Unscrupulous Host of the System Chapter 899

Chapter 899: Lord Creation God

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"Really, I was woken up after a long sleep."

Suddenly a clear voice came out of nothing, and many powerful creatures outside the mountain circle quickly knelt down and lowered their heads. The head of the fierce beast was even closer to the ground, and somehow, its horrified body began to tremble.

Huang Jianzhi walked out of the mountains and forests without waking up. He only slightly raised his mind when he saw the three young masters of Aolai in the sky.

The moment the Third Young Master saw Huang Jianzhi, he was initially puzzled and then quite alert. What was puzzled was how humans appeared in front of him, and what was wary was that he could not perceive Huang Jianzhi's existence.

If he hadn't seen Huang Jianzhi with his eyes, he would have thought that there was no Huang Jianzhi in front of him.

This is a situation he has never seen before. Since his debut, there has been nothing in the world that he can't see through, and he did not expect to run into it today.

"Depending on the situation, I squinted for a while. Thousands of years or tens of thousands of years have passed since the world, why I still don't sleep enough." Huang Jianzhi said with a yawn.

The three young masters of Aolai Kingdom heard Huang Jianzhi's words, his mind changed, and the human-like monster in front of him began to fall asleep before the humans and monsters were born. What kind of monster he was.

"You are the first creatures I created. You should have heard what I said before I fell asleep. This is my sleeping place. It is forbidden for all creatures to enter this place. Didn't you bring your ears."

Huang Jianzhi suddenly lowered his head and looked at the fierce beast kneeling in front of him with dissatisfaction.

Suck, the third young master of Aolai Country beats fiercely, and took an extremely deep breath. What he heard, the creatures that existed before humans and monsters were born, turned out to be created by this unknown existence in front of them.

Who is this existence in front of him, the three young masters of Aolai Kingdom seemed to know that he would soon know the secret of the world.

"Creator, I know it is a capital crime to break in, but I have to wake you up, the Creator, because if you don't wake you up, your people will soon be killed by him." The fierce beast pointed directly at the third young master in the air with grief and indignation. .

"A little bit of strength, but I don't want others to look down on me from above, you should come down."

Huang Jianzhi hooked his finger to the third young master of Aolai, and the third young master of Aolai fell directly from the air, his knees were also bent by the irresistible force, and the whole person knelt down to Huang Jianzhi.

The Third Young Master of Aolai looked at the so-called Creator in disbelief, he was crushed, no, he was killed by a spike.

Only when he hooked his finger, he kneeled before the so-called Creator with no resistance. This was the Creator who created these monsters. It turned out to be a monster that had existed for a long time, and it was so terrifying.

At the same time, he deeply regretted and blamed himself, the monster creator in front of him was still sleeping, and there was hope for humans and monsters to survive in the mainland.

Now that the monster creator was awakened by him, wouldn't it be that humans and monsters,,, at this time he was deeply self-blaming.

"Senior, he lied. I chased him because he slaughtered our people and wounded my sister."

"For the creatures created by the predecessors, even if I have the strength, I can't kill them all. I just drive them away from humans and monsters, so that they will not invade humans and monsters."

Although the three young masters of Aolai are very self-blaming, he has to strive for survival in order for humans and monsters to continue to survive on this continent. He hopes that the monster creator in front of him is not a tyrant, otherwise the humans and monsters, ,

"Invading you? We were originally the masters of this continent. Your monsters and humans only appeared later. It was you who took away our resources." The fierce beast snorted coldly.

"Yes, I admit that you were born much earlier than humans and monsters, but if humans and monsters were born, then we monsters and humans are qualified to survive." Third Young Master said under pressure.

"We were created by the great Creator, who represents the consciousness of heaven and earth, and is the only true God in the world."

"You weren't created by the creator, then you are the pests of the world. Is it wrong for us to clean up you." The fierce beast said triumphantly.

The Third Young Master's face became pale directly, and he didn't know how to refute it. Even if he had a reason to refute, it would be useless. After all, the monster creator was not the **** who created them.

"You said something wrong."

At this time, Huang Jianzhi's words attracted the attention of the fierce beast and the third young master.

"In fact, humans and monsters were also created by me, but I waited a little later than your fierce beasts and monsters. I like you to call me the creator of the world better than the creator." Huang Jianzhi said with a smile.

Huang Jianzhi's words directly made the three young masters ecstatic. If this is the case, then humans and monsters are also children of the creation gods, and when the children fight, the parents will only beat and scold at most.

At the same time, the third young master looked at the creation **** in front of him with extreme inconceivability. He did not expect that there really were gods in the world.

The fierce beast could not scream secretly in his heart. If so, his motives were all disrupted, or he would die here today.

"Great Lord of Creation God, we didn't know that they were created by you, otherwise we would not violate them."

"But anyway, we are also the great Lord of Creation God, you, the first creatures created, but were slaughtered by him, Lord of the Great Creation God, you must be the master for us." That fierce beast Begged.

"Although you were all created by me, the moment you were born, your destiny is yours. I don't care about it, and I don't bother to care about it."

"Your side may be extinct because of the war, but that is also your life. One more thing, I hate other people cheating on me."

"I won't tell you if you broke into and woke me up, but you want to use righteousness to deceive me against humans and monsters. I'm very upset, so you should be wiped out."

Huang Jianzhi directly raised his hand and grabbed the fierce beast.

"Do not"

The fierce beast wanted to get up and escape, but what he could escape was directly wiped out by Huang Jianzhi.

"Although you didn't break into my forbidden area, he broke in because of you. You admit it or not." Huang Jianzhi looked at the Third Young Master calmly.

"Master Creation God, I admit it."

"Very well, you go."

Huang Jianzhi waved his hand to beat the strength of the three young masters to the point that he was not even one, and he was about to turn around and go back to sleep.

"Master Creation God, the little demon dares to ask, what do you think of monsters and humans." The Third Young Master wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, looking forwardly at the Creation God who created them.

"Humans and monsters generally have wisdom. I am quite optimistic about you. As for the others, I don't care about it." Huang Jianzhi disappeared after speaking. ..

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