Urban: Town Country War God Chapter 706

Chapter 706: change of weather

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For Lin Jian, the safety of his children and grandchildren is more important than anything else.

Now Lin Cheng and others have returned safely, as long as they return to the Lin family, it is absolutely safe.

As for Lin Xiao, Lin Jian did not deny that he was very strong. After all, when he gathered in the park, the opponent single-handedly killed his government soldiers, and even Lu Yingwei, one of the ten gods, was killed tragically.

But how strong the opponent is, it's just a strong individual. This Lin family queen is conveniently the base camp of the Heavenly God Temple.

As long as the Lin imperial clan encounters a surprise attack, the Heavenly God Temple will immediately rush to help.

At that time, nine ten gods plus thousands of masters of the Celestial Temple gathered together. That is the bronze wall and iron wall, except for the strongest sickle of the **** of death in the world today.

Then no one can break it.

As the saying goes, only the dead can give people absolute peace of mind. For Lin Jian, even Lin Xiao promised that Zhang Yan would not participate in the competition for the seat of the young patriarch of the Lin family.

But this doesn't mean it won't be in the future, it's better to die.

On the contrary, Lin Jian really wanted Lin Xiao to find someone at his door. After all, it was his mother.

Lets ask, if a mother is being bullied in the world, who wouldnt thunder and anger into anger.

This was exactly like Lin Jian's wish, after all, Lin Jian could not directly mobilize members of the Heavenly Temple.

It can be said that it is as difficult as the sky to destroy Lin Xiao outside, but it is different now, and a great opportunity is in front of him.

Lin Jian thought so, but for Zhang Yan and Lan Wenwen, it was like the end of the world!

They have already learned the true identity of Lin Xiao, a huge dragon descending from Xianyang, who dares to touch its scales, the power of the dragon is enough to burn the sky and boil the sea, and all things are annihilated!

Over the years, have there been few deeds about the Death Scythe circulating in the world?

Even some powerful kingdoms talked about discoloration, how can He De in the Temple of Heaven compare with the Death Scythe.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yan wanted to slap this self-righteous Lin Jian to death.

"Mo Wu, since Lin Xiao's mother is lost, he is bound to come to ask someone."

"In order to maintain the stability of the Lin family, you immediately go to the Temple of Heaven and ask the Lord of the Temple of Heaven to come forward and suppress it."

Lin Jian was there at the moment, and he didn't panic at all, and he even issued orders in an orderly manner.

Mo Wu also nodded immediately, and then was about to go to the Temple of Heaven.

But Mo Wu hadn't moved yet, Zhang Yan stepped out in a vigorous step, and the terrifying grandmaster's aura broke out in vain, shouting: "Stop me!"

"Up to now, do you still want to provoke a war between us and Lin Xiao!"

"The old master hasn't passed away yet!"

Zhang Yan absolutely couldn't bear Lin Jian's order that was almost close to rebellion.

"Zhang Yan, you're a foreigner, didn't you just accompany my father in several battles in the early years? You really used chicken feathers as a token?"

"Mo Wu, leave him alone, go to the Heavenly Temple immediately."

Lin Jian's ambition was exposed at this moment, and those old eyes stared at Zhang Yan.

If it were placed in the past, Lin Jian did not dare to do this, but now, he has long regarded himself as the patriarch of the Lin family.

Zhang Yan became angry from embarrassment, and wanted to raise his hand to stop Mo Wu forcibly.

At this moment, Mo Wu also knew that this inflammation was not so easy to deal with.

Just as the two were at war, Lan Wenwen suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Zhang Yan's wrist: "Uncle Zhang, don't stop, even if Mo Wu doesn't report, once Lin Xiao brings someone here, the Temple of Heaven will be first. Time to know."

"We still have to find a way to stabilize Lin Xiao, after all... he really came, and that is a disaster for the Lin family."

Hearing this, the angry Zhang Yan calmed down a bit.

This is indeed the case. The Lin family has an early warning system. Once an attack is encountered, the Temple of Heaven will be able to receive it instantly. It is just a matter of coming early and late.

Seeing that Zhang Yan was not using force, Mo Wu reduced his momentum and walked towards the Temple of Heaven.

"Here," Zhang Yan shouted immediately.

Then several attendants from Lin's mansion came immediately.

"You guys immediately summon all the servants and soldiers of the Lin family, even if you turn the Lin family upside down, you must find the missing woman back," Zhang Yan immediately ordered.


Several entourage nodded immediately, and then quickly mobilized.

Looking at Zhang Yan with a sullen expression, Lin Jian didn't take it seriously, but continued to sit in the chair of the master's office.

"Lin Jian, you'd better pray that Lin Xiao's mother finds it, or I persuade Lin Xiao not to be an enemy of the Lin family, otherwise, even if you have ten heads, it won't be enough!"

After saying this, Zhang Yan exchanged glances with Lan Wenwen, and then immediately drove to the Guge Villa.

After all, Zhang Yan absolutely didn't want to see that Lin Xiao and Lin's royal family turned against each other. After all, once this happened, it would be an inevitable doomsday disaster.

While Lin Jian was still healthy, Lin Cheng and Lin Kaifeng beside him looked at each other.

The two of them had learned about Lin Xiao's power early in the morning, and Lin Cheng naturally knew Lin Xiao's identity.

It is conservatively estimated that it is also the leader of the death sickle.

It seems that by now, there is no need to continue to conceal it, Lin Cheng said: "Father, you plan to induce Lin Xiao to come to save his mother and kill him."

"I wonder if my father has investigated Lin Xiao's identity?"

Suddenly hearing his son's question, Lin Jian was expressionless and said: "He can capture you and Kaifeng, and destroy the Yu Family Mansion, Lin Xiao's status will not be low."

"what do you want to say?"

Hearing that, Lin Cheng paused, and then said: "I dare to guess that Lin Xiao may be the leader of the Death Scythe. After all, he fought with us at the beginning, and the people who came were soldiers of the Death Scythe."

Suddenly hearing this, Old Lin Jian narrowed his eyes slightly and said: "Although I have guessed something vaguely, after you say that, this Lin Xiao can't stay even more."

"At a young age, he has reached the level of the little leader of the Death Scythe. If it is a few years later, maybe he can still become the general of the ten hunters."

"Today, he must be eradicated!"

Lin Cheng nodded and immediately agreed: "Yes, his potential is too terrible, and keeping it will only be a threat to us."

At this moment, Lin Jian and his children and grandchildren have become jealous of Lin Xiao.

But when they knew that this so-called little leader of the Death Scythe was a commander in command, what would they think? Maybe by then, the expression should be very exciting...


Guge Villa.

Six o'clock in the morning.

In the quiet living room of the villa, Lin Xiao sat on the sofa in the living room, smoking a cigarette alone.

From the morning's expectation, to now at six ten ten, the young man's face has become somber.

This made Xu Hao Yurou, who dared not make any noise, stood quietly behind the young commander.

Xu Hao and Yurou had faintly felt a great pressure, which made them breathless.

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