Unscrupulous Host of the System Chapter 898

Chapter 898: Unexpected start

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Some world

Huang Jianzhi was very depressed at the moment and with a complicated mood, staring blankly at the young sapling less than ten centimeters under his feet that he had trampled to death.

If it were an ordinary sapling, he would certainly not be so entangled.

But it happened that he trampled to death a seedling of the Affection Tree.

That's right, it's the love tree.

"Damn it, at the beginning of the game, I trampled to death the bitter love tree that had just grown out of the world of the Fox Demon Little Matchmaker. Is there anyone playing me like this?

"Randomly choose a world, and it is the world of the fox demon little matchmaker, and I think it's not bad. It's a good vacation world. Who knows I'm here too early."

"Humans and monsters weren't born, don't say, I trampled to death as soon as the affliction tree grew out, my luck is simply..."

Huang Jianzhi quietly looked at the seedlings of the Affection Tree on the ground.

"I think it can be remedied."

Huang Jianzhi bent down and violently uprooted the sapling of the Affection Tree that had lost its vitality, and held it quietly in the palm of his hand.

"You can't die, what do you do if you die in this world, the future generations will revolve around you, you just left, are you worthy of this world?"

If the Suffering Tree is conscious, hearing Huang Jianzhi's words, it must have cheated the corpse and cursed: You also know that the world needs me, so just step on me to death.

It's a good remedy. Uprooting me is your remedy. I really want to kill you.

"Hey, there is no response. It seems to be completely dead. It's a pity that what a dazzling love tree in later generations was so brutal to me."

"Isn't the big villain of my last world played enough? No, I have to change it. This world is for vacation, so I can't mess around."

Huang Jianzhi touched his chin for a moment, and finally chose to resurrect the seedlings of the Affection Tree in his hands, dug a hole and buried the seedlings of the Affection Tree.

"In this way, it can be said that I planted the Affection Tree, and I am the owner of the Affection Tree. Sure enough, shameless people like me can be popular in that world."

Huang Jianzhi with a triumphant smile suddenly looked around.

"Huh, fortunately no one heard what I said, otherwise I would definitely be beaten when I went out."

"Well, you have to leave evidence, or people in the world think that the affliction tree is born to grow, which is definitely not what I want."

"Evidence? That's it."

Huang Jianzhi showed a bad smile and stretched out his devil's claws to the Kuqing Tree, and unceremoniously carved seven words on the Kuqing Tree.

"There is already evidence of me left on the main trunk. I believe that my existence in the future is absolutely unattainable."

"Although this is Tushan for later generations, I can't stay here for that long. I just walk around, and then find a place to sleep. Okay, just arrange it like this. I'll leave." Huang Jianzhi disappeared after speaking. Up.

There was only the seedling of the miserable Affection Tree that seemed to be poor, and the seven characters were clearly visible on the main trunk.

"The God of Creation is here for a visit"


"This world is so beautiful, but unfortunately there are no people and no monsters. It seems that I have to speed up their birth."

Huang Jianzhi, who is playing everywhere, is a bit boring, directly using his power to accelerate the birth of humans and monsters.

"At this speed, humans and monsters should be born in about a hundred years. It seems that in this world, I am destined to be the creator of the world."

As he walked, Huang Jianzhi found a place to sleep.

"This mountain is so majestic, I decided, this is where I sleep. In other words, where I am now seems to be outside the circle of later generations."

"It's weird. Didn't it mean that there were many unknown and terrifying creatures before humans and monsters were born."

"Why I haven't seen any of them until now, well, I know. This unknown and terrible creature must have been created by me, just before the birth of humans and monsters."

"It doesn't matter, then create it. When you are a creation god, just take it to the end. What should you create? Now! Fierce beasts, savage beasts, strange monsters...Okay, just create these."

Huang Jianzhi waved his hand casually, creating something out of nothing, and in the next second, he knelt in front of him and was full of various creatures.

"Honor to the Master"

All kinds of unknown creatures know that this man in front of them is the existence that gives them life, and is their unique master.

"Don't call me master, I just think this world is too boring, so I created you to give this world a little vitality."

"I'm not interested in caring about you, and I don't care what you do. Just do what you like."

"See if this mountain is in front of your eyes, this will be your forbidden place from now on, because I will sleep here, well, you can roll."

After Huang Jianzhi finished speaking, he turned and walked into the mountain, ignoring the unknown creatures behind him who were missing at the moment.

I do not know how long it has been

Humans and monsters were born, and perhaps the world is attached to them, allowing them to develop very quickly, and vaguely let them form powers one by one.

Until they encountered fierce beasts and monsters that were born earlier than them, humans and monsters were constantly retreating due to the power of fierce beasts and monsters.

When fierce beasts and monsters were constantly damaging humans and monsters, the three young masters of Aolai Kingdom stepped forward, and he swept the fierce beasts and monsters that invaded humans and monsters with great strength.

It is constantly actively attacking the territories of fierce beasts and strange monsters, trying to eliminate all the fierce beasts and strange monsters, but there are too many fierce beasts and strange monsters.

When he is exhausted alone, there are also powerful existences such as fierce beasts and strange monsters. He knows that it is impossible to eliminate the beasts and strange monsters by his power alone.

So he planned to draw a boundary and isolate all the creatures outside the circle. It would be enough if there were humans and monsters in the circle.

But before that, he must eliminate the fierce beast that was escaping in front, because this fierce beast took advantage of his absence and slaughtered a large number of civilians in Aolai Kingdom.

Even his sister was wounded by this fierce beast with despicable means, and he would not understand his hatred if he didn't kill the fierce beast.

"Your Excellency, I admit that you are extremely powerful, but if you keep chasing you, I believe you will die."

The fierce beast had already seen the forbidden place in front. He didn't want to take the fierce man behind to offend the creator, but he had no other choice, forcing him to stop chasing the man behind.

"You shouldn't slaughter my people, let alone hurt my sister. No matter who comes today, you must die."

The Third Young Master didn't take the words of that fierce beast to heart. He possessed the strength to sweep all fierce beasts and strange monsters. Even if he encountered an ambush, he was sure to break through.

"This is what you forced me."

The fierce beast was forced to be unable to do anything, so he slammed into the forbidden place and knelt down to the mountain peak and begged.

"Master, please help me..."

The Third Young Master's eyes suddenly condensed, and he stopped his body quickly, because he saw many powerful beasts and strange monsters appearing on the periphery of the mountain.

The strange thing is that the fierce beasts and monsters on the periphery are very angry at the fierce beast that he chased after breaking into the boundary of the mountain, as if that fierce beast has done a big deal.

He didn't even need to think about it at the moment, and knew that there must be a more terrifying existence hidden in this mountain. How many powerful beasts and strange monsters can be regarded as the existence of the master, it must be a terrifying existence he has never seen before. ..

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