Ushering In The Internet Era In The Magical World Chapter 361

Chapter 360: Heir Of The Sun God

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At the edge of the God Abandoned Land, a figure quietly stepped out in the turbulent flow of unchanging energy.

The man was dressed in a black robe, his face was bloodless, like a dead body.

He is no one else, but Sawyer, the underworld **** who successfully hunted the **** of transformation and stunning the multiverse!

At this point, he had teleported hundreds of times in a row, and he didn't know how many bait he had thrown in the middle. In theory, even if he had the prophecy godhead, he wanted to chase him according to the diagram.

At this point, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"The weak have the reason for the weak to exist, the God of Transformation, this is the reason for your existence! Your destiny is like this, why bother struggling? It's only a joke."

The Underworld sighed with compassion, grabbed it casually, and pulled out a floating castle from the void.

The castle was as big as a meteorite, suddenly squeezed out, like a meteor flying in, shocking.

In the end, it was like a horse creeping under the feet of the owner.

Underworld gracefully stepped onto the steps and walked briskly into the castle. As he walked through the long corridor, he couldn't restrain his inner excitement and stepped on the ancient tap dance.

"Da da da, da!"

The crisp dance steps rippling in the corridor, just like the master's mood, cheerful and relaxed.

When the **** of the underworld sat next to the magic boiler in the alchemy room, the core of the castle, he had already vented his inner excitement and began to count the harvest of this hunt.

Great harvest this time!

The accumulated wealth of Wadsworth, the **** of transformation, was almost wiped out by him.

It also includes an old floating castle.

If it is converted into an interconnected currency, I am afraid that it will not be worth trillions of sources.

But none of these wealth can be compared to that intangible, intangible, indescribable, and indescribable intangible thing-the Godhead.

Underworld God looked at this mysterious existence greedily, incorporated it into his soul for a long while, and realized it carefully.

According to the "cone in the capsule" law, the first sense of Pluto found that this is indeed transforming the godhead.

The power to transform energy is readily available!

He lifted his right hand, and a ray of magic power emerged from his palm. The magic power was transformed into soul power, and the magic power became vindictive again, suddenly swaying into a ray of invisible and quality vitality.

The right hand suddenly squeezed into a fist, annihilating the fluctuating energy.

Underworld's eyes lit up!

"It seems that the God of Transformation is indeed dead!"

At this point, the last worries in Hades's heart completely disappeared.

Since he lost half of the Titan Soul in Willis, he has been plotting the layout, trying to use his tricks to see if he can use a godhead as a bait to catch the **** of the Internet.

His fishing methods are very exquisite.

Instead, he used the authority of the Netherworld to cut off an insignificant strand of his soul and blend it into the decoy godhead.

The tinyness of this soul cannot be detected by conventional means.

This is the ultimate basic size that the power of the godhead can cut, and only the authority of the nether can discover it.

It was with this ray of soul positioning that he could keep watching Wadsworth.

Facts have proved that the effect is remarkable.

"This trick can also be used to fish other weak gods? If it is done well, it may be able to catch all the gods and gods in one go!"

Underworld looked forward to the future with excitement, and he could even think of a wonderful future that would gradually wipe out the gods through this trick.

"God of the Internet, I should really thank you, if it weren't for you, how could I think of this? Hahaha..."

Underworld laughed, his figure disappeared from the alchemy room, and took away the floating castle by the way.

He had been determined to be the transformation of the godhead, and he couldn't wait to blend into the nether godhead and grow the dark web.



"Your Majesty, the sacrificial ceremony is about to begin, please move the Altar of the Sun God."

The old waiter, Almond, who had served the heir of the sun **** for three generations, still knelt down on the icy steps, reminding him in a low voice.

"It's the sacrifice ceremony again so soon?"

In the hall, there was the voice of His Majesty Gregory, the sixteenth heir of the sun god.

"With the mechanical creation given by your majesty, the slave trapping team has gained a lot recently!"

The old waiter, Almond, who was not dead, heard that His Majesty Gregory was in a good mood, and he let out a long breath in his heart, and said quickly.

"Very good!"

When these two words came, the old waiter Almond's eyes darkened. He didn't dare to look up, and the shoes in front of his eyes had already made him know who was hiding his sunshine?

He crawled forward, humbly stretched his neck, and kissed the upper of His Majesty Gregory.

"How many years, Almond, you are old too." His Majesty Gregory's emotional voice came faintly.

Almond shuddered, almost incontinent.

Your Majesty, is this trying to drive him away?

He turned his brains crazy, trying to find a reason for himself, but when he was young, he could easily make the first emperor laugh with his eloquence, but now a vocabulary popped out.

He was so anxious that he was sweating profusely, almost getting the ground wet.

At this moment, a deep chill rushed into my mind and poured into my body.

"My life is over!" The old waiter Almond was horrified, and things were more terrifying than he thought.

In an instant, he only felt that the world observed by the six senses was completely distorted.

When his vision calmed down, he was stunned!

He saw your majesty!

Your Majesty has an old dog crawling under his feet. The old dog is so weak that the luxurious robe can't hide the flesh and blood.

It's him!

That old dog is him Almond.

He suddenly raised his hands, but found that he was holding a two-handed sword impressively.

This is a guard with a sword!

In an instant, Almond realized something, he knelt on the ground with a puff, and moved to the front of his majesty with his knees as his feet, squeezed the old dog beside him, and deeply kissed his instep.


His Majesty kicked him to the ground and walked away.

Almond was not surprised and rejoiced, scrambled to get up, and chased after him.

Just the moment he caught up with your Majesty, his footsteps suddenly trembled.

How come your Majesty's foot is so like... How about the first emperor?

Eighteen strong slaves, raised the dragon nun.

His Majesty Gregory sat in it, slumbering with his eyes closed to the slightly swaying beat.

He is very happy now!

Because he once again included a true godheadtransforming godhead.

Yes, he is the body of Sawyer, the underworld god.

This is not a multiverse, no, it should be said that it is not a multiverse in the narrow sense, this is one of the gods abandoned by the Titans.

He created a huge empire in a world where the power of dimensions was almost exhausted.

While following the remnants of Titan, picking up some leftovers;

On the one hand, I use the environment here to protect my body.

Whoever comes here ~wuxiaworld.online~ will be reduced to a mortal, with no power left. While sitting on the soul of the Titan, he was able to exert his peak power.

Although the road is long, there will be an end.

As Long Nian appeared in an observatory that looked like a colosseum, the huge observatory made the sound of a mountain whistling and a tsunami.

Countless people are welcoming their king, His Majesty Gregory, heir of the great sun god.

At this moment, countless slaves were driven into the Colosseum.

They will burn the last glory of their lives here, just to please the heirs of the sun god.

Of course, the only victor will also successfully join the Sun God Kingdom, appoint nobles, and have the qualifications to form a hunting team to please the Sun God Heir.

"It's cruel!"

In the auditorium, a young man with black hair and black eyes wearing an ivory white swordsman suit looked at the dense crowd below with emotion on his face.

"That's right, the thin dimensional power isolates the source quality, and only the soul is worth a tiny bit of money."

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