult position.

It was just that, who could have thought that a mere Empyrean Realm actually had such a powerful small world?

At this very moment, Nineorigins despise toward Ye Yuan had long already been swept clean.

What replaced it was incomparably solemness.

He did not know how strong Ye Yuans move was and also did not know whether he could block it or not.

This strike would determine life and death!

It was not up to him to think too much either. Nineorigin practically used all of his strength.

All the strength that he could muster in his body was completely poured into executing this move.

Of course, he could also feel that Ye Yuan used all his strength to mobilize the entire worlds power too.

This was the clash between Heavenly Dao and Heavenly Dao!

"Cleansing the World!"

"Great Dao is Unparalleled!"


Two apocalyptic attacks instantly collided together.

The horrifying energy undulation formed a terrifying black energy vortex, akin to a black hole.

Exploding sounds were everywhere in the entire chaos world.

It was as if it was the end of the world.

The two people were directly drawn into the black hole, life and death being unknown.

No idea how long had passed either. Everything returned to tranquility. The entire chaos world fell into dead silence.

"Already been three days and nights. Why hasnt Lord Nineorigin come out?"

"Lord Nineorigin wouldnt really have become interested and is chatting with that kid, right?"

"Got to say, that boy is still quite capable. Perhaps he can win Lord Nineorigins recognition!"

In the sundered boundary, the abyss monsters were discussing animatedly. But Yue Menglis fingers gripped tighter and tighter.

Her fingernails were already sinking into her flesh, but she was still oblivious to this.

Three days and nights already passed in a twinkle. The two people still did not have movements inside Ye Yuans small world.

No one knew what was happening inside either!

But the longer it got, the more worried Yue Mengli was of Ye Yuans safety.

His opponent was one of the most fearsome existences in this world!

Xins brows also furrowed tighter and tighter,Uncle Nineorigin would not really have gone in to chat with Ye Yuan, right?

Saying such things, ghosts would not believe it too.

But could the mere Empyrean Realm Ye Yuan really battle with Uncle Nineorigin for three days and night?

Xin felt that it was extremely preposterous!

Forget about Ye Yuan, even if an Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor was here, it was also impossible to last past half a day from under Uncle Nineorigins hands!

Could it be that Ye Yuans small world really had some exceptional aspects?

Yes, it must be like that!

That punk used a trick and trapped Uncle Nineorigin in the small world.


Right at this time, the void trembled, a figure burst out.

Everyone looked toward the arrival with sidelong glances.

This person did not have an intact spot from head to toe, his entire person like he was hauled out of a pool of blood, looking incomparably sinister and terrifying.

Blood dripped from his body like water droplets.

His aura was also extremely chaotic. He only had the strength of Empyrean Realm.

"U-Uncle Nineorigin?" Xin shouted with uncertainty.

"Its me!" The blood-man used an extremely parched voice to answer.

But his gaze was locked above the void firmly, without even blinking.

It was as if there was a primitive fierce beast there.

This blood-covered man was precisely Nineorigin!

The current Nineorigin was actually forcefully beaten down a major realm!

Xin opened his mouth wide and simply did not dare to believe his own eyes.

Was this blood-man before his eyes that was virtually about to die really his Uncle Nineorigin?

Uncle Nineorigin was one of the Profound Lineages nine elders!

What kind of astonishing powerhouse was that? That was a powerhouse who made myriad worlds tremble! That was a powerhouse who made myriad races bow in worship!

Now, he actually became like this?

While his opponent was merely just a Third Firmament Empyrean!

Xin even somewhat doubted life.


Below, all of the abyss monsters directly broke out into a commotion.

They used extremely shocked eyes to look at Nineorigin, their gazes full of incredulity.

"This How is this possible? What in the world happened inside that small world?"

"Thats Lord Nineorigin! Lord Nineorigin who is ever-victorious! Who can tell me what on earth happened?"

"Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! Lord Nineorigin is the god in my heart! How can he possibly be beaten until like this?"

The group of abyss monsters was doubting this.

No one could have thought that a one-sided battle actually developed to this conclusion in the end.

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