Urban God Level Selection System Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364: Last place

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"This last one is another special trainee?"

Qin Dong asked.

"That's right.

it's him. "

Director Wang said emotionally, "All of my injuries are thanks to him."

"Dong Qin, I can assure you that this person has no singing skills at all. It is all these directors who used their power to recruit indiscriminately.

No consideration was given to the overall interests of China Entertainment and the future development of Longteng Entertainment. "

Qin Dong turned his eyes to the last trainee.

He looks sunny and handsome, charming and extraordinary. Where does Director Wang seem to be overwhelmed?

Even the faint potential of giant stars in the free and easy atmosphere is just an observation from the outside, and the future is bound to be promising.

Having learned from the past, Qin Dong asked: "What if you are still wrong?"

"It can't be wrong!"

Director Wang couldn't help thinking of the previous scene of Zhang Wanlin learning to sing.

That babble, it's like a child who is just learning to speak.

Jokes, can you sing like this?

It insulted the entire music scene.

"I just ask you, what if you are wrong?"

Qin Dong asked again in an unquestionable tone, his eyes flashing coldly.

This can't help causing Wang Dao's cold sweat.

If Dao Wang has a vast network and a deep background, then in front of this Qin Dong, it is really not enough.

Who doesn't respect Qin Dong in black and white?

Director Wang straightened his mind and said, "I misunderstood the first person, and it was my mistake. If I misunderstand the second person again! I myself resigned from China Entertainment and will never touch music!"

"Dong Qin, you should be satisfied with this guarantee now, right?"

To let a musician never touch music is undoubtedly the greatest torture.

But Dao Wang has this confidence.

Zhang Wanlin can't sing at all.

But what if you can sing?

Under his high standards, those trainees who are usually good at singing have been eliminated to the last place, so what kind of thing is Zhang Wanlin?


Qin Dong said: "Then I sincerely hope that what you said is the best and correct.

After all, I wasted so much time over here, if I just saw a mentor's unreasonable troubles, then it would be a joke to spread it out. "

Several directors of China Entertainment came over.

They try their best to save Zhang Wanlin, this handsome and temperament is incomparable, it is rare to see.

It would be a shame to be buried just because of this singing skill.

"Qin Dong, even if this person is not good at singing, he can do other things.

Moreover, he is only 17 years old and can learn and develop in all aspects. I think that no matter how you perform later, you should retain the special trainee level. "

"Now, we are not only cultivating future stars, but also those technology companies.

I'm afraid that if we let him go, he will be dug up by other scouts. "

"Dong Qin, please think about it later."

Qin Dong said indifferently: "Of course I know that this non-assessment hasn't started yet?

What are you nervous about? "

Can you not be nervous?

They have personally heard Zhang Wanlin's singing tape, with a broken voice, singing like a gong and a drum.

It has reached the point of completely affecting his overall image.

Ning Mengjie walked to the stage and came to Zhang Wanlin.

Tears are surging, and it is lovely.

"I always thought I would not succeed, I would be laughed at.


I succeeded, thank you so much.

Without your encouragement, I would not stick to it. "

At some point, Ning Mengjie's eyes on Zhang Wanlin changed.

Gentle, considerate, tender... Zhang Wanlin smiled: "Didn't I say it all the time, you sing very nicely by itself, just because you don't have confidence."

"Then what should you do next?"

Ning Mengjie asked worriedly.

Now that she has passed the barrier, what about that night forest?

Can he pass?

"Do you think I can make it through?"

Zhang Wanlin asked.

Ning Mengjie thought for a while, "Yes."

"It's really embarrassing for you. Even if I hear my usual unpleasant voice, I still think I can get through."

"..." Ning Mengjie lowered her head and said no more, as if she had already guessed what the result would be.

Director Wang exclaimed impatiently: "Zhang Wanlin, you are still dwindling, what are you doing?"

Now he is the only one who needs to be assessed.

The whole house is waiting for him.

Almost all eyes were on him.

He walked to the stage, his back very relaxed.

When he came out of the China Entertainment Office Building yesterday, he thought about it and gave up.

Anyway, his dream is not to be a star.

Isn't it good to go to school?

Isn't it fragrant to follow the old sister to draw comics?

Ning Mengjie looked at his back and realized that there was a lot of knowledge in his mind that he didn't have before.

Those are all music.

They have never been before.

How come there are those things?

Why on earth?

When so many people paid attention to him for the first time, it was still a comic show.

The second time was to partner with China Entertainment trainees.

This time it is the singing test.

Zhang Wanlin has already made perfect, facing so many densely packed people, so many eyes, there is a high-ranking official in the air, but he is not nervous at all, and even a little happy.

Isn't it a glorious thing for so many people to listen to his broken voice?

He sang according to the appointed song.

There is no melody, no rhythm, and often sings off the beaten track.

The voice that sounded like reciting a text stunned the audience.

"This is also singing?

Am I right?

China Entertainment trainees actually recruit such goods, or they signed a special contract. "

"This is too embarrassing to our Huayu trainees.

Obviously such a good image, how can you sing such a bad song. "

"Hey, this is still good. In normal practice, you haven't heard him sing. It's worse than this. It makes me want to commit suicide."

The people in the lobby couldn't help but dislike the discussion.

Only Ning Mengjie stood quietly, her eyes like bright stars.

When others despised her, he comforted her so seriously and smiled at her.

But for a long time, he has also been despised.

He never complained.

Involuntarily, her tears came down again.

This song is really good.

She wanted to tell him that.

Director Wang was already overjoyed.

"Dong Qin, have you seen it? I'm right, this trainee is not qualified to sign a special trainee."

"Even I think there is a big problem with him becoming a trainee of China Entertainment."

Qin Dongdao: "There are indeed big problems in singing skills."

Just when the group condemned, completely dissatisfied with the trainees on this stage.

"Ding Ding Ding..." The phone rang.

Now it's in the assessment, who still puts the phone on so loud?

Director Wang was furious: "Who is still playing mobile phones?

Give it to me! "

When the people in the lobby come in, they all follow the corresponding rules and shut down the machine.

They looked left and right, but they didn't understand whose cell phone rang.

Zhang Wanlin suddenly stopped singing, "Teachers, sorry, my cell phone rang."

He looked at the prompt on the phone.

"Congratulations for completing the hidden mission "Help Ning Mengjie" and earning 30 critical strike bonus points."

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