Urban: Town Country War God Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Death rages, catastrophe is imminent

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After gathering in Stone Mountain Park, Lin Xiao and Lin Jian reached a hostage exchange.

That was at six o'clock this morning, the hostages of both sides were returned.

Lin Xiao released Lin Cheng and the others as scheduled, but put them back in advance.

But now, it's six ten ten.

This is far past time.

Xu Hao and Yurou have never felt the pressure erupting from their Lin Shuai at this moment so strong.

It feels like they can be crushed at any time. It is conceivable that this oppression is not against them!

Just as Xu Hao and Yurou's foreheads were densely covered with cold sweat...

Ding Ding Ding...

Suddenly Xu Hao's cell phone rang, and Xu Hao also hurriedly pressed the connect button.

After talking to the spy on the phone for a few words, Xu Hao's face suddenly changed.

He hurriedly walked to Lin Xiao, knelt on one knee, and said: "Lin Shuai! Our spies are here to report. It's six ten ten. The Lin family mansion has not yet come out of any car."

"Lin Jian... breached the contract!"


The moment this news came out of Xu Hao's mouth.

The monstrous anger that had been brewing for a long time rose to the sky!


Cracks spread across the four walls of the villa, and the ground cracked silently.

Scared by the monstrous anger that came suddenly, Xu Hao's face suddenly flushed.

If it weren't for his strength, I'm afraid that this one could shock him into serious injuries!

"Lin Jian, great!"

Lin Xiao's expression was icy, and the continuous eruption of evil spirits filled the entire villa.


At this moment, the sky also dropped an angry thunder, and the entire Xianyang seemed to feel the terrible power that was like a disaster.

At this time, both Zhang Yanlan and Wenwen who were rushing to the Guge Villa also looked in the direction of the Guge Villa through the car window.

In a trance, Zhang Yan's old eyes stared at...

Above the height of thousands of miles from the Guge Villa, black clouds are surging and condensed into reality! The thunder roared and raged like a dragon.

In a trance, it seemed to see an invincible statue of the **** of death, savagely tearing through the clouds, endless corpses piled up into mountains, and blood flowed into rivers!


Zhang Yan's throat rolled dry, and immediately shouted: "Xiao Wang, hurry up!"

The driver named Xiao Wang had cold sweat on his forehead at the moment. As Zhang Yan's personal guard, his strength was not bad.

The same invisible pressure can be felt, which is still spreading after a few miles, so I dare not neglect the slightest, stepped on the accelerator to the end, and went straight to the Guge Villa.

"Lin Shuai! Give the order, I will immediately lead someone to step down on the Lin royal family!" Xu Hao seemed to be unable to resist the terrifying anger erupted by his Lin Shuai, so he bit his head.

Lin Xiao waited until the cigarette in his hand was burned out, and slowly got up, even though the anger in his heart had already been overwhelmed, but his expression remained calm all the time.

But in this calm, how turbulent the sea is, Xu Hao and Yurou are very clear.

"Xu Hao, tell the spies to show up immediately and go to the room where my mother is being held to investigate. Who dares to stop it, kill me!"

"Yu Rou, go and summon Shishou. I want to see everyone in five minutes."

Lin Xiao said as he walked toward the door.


Xu Hao and Yurou nodded immediately and began to divide the work.

Xu Hao and Yurou have never seen their Lin Shuai, so angry as they are today.


Today is not destined to be peaceful, maybe the huge Lin family, and even the Temple of Heaven, will not survive today because of this change.

The dragon has inverse scales, and if you touch it, you will die!

Walking outside the door, looking at the already turbulent sky, the killing intent in Lin Xiao's eyes became more intense.

He doesn't deny that he lost his stance today. As the highest commander of the death sickle, being calm is the basic quality.

He didn't want to kill each other with the same race. If there was room for recovery, he could take a step back and take his mother to leave Xianyang and leave this place of right and wrong.

But there are always some people who consciously sit firmly on the Diaoyutai and win the battle thousands of miles away.

Some people prefer to die. Isn't it good to be alive?

Just as Lin Xiao walked out of the villa, a black jeep arrived as expected...

Not by others, it was Zhang Yan and Lan Wenwen.

As soon as he opened the door and walked down, Zhang Yan's knee couldn't help but bend slightly at this moment.

And Lan Wenwen felt a great sense of oppression when he saw the young man, like a mountain above his head!

"Lin Xiao! I have something to tell you." Zhang Yan got out of the car and spoke under the tremendous pressure.

"Father, are you here to see my mother?" Lin Xiao asked Zhang Yan, looking at Zhang Yan.

"No..." Zhang Yan said, and hurriedly said again: "Your mother suddenly disappeared, and there is another strangeness. I have already asked the Lin family's soldiers to conduct a full search."

"You are giving me half a day, I must investigate the disappearance of your mother to the bottom!"

"Don't bother the old man, I will go there myself" Lin Xiao said calmly.

Suddenly hearing this, Zhang Yan and Lan Wenwen gasped at the same time.

really! This dark night **** of death really intends to be an enemy of the Lin family!

What he worried about still happened!

"Lin Xiao, there is a misunderstanding in this. Lin Jian doesn't seem to know about your mother's disappearance. Maybe someone else did it!" Zhang Yan continued to say with all his heart.

"Father, don't you understand me?" Lin Xiao's eyes narrowed in vain.


Zhang Yan was hit hard for an instant, and his body couldn't help taking a step back...

It seems that this extremely stupid Lin Jian really annoyed this killing god...

Just when Zhang Yan didn't know what to do for a while...


Seven or eight figures swept from all around, accompanied by that monstrous evil spirit.

After Yurou issued the notice, the remaining eight Shishou, led by Zhuo Lang and Swift, arrived.

At this moment, Xu Hao and Yurou also walked out of the villa.

"Ten hunters and ten generals, see Lin Shuai!" The ten collectively knelt on one knee.

"Get up, each of you inform the imperial guards to encircle the Lin family and block Xianyang City at the same time."

"Using all means to investigate all the entry and exit records of the Lin family from yesterday to today."

"After finishing, go directly to the Lin family."

After Lin Xiao ordered to go down, he ignored Zhang Yan and Lan Wenwen who had been frightened on the spot.

Xu Hao immediately drove the business car and set off for the Lin family...

"Lin...Lin Xiao brought all the death sickle ten hunters!"

"Oh my God! What is this going to do!"

Lan Wenwen looked foolishly at the ten powerful men who had given her tremendous oppression, and his heart was trembling.

"It's over... it's over... Lin Jian will definitely die!" Zhang Yan seemed to have foreseen something at this moment.

Ten ten hunters, these are all the senior generals of the death sickle, any one can set off a stormy sea in the world!

Ten people gathered together, what does this mean?

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