Urban: Town Country War God Chapter 705

Chapter 705: You are dead!

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This night, doomed to sleepless.

Since returning to the headquarters of the Death Scythe, Lin Xiao's daily work and rest have been punctual.

But today is an exception, on the contrary, I don't feel sleepy anymore.

"Haozi, buy a few bottles of wine, it's rare to be happy, drink a few drinks with me" Lin Xiao sat in the living room and ordered.

Hearing this, Xu Hao also grinned, "Yes!"

After speaking, Xu Hao ran out to buy wine.

When the drinks were bought, Lin Xiao, Xu Hao, and Yurou were sitting in the living room.

It seems that this is the second time the three of them have been together after drinking in Jinling last time.

This is very rare, after all, it's not always the time to be able to enjoy the wine together as it is today.

The wine was drunk very late, until Lin Xiao fell asleep on the table, which came to an end.

Yurou blinked her big eyes and looked at her Lin Shuai's appearance, and was fascinated for a while.

Then he said, "Huo...it's not easy. I have never seen Lin Shuai drink until he falls asleep on the table."

"It's just like dreaming!"

This is also true. In their hearts, Lin Shuai is the supreme god, graceful, just like Young Master Pianpian, dazzling like the monarch in every move.

But at this moment, they feel more cordial.

"Today is probably the happiest day for Lin Shuai for so many years."

"Go get the blanket, don't disturb Lin Shuai."

Xu Hao looked at Yurou before whispering.

Yurou nodded and ran to the bedroom, taking out the blanket and gently covering Lin Xiao.

Xu Hao Yurou is still standing next to his Lin Shuai at this moment.

The night is deep, and today's night seems extraordinarily quiet.

It seems to indicate that the young commander's heart is no longer angry.

It's time to calm down.

But the truth, really?


After Lin Xiao was drunk, he slept until five o'clock in the morning the next day.

At this time, Xu Hao Yurou also cleaned up the room Lin Xiao had ordered.

After waking up, Lin Xiao glanced at the time and said, "Haozi, as agreed, send Lin Jian's children and grandchildren back to the Lin family."

Hearing that, Xu Hao nodded, but he was worried and asked: "I haven't seen my aunt yet, what if Lin Jian regrets it."

"He regrets it, can't he kill his children and grandchildren," Lin Xiao said slowly.

Hearing this, Xu Hao nodded, which is true. If Lin Shuai is willing, it is not impossible to kill his children and grandchildren in front of Lin Jian.

So he didn't worry too much, and made a call immediately.

Lin Cheng and others, who had been imprisoned in the secret place of Death's Scythe, were also released.


It's five forty in the morning.

Lin's royal family.

At this moment, outside the gate of Lin's imperial family, Lin Jian had been waiting for a long time, sitting on a grandmaster's chair, quietly waiting for his children and grandchildren to come back.

And Zhang Yan, Lan Wenwen, and some other senior officials of the Lin family also stood respectfully on both sides and waited.

"It's five to forty, Lin Xiaozhuo, don't you regret it!" Lin Jian, who was waiting impatiently, opened his old eyes, and a bit of anger appeared in his eyes.

"Lin Xiao said nothing, what he said will not break his promise" Lan Wenwen said.

"This is better" Lin Jian said casually, and continued to wait.

Zhang Yan touched the goatee and said, "Lin Jian, have you sent Lin Xiao's mother back."

"Uncle Zhang, please rest assured, I asked Mo Wu to go early in the morning. This meeting should be sent to the Guge Villa," Lin Jian said.

However, his expression was slightly agitated, which made people confused.

Zhang Yan seemed to have noticed the change in Lin Jian's eyes, and said, "Zhang Yan, I told you yesterday that Lin Xiao is not willing to inherit the position of Lin's imperial clan chief."

"He doesn't pose any threat to you, and I hope you can abide by the agreement and don't anger him."

"Uncle Zhang, don't bother you, I, Lin Jian, still counts." Lin Jian raised his hand.

While speaking right away, a car slowly drove into the magnificent mansion of the Lin family.

Then the car door opened, and Lin Cheng, Lin Kaifeng, and even Lin Jian's grandchildren all got off the car safely.

Seeing his children and grandchildren came back, Lin Jian was ecstatic and hurriedly got up.

"Unfilial filial piety to your children and grandchildren will cause trouble to your father!"

Lin Cheng knew what was wrong, so he took his brothers and his sons and nephews to kneel in front of Lin Jian and pleaded guilty.

"Forget it, just come back safely." Although Lin Jian was ecstatic in his heart, he still behaved rather indifferently.

Lin Cheng, Lin Kaifeng and others also nodded in embarrassment, and then returned to the house dingy.

After all, this person tied them on the first day they came to Xianyang, which is indeed a bit embarrassing.

Just when Lin Jiangang was reunited with his children and grandchildren, a figure hurriedly walked from a distance and said: "My boss! Something has happened!"

Hearing the shouts behind him in a daze, Lin Jian frowned and said, "Mo Wu, how decent is in a panic."

"This..." Mo Wu wanted to speak, but seeing Zhang Yan and Lan Wenwen present, he didn't know what to say for a while.

"They are not outsiders. If you have something to say, it's okay." Lin Jian raised his hand.

"That woman...is missing! Not in the room!" Mo Wu said suddenly.

"Missing? How could a big living person disappear?" Lin Jian frowned slightly, looking a little surprised.

"The subordinates don't know, when I went, there was no one, and... several guards were also killed!" Mo Wu said.

This Mo Wu's sentence caused Zhang Yan and Lan Wenwen to be stunned on the spot.

"Lin Jian! What tricks are you playing?" Zhang Yan suddenly shouted.

"How do I know what's going on, that woman stayed in the room yesterday" Lin Jian frowned slightly, said.

"You got into a disaster, do you know that!" Zhang Yan became angry at the moment, and suddenly jumped into thunder.

This made Lin Jian, who was still immersed in the joy that his children and grandchildren came back safely, was a little bit astonished. He was a little bit astonished as to why this inflammation suddenly became so furious.

At this moment, Lan Wenwen's eyes were flushed, and he seemed a bit angry beyond common sense.

"Uncle Zhang? Why are you angry? My children and grandchildren are back, even if Lin Xiao's mother is lost, what can he do?"

"Is it still possible to defeat the Lin family? You won't be scared by this kid too."

At this moment, Lin Jian seemed to have nothing to worry about, so his tone was much tougher.

Moreover, Lin Xiao did not intend to inherit the position of Lin's royal family patriarch.

In other words, Lin Jian, the biggest competitor, is gone. He is now firmly seated as the next patriarch.

If it was placed in the past, he would still respect Zhang Yan for three points, but now, how much he feared.


"Why did the Lin family make you such a stupid idiot! It is so angry that I am too angry?" Zhang Yan raised his hand angrily at this moment to slap this old man who is not much younger than himself.

This scene scared Lin Jianji, he hurriedly got up and backed away, saying: "Zhang Yan! Calling you Uncle Zhang is to respect you, don't forget, I will be the patriarch of the Lin family in the future."

"Besides, the old man is so old, how can you allow you to be humiliated!"

Zhang Yanqi blows his beard and stares, this Lin Xiao's mother disappeared for no reason, this is simply angering a giant dragon!

Oh my god!

The anger of the Dark Night Death, his Xianyang Lin family, how can he bear it!

"Lin Jian, you are dead!"

At this time, Lan Wenwen said with a trembling voice.

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