Urban God Level Selection System Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365: Extremely angry

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Wang Dao's nose was almost crooked.


Just under their noses, in front of so many leaders, dare you to toss your mobile phone leisurely?

Obviously sing so badly! He spent all his anger on complaining to Qin Dong.

"Dong Qin, you see, what kind of trainee is this?

A 17-year-old high school student?

In my opinion, a scum like this is not worthy of being a student. "

"I don't think there is any need for further assessments."

Qin Dong said: "Let's do this first."

They were about to get up and leave. Zhang Wanlin said on the stage: "Dear leaders, I'm not serious yet, are you leaving?"

serious! ?

Could it be that the messy singing just now wasn't serious enough?

Director Wang exclaimed, "What's the use of being serious and not being serious?

Is there a difference?

This is a waste of time. "

"Be sure to trust him once!"

At this moment, a beautiful girl stood in front of Lin and the others, bowing sincerely.

"Isn't this assessment not completed yet?"

Qin Dong still remembered Ning Mengjie, and her voice remained in his heart for a long time.

Originally, he was going to make up his mind to leave, but seeing her appearance, for some reason, he had always been cold and selfless, but his heart was softened.

"Well, then wait for the completion of this assessment."

"This is also the rule."

Qin Dong sat down again, as did the investigation team.

Director Wang could only sit next to him, annoyed and angry in his heart, but thinking that dragging on like this would only make Zhang Wanlin even more embarrassed, so he didn't say anything.

Since Qin Dong wanted to hear the broken sound so much, let him listen carefully.

Everyone has cursed wildly in their hearts.

"What's this? It's so bad to sing, and I have to continue it again. Is there any mistake?"

"I'll go, he is not ashamed, I dislike it!"

"What the **** did he have the courage to stand on?"

Many people have already left.

Is it necessary to listen? This is the scene of a car accident.

Zhang Wanlin on the stage looked at Ning Mengjie. It was obvious that so many people would not think he could, but she rushed out without hesitation and said he could! In normal training, she is by his side. Logically speaking, she should be the one who knows him best.

No one knows the basis of his singing skills better than her.

It's silly.

But in order to respond to your expectation, then I will be lucky once.

30 points for S-level singing! Zhang Wanlin put on the headphones: "Sorry, I need to be in the context of singing.

So please make me sing with headphones. "

As soon as Director Wang was about to stop, Qin Dong waved his hand to stop him, "It's okay.

I want to see how serious he can get when he gets serious. "

The music in the earphones sounded slowly, as if a gate that had been closed for a long time had been opened. The knowledge of the entire music system was poured into his mind, and the most touching music sounded in his heart.

Those tens of thousands of key points of knowledge, the proficient skills that have been honed for decades, and so on, are fully integrated in him.

At the same time, S-level provides more than just skills.

His throat was transformed, his chest was purified, and everything was for a more perfect voice.

Zhang Wanlin focused.

He took off his glasses, his introverted temperament was completely in full bloom, unruly and arrogant.

In an instant.

Everyone was deeply attracted by him.

That calm temperament, that free and easy self-confidence, and the fascinating smile that slightly evoked the corner of his mouth.

Even without singing, this kind of aura alone has crushed the audience.

A very magnetic voice slowly rang from his mouth, rippling in the lobby, every corridor outside the lobby, and everyone's heart.

The tone is heavy and slow, melodious and loud.

In the same song, Ning Mengjie sang the angel down to earth, while Zhang Wanlin sang the vicissitudes of life through countless battlefields.

Just like a general, even if there is only one person left, he is still not afraid of thousands of troops.

That's how domineering! Everyone couldn't help being excited and impassioned.

The sound spread through the microphone everywhere.

When the trainees who had originally left heard this voice, they couldn't help but stop.

"This is the original song?

It's just like another song. "

"By the way, who is singing now?

Why is it so nice? "

"You said it's still the trainee?

Did he sing it?

how can that be? "

All of a sudden, they ran back, wanting to listen to this song carefully, and to see who could sing it like this.

Those bodyguards standing all over the aisle stand straighter and more powerful because of this song.

If they were to charge the battlefield now, they would not hesitate.

This is the passion and charm brought by the song.

From the sound, from the technique, no matter what, the person on the stage has reached the peak.

Coupled with his own excellent image, it is simply a natural propaganda brand.

Who doesn't move?

! Even with Director Wang's current singing skills, it would have to be dumped for several blocks and crushed every minute.

What happened before and after is only a few minutes apart, how could there be such a big change?

Director Wang was so shocked that he couldn't just put down an egg in his mouth.

Several directors were also shocked.

Ning Mengjie's eyes filled with tears.

Qin Dong Zhuozhuo's eyes were placed on Zhang Wanlin's body, but this song reminded him of the scene of the battlefield, in the rain of bullets.

He was originally a man who had tears and didn't flick it lightly. At this moment, tears were rolling.

Within a few minutes, the song fell slowly.

Everyone seemed to have just come down from the battlefield, and their feelings were upset for a long time.

Zhang Wanlin put on his glasses again, and the bookish breath returned to him, putting away the external arrogance.

"I'm done singing."

He said.

The lobby was quiet for a while, and they all got up together, applause resounded like thunder.

"Okay! It's great! I've never seen someone who can sing like this."

"This is a song that I will never forget in my life."

"God! Now I know he is singing a cappella, sing a cappella!"

...For a time, the entire hall was fried.

Qin Dong silently wiped away the tears from his eyes and said to Zhang Wanlin: "Young man, it's very nice. I thought it was a trip for nothing today, but I did not come in vain when I heard your song!"

"You are a special trainee, I already think this contract for special trainees is not suitable for you."

Qin Dong immediately ordered the female secretary next to him to draft a new contract, "In the future, your direct slave will belong to Longteng Entertainment, and you will be assigned to the department under my management as a special intern."

"Since you are still an intern, you will first work at China Entertainment as a transition."

what does that mean?

Before going to high school, he was appointed by the best university in this country.

From now on, Zhang Wanlin will be a member of Longteng Entertainment's head office, and even the director of China Entertainment Land will not be able to touch him.

If it weren't for the title of special intern, it would basically be on par with the debut star.

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