Unscrupulous Host of the System Chapter 897

Chapter 897: Enchanter is over

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Demon God Club Headquarters

"It turns out that this is Dad's real purpose. Dad really took great pains for us."

After Mocun Liangshou and the others saw the letters left by Huang Jianzhi, they couldn't believe that their father would do this for them.

"I really thank your father, otherwise my child will not make so many friends." Jian Shishou said with a smile when he saw his child and other little monsters playing happily.

"Xiaozheng, Xiaoliang, your father said very clearly in the letter, make good use of the power your father has left you, and don't go wrong." Mo Cun Fanshou said with a sigh.

"I see, grandpa."


A few days later, Mocuns family.

"Mom, is Dad really not coming back?" Mocun Rishou asked seriously.

"It's not that your father won't come back, he just went on a long trip, and it may take a long time to come back." Mocun Mormiko said complicatedly.

"Well, I really hope that Dad can come back soon. I kind of miss Dad's food." Mocun Risaou said disappointedly.

"Xiaozheng and Xiaoliang are busy, I hope they won't be too tired." Mo Cun Fanshou felt that there were so many people around him, and said with a sigh.

In the courtyard of Mocuns house

"What do you look at? I can bite you when I'm watching." Gang Ye couldn't stand Madarao's gaze, and shouted dissatisfied.

"I just didn't expect you, who hates humans so much, that you would be willing to become a domestic dog that day." Madarao said amusedly.

"Shut up, it is our mountain dog's rule to follow the strong, and it is my fortunate for me to follow our guild leader." Gang Ye said with satisfaction.

"Tsk tusk tusk,,, it's not like you at all." Madao said with a glance at Gang Ye.

"You are definitely watching the house, I have been back for so long, haven't you noticed it at all." Suddenly a familiar voice appeared behind Madarao.

Madarao and the others were suddenly startled by the familiar sound, and their heads turned back like a machine. When they saw Huang Jianzhi squatting behind them and looking at them with a smile, they all felt that their heartbeat was about to stop.

"Ah, I plan to come back to see you secretly and leave at a glance. I didn't expect you to find it." Huang Jianzhi stood up slowly, smiling at Mo Cun Fanshou and them.

"Xiu, I knew you would come back." Mocun Mormiko looked at Huang Jianzhi excitedly.

"Dad, you are back."

Mocun Rishou rushed to Huang Jianzhi, and Huang Jianzhi caught him casually.

"Xiao Li, would you like dad to give you a gift?"

"What gift?" Mocun Rishou asked happily.

"Tomorrow, all the gods will come to accept you as a disciple. This is because I have discussed with Heaven and Earth Consciousness a long time ago. You may become a **** in the future." Huang Jianzhi said with a smile.

"Xiu Shi, what are you doing?" Shigemori Mocun felt something was wrong.

"I didn't do anything. I just explained the funeral. My strength is too strong to stay in this world for too long. That's why I made so much preparation." Huang Jianzhi explained calmly.

"Revisit history, you..."

"Don't get excited, this is nothing else. Okay, I should go now. Take care." Huang Jianzhi disappeared after putting down Mocun Lishou.

"Dad,," Mocun Rishou felt something and cried unconsciously.

"Hey, Xiu Shi, I still left." Mocun Fanshou said complicatedly.

"Don't cry, I believe your father will come back one day." Mocun Morimiko comforted Mocun Rimori firmly.


Mocun Rishou asked pitifully.

"Please trust your father."

"Well, I will wait for Dad to come back."

Demon God Club Headquarters

"Mr. President, you can't be so lazy. You can't ruin the Demon God Society that the Holy Master has left for you like this." Fox Ji reminded.

"I've been busy for two days, can't I take a break? The ghost knows that the demon **** will have so many troubles." Mocun Liangshou said dissatisfied with the dark circles.

"Little fox, I'm not here, you just bullied my son like this." Huang Jianzhi suddenly appeared and said.

"Ah, you haven't left, holy lord, cough cough,,, I don't dare to bully the guild leader, I am cultivating him to become the true guild leader." Fox Ji said with a guilty conscience.

"Old, daddy, you..."

"You go out first, I have a few words with Xiaoliang." Huang Jianzhi didn't pay attention to the shock of Mocun Liangshou, and directly drove Fox Ji out.

"You don't have to worry that you can't control so many monsters. Almost all the monsters of the Monster God Society have been secretly changed by me. They are absolutely loyal to you."

"Although the fox girl is a bit black, I believe you will get used to it gradually in the future." Huang Jianzhi said calmly.

"Say it earlier, I'm still worried that I can't control them, let them run out and destroy the world." Mocun Liangshou immediately let go of his deep worries.

"Xiaoyin is very good, take her down as soon as possible, don't be preempted."

"Wh, what, what did I take, I am not,,, Dad, why did you disappear again, I haven't finished speaking yet, you at least disappear after I finish speaking," Mocun Ryoshou was very depressed. Shouted around.

Xinlihui Headquarters

"Did I offend you? So many secretaries don't choose, why do you have to choose me?" At the end of the spring night, he patted Mocun Masomo's desk and said dissatisfied.

"I'm the commander-in-chief, so I still have the right to choose a secretary."

"Then you shouldn't choose me either." Chunri said dissatisfiedly at the end of the night.

"You two don't have a leg, right."

"Whoever has a leg, who said, I,,, Holy, Holy Lord." At the end of Spring Day and Night, she turned her head angrily and turned back. When she saw Huang Jianzhi, she was so frightened that she couldn't move.

"Dad, you, you are back." The moment Mo Cun Zhengshou saw his father, his whole person was completely excited.

"Your life is very good. You used power for personal gain so soon. This girl is good, you can marry her home." Huang Jianzhi said with a smile.

"Dad, stop joking, me..."

Just as Mocun Zhengshou was about to explain something, he suddenly saw his father disappear again. He suddenly felt an inexplicable emptiness in his heart, perhaps he guessed that his father had really left the world this time.

"Commander, do you want to..."

"Don't say anything, my dad just came over to say goodbye to me." Masamori Mocun said with a sigh.

"Commander, I have also heard some rumors that your father is such a great father to train you to become the demon king who destroys the world." Spring day and night said enviously.

"Perhaps he is really great, but I still like the nerd father once,,, hey, I don't know if there will be a chance to see my stupid father again.

(The enchantment division is over)..

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